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Night Before Milford Track

I'm all packed up and ready to go on the Milford Track. I leave tomorrow morning and spend much of tomorrow travelling to Te Anau. On Thursday morning I start the track proper.

I've got a taxi coming at 5:45am which isn't really a number that exists in my mental framing. I have my electronic devices suckling gently on some power overnight so they will last a few days.

There is a good HTML description of the track here, and a PDF description here.

I've got to be prepared for weather between 1 degree and 30 degress. I'll climb to a height of just over a kilometre. It could well be a very cold sleep that evening.

The longest day will be about a 7 hour tramp, which is not dissimilar to a rogain I did earlier in the year. I climb about 600 metres in a day, which is more than I am used to with a pack on. I hope not to be the slowest in the group but am uncertain of how others have prepared. I've done good chunks of sport this year and hope my general fitness level will get me through.

The Milford Track is know as one of the great walks of the world. I'm going with a party of eight at one of the best times of the year. I have a great Macpac pack (thanks mr_houserenovator1), a bunch of icebreaker thermals, my indestructible snowboarding shell jacket and worn in boots. Plus I've been gorging myself for a couple of days. Should be pearla, bro.

Click here for the next part >>


mr_godson got some mr men books for Christmas. For my record he got:

  • mr silly
  • mr funny
  • mr messy
  • mr bounce
  • little miss neat
  • mr bump
  • mr grumpy

AutoCue Research Notes

Looks like vloggers the world over understand the desire for a good autocue system.

Simple setup for webcams here

Link to a javascript teleprompter here

which can be altered by
"Next, I needed to invert the text. The solution was to use IE-specific style directive: style=”filter:FlipY();”. This was quickly applied to the “div” used by the teleprompter javascript sample file and voila, the software pieces were all in place."

Conslutting Done for 2k6

I'm have finished conslutting for 2k6.

The consultting is over. Period. Oooooohhhhhhhverrrrrr.
Donnnnne. OHG, it wos, like, totally ahhsum. Duuuude. Sweeta.

Big shouts out to my local global regional banking conglomerate, in da houuuuuse! Peace out.

It is nice to be finished work for the year. Watched some Bond this afternoon, Die Another Day, in the boardroom which had been converted into a theatre. Go the afternoon projector bookings by the most senior manager on the floor. I bought speakers, they matched the powermac and the projector, much style. S'cool.

Picnic Day

The happy couple.

The laughing couple.

Red blue gives you wings!

Awesome hat.

Picnic in the sun.

36 Bottles of Wine

Vicars and tarts and 36 bottles of wine. Awesome tights.

Nice collar. The owner is at least 20% faster up hills.

Matching bra and top.

End of the night.


Work Christmas Party

After a long week, some of the guests at the Christmas party are a little bit blurry.

dsaf fdsaf

Early evening.

This car is priced like a telephone number. Any guesses on make/ model?

Thanksgiving Photos

A little late, but I have a few thanksgiving photos.


The pilgims and the indians seem to get along ok.

An indian hides-in-plain-site.



Versions by Theivery Corporation

I got a copy of this album on Saturday morning. Like Theiverie's last album in this style this one is smooth. It's more downbeat than the last one though. Smooth summery super mixed and reegineering version of songs from people like Nouvelle Vague, The Doors, Sarah Mclachlan.

Mr_other_storysmith, if I haven't just given you another nick, or even if I have, you are most welcome to a copy to match the other one you have. It would also be cool to come to your flat on day when the air is clear.

Early Americans

Here are some choice quotes from Bill Brysons book Made in America about the first American settlers:

"The crew, with the customary graciousness of sailors, referred to them as
puke stockings, on account of their apparently boundless ability to spatter the latter with the former, though in fact they had handled the experience reasonably well."

"It would be difficult to imagine a group of people more ill-suited to a life in the wilderness. They packed as if they had misunderstood the purpose of the trip, They found room for sundials and candle snuffers, a drum, a trumpet, and a complete history of Turkey. One William Mullins packed 126 pairs of shoes and thirteen pairs of boots. Yet they failed to bring a single cow or horse, plow or fishing line."

F*cking Them Back Part 2

Just got a draft from my Barrister of a letter I've instructed him to send to my business partners. It is a fairly soft start but I believe it indicates many avenues of distress from their perspective :)

I can't wait to show it to my lawyer friend I'm meeting on Tuesday.

Documentary Features To See

Here are some documentaries I'd like to see (adapted from the stuff article yesterday that has probably been removed already)

  • The Fog of War (Errol Morris, 2003)
  • Control Room (Jehane Noujaim, 2004)
  • March of the Penguins (Luc Jacquet, 2005)
  • Who Killed the Electric Car? (Chris Paine, 2006)
  • Rats in the Ranks (Robin Anderson and Bob Connolly, 1996)
Not sure if I'll find any of these funny, but it can be hard to tell sometimes.

Here are some goodies that I've already seen
  • Bowling for Columbine (Michael Moore, 2002)
  • Super Size Me (Morgan Spurlock, 2004)
  • Fahrenheit 9/11 (Michael Moore, 2004)
  • Enron: The Smartest Guys in the Room (Alex Gibney, 2005)
  • An Inconvenient Truth (Davis Guggenheim, 2006)
Enron and Super Size Me were very ,very, deeply funny. No one else in the theatre thought so, but I was laughing my head off. I even used Enron as a date movie, top that!

Bowling for Columbine was pretty good, but I didn't enjoy him beating up on Mr Heston at the end, even if he did deserve it.

Fahrenheit was way too slow, but I loved the shots of the Bushes and Sadam, priceless.

An inconvenient truth was even scarier than I thought it might be, but no new facts.

Cooking Duties

Sometime soon I'm going to have to cook Collared Greens, some kind of recipe from the south of the states. Mr_nails is putting on a dinner party, celebrating an out of culture holiday with some out of culture food. Found some links

I'll need to do some transcoding on the recipe to local equivalents and give it a test run.

Home Sick Day 2

Still home sick. Kind of getting board. Have just downloaded a bunch of conversations from IT Conversations, about computer stuff, business, biology. Will listen to them in the lounge lying on the couch.

Home Sick Day 1

I've got this flu thing that seems to be doing the rounds. Starts with a dodgy stomache which goes away the next day. Then you get a little achy, which leads to mind headaches and general vegitative state.

Good thing I picked up my playstation on Friday night. Probably going to miss a few days of work at this rate. Perhaps I'll have time to do Christmas lists.

F*cking Them Back

I've got some either very lazy or very illusory business partners. I've starting the long and delicious process of fucking with them.

I have this intimate history of fucking in the business sense from my days at Unisys. At Unisys I worked in a team that did programming to contract. The owners of the contracts hired outside help to help them fuck with Unisys. There is this whole battlefield of fucking and counter fucking tactics that can be employed. It is bad-for-your-health-seek-medical-care-scary. Both your medical and your mental health. I've seen it break people, three mentally and two physically.

One of the reasons I left Unisys was my inability to influence the contracts and deals Unisys made for my team.

I was careful in applying those lessons when I made the agreements that government the relationship that is causing me displeasure now.

There is this element to personality that not many people see. Although I am patient, good and proactive and primary like to make things, my secondary nature is to be the devils advocate and reek havoc. I don't mean play the devils advocate, I mean be the devils advocate. I don't wheel that side of my personality out very often, but it is well developed.

The delicious process entails a long drawn out process (no facetiousness implied)
- short grumpy emails
- where I refuse to meet them face to face
- and demand they do what the are contractually bound
- reminders of the behaviour they are emulating now when it was happening to them
- threats of mysterious advisers
- copying emails to real advisers
- at law firms
- contract lawyers at law firms
- when the original agreement favours the aggressive party
- which is me
- who enjoys being aggressive
- implications of lost first mover advantage value liability
- threats of external valuations
- threats of value destruction

You rattle the chain for a while and then you yank it hard.

As Good As Your Next Alternative

Recently I've come to realise that I'm shallow in that the amount of fun I'm having is related to my next best alternative at the time.

So at curry tonight now that I have some good friends there I enjoy talking to strangers much more.

More broadly it is much easier to chase women when you are already flirty with some.

The next best alternative is really a negotiation strategy thing, FYI.

Busy Day

I am just finishing the end of a very busy day.

Work then home then lots of organising some internet changover stuff at a friends company. I got some replies out of the some other techies up late too. The internet never sleeps.

A simple 14 heading plan to get completed by Friday outside my regular and demanding day job :)

The Hoarde episode 4

The forest thickens as I tread cautiously through it. The trees are old here. It's ground nobody wants, not worth building here. It is wet and mossy, a slow, low energy kind of place.

I wander down the valley. The ground slowley flattening as I approach the plain. The forest is thinning a little, less water. I'm heading towards some structure we built a while back. Probably the hoarde are hanging around it, doing nefarious deeds.

I spot some structre through the distance. I take a knee and flip my helmet to zoom in. The structure is, intact for the moment. Blue light flickers around one side. There are a bunch of hoarde trying to pry things loose. I move laterally, edging closer and looking for a good spot to power up my cannon.

I find a little mound of dirt next to a tree. Good aural camouflage. The hoarde are as yet oblivious, they are banging away at the structure, trying to pry off an antenna or unscrew some bolts. It's not even the full moon yet.

I look down at my gun and thumb the warm up button. The controller chirps in my ear 'warm up sequence initiated'. It's a woman's voice. No hell like a woman's scorn.

The cannnon starts its long wind up sequence. The atmosphere intake covers slide away and the main compression chamber starts to spin, a dull whirring.

The cannon contains a lot of energy, a part kenetic, part electromagnetic and part heat weapon. Covers all the bases. It throws a lot of matter around, drawing anything condensable from the atmosphere to use as mass.

'covers open, main chamber at operation velocity in 40 seconds'

The cannon is still, but at the intermediary speeds between off and on it gets loud. Loud enough to attract attention. Kind of a two-for. It starts to emit a low frequency hum.

'warming heat exchanger'

The weapon has a small safe fusion power supply. The main chamber is a high tech version of a conical water pump, spinning at hypersonic speeds, with a fusion/ liquid heat exchanger and an ioniser at the barrel tip.

'main chamber operational in 30 seconds'

I'm holding the gun near the ground. The hum is turning into a low boom. Some of the little hoarde can hear something, but the hum is too low to be directional yet. They start calling out, altering the gathering.

'activating kenetic stabilisers'

The weapon spits out a lot of atmosphere as kenetic stabilers. The condensible parts of the atmosphere make up the main mass. The liquid projectile is spun up in a tube. The firing end of the tube is flexed. This creates a firing cone which ejects the projectile down the firing line.

'main chamber operational in 15 seconds'

The hoard are getting agitated. The are starting to swarm, looking and listening for the source of the sound. I duck behind the tree, but one of them may have glimpsed me before hand.

'main chamber operational in 10 seconds'

When the cannon fires, the projectile travels down the fusion heat exchange chamber where it gets flash heated to plasma. As it leaves the weapon, the blob is ionised to make it stickier.

I peek back around the tree. Several hoarde are staring at me across the distance.

'main chamber operational in 5'

The hoarde start running toward me. Their misshapen bodies bounding, tumbling and running variously.


A few of the little ones get shiqueshed by the big ones.


They aren't afraid of me, each hoard is acting on instinct, seeking a piece of my soul.


They kind of wail as they cover the ground. Ungraceful, they are not born of the same god as my squad.


I step out from behind the tree. Then I take a knee next to it and lean against it for support. The hoarde band are about 100 metres in front of me. Too far for my cannon, it doesn't have any sights.

'all system, online'

I brace the cannon with both arms. It has become silent again, its forces held temporarily in balance.

Naenae Triathlon

Sunday was the Naenae triathlon. My first. Finished without injury. Also the shortest of the season.

mr_graphic_designer has made me a video! Run d3vo run! It is a short section of video. I'm running about 5 minute kms here. Looks like I'm out for a sunday stroll. People keep telling me I could be a daemon runner if I just ran faster, now I kind of see what they are getting at. I'm covering more than a metre with each step mind. I'm at about 200 metres a minute here despite the casual look.

At this point I am starting to melt at this point. This is about 3.5 kms into the 4km run. The chick in front of me left me for dead in the cycle leg, fyi.

click here to see the video

I went out fast in the run, got quote hot. Despite the look of the weather I needed to go running in a singlet that day. I get well hot when I run sub 5 minute kms. Hot baby, hot. Hot like an oven. An oven on fire. Melting metal, flames ... I digress.

I got on the road proper at 20 mins, which meant I ran fairly well and didn't muck around in the transition.

The cycling went fairly well. At about 47 mins in, or 27 minutes after I started cycling, which is about 25 minutes after mr_west_end started cycling, mr_west_end overtook me. Which was wholely expected. He is daemon fast cyclist.

The wind was strong. Strong baby. Strong like an oven. A farm oven ... I digress again.

I got bad stitch as soon as I jumped in the water. I needed to practice drinking and swimming more probably. Official times linkage to follow. Any get any photos?

Finishing order
- mr_west_end
- mr_houserenovator1

He Died With His Tap Shoes On

I completed a triathlon this morning, but what is on my mind is the guy from dancing this afternoon.

There is this thing called the t-dance where rock and roll, ballroom and swing dancers go meet to dance. This works fairly well as you need to rest a lot when you dance, the band plays all three with some additional swing in the bands breaks.

So anyway during a set of ballroom music, after the chacha, I'm talking with a guy from swing. We can hear that a couple are dancing ballroom with tap shoes and keeping excellent time to the music.

A women wearing yellow ballroom/ tap shoes dances into view. As I catch a glimpse of the guy he stops dancing and leans forward to say something to his follow. They are an old pair.

At this point he starts to collapse, but on the way down has a kind of spasm a lands very heavily head first then back. There is a distinctive sound that is made when a human head hits something. It sounded to me like he hit his head square on the floor. He goes down with his left arm bent toward his chest.

Some people crowd around. The bank keeps playing for a while.

Eventually the band stops and the room is fairly quiet.

They little gathering first turns him on his side, then puts him back on his back. Then they establish that he is not breathing. Someone fishes a small bottle of pills out of his top pocket. Someone applies nitro glisterene spray. Then they move him to a side room and start CPR.

They move right past me and to get the side room which was behind where I was standing. He is a distinctive shade of purple that I believe is associated with heart attack victims.

Someone has called 111 and they find the place eventually. The ambulence people do CPR for a while. After about half an hour one of the ambulence people examines the back way out of the place.

They cart the guy out the front way. As far as I know they did not revive him, he certainly wasn't conscious. I presume that they declared him dead at the scene, but that isn't the kind of thing you announce at the time.

If you are unconscious after they have attempted to revive you after you have turned purple, I belive that means you are dead and have died of a heart attack.

Didn't know the guy. Most of the people there seemed to think he would be OK, and kept on dancing. Didn't feel right to me so I peeled. Will blog more about that later.

Luck guy, he died with his tap shoes on. Probably dead in a few seconds from what I saw which was about three metres away. Rest in peace.


Blog coverage of the triathlon, complete with some video tomorrow.

The Creature

Been super busy this week. Mum is in hospital with her bi-yearly always potentially life threatening twisted bowel problems. She is on the mend and on the mind, will run her home today.

I got a set of these for my bedroom. They are some non-crappy self powered speakers that are basically very good for listening to trance and house in a bedroom. And they look cool, they are ipod white. Got some Paul Oakenfold on right now.

Got my triathlon tomorrow, which makes today eating day. Respecta.


Digital Artificial Machine Optimized for Nullification


General Artificial Battle Soldier

are findsomeoneing with the help of page 121.

Triathlon Preparations

(Blogger says this is my 100th post. Not bad in one year.)

I'm in next weekends little Naenae triathlon on Sunday. My preparation this weekend has been to do a decent amount of cycling, running and swimming with one of those being a challenging session.

I chose to cycle first mid Saturday with mr_west_end and mr_houserenovator. We did the triathlon course but from the point closest to mr_west_end. It is a loop track through the hutt.

For some running I ran with ms_cycling_godess. She hadn't done any beach running. We ran the petone beach end to end and back on the sand and over the driftwood. It was fairly tough because there was a lot of debris on the beach that you had to leap over and weave around. Good fun but. ms_cycling_godess says her average heartbeat was 169, which was tribute to our fastish pace. We ran it in 55 minutes which is a good time. It is a tougher ran than a 10k flat run.

Today I went swimming, again with ms_cycling_godess. She taught me about cupping my hands properly and got me swimming a little more streamlined through the water. I might be able to lane swim properly by the end of the year.

To relax I played d&d tonight with mr_storysmith and his storylings. We are a happy bunch of storylings. Except that one of us died. It seems his dice don't like people not from NZ. There was no disintegration so we can bring him back to life.

When he comes back to life either our characters or the storylings should go to the pub to celebrate.

Taupo Adventures Updated

Went skydiving, drinking and jet boating in the weekend.


We were picked up to go the the airfield, Taupo's main airport. From there we were shown some videos, told about various packages and weighed.

We then bumbed around for a while. I did a few yoga stretchs and breathing exercies and tried to stay calm. Not very easy.

Loz felt the need to dance near constantly to the breakbeats playing in the hanger. At this point I had a feeling not dissimilar to that before I ran my first half marathon. The difference with a half marathon is that picking up some sort of minor injuring doing those is normal. Similar wo to go time however.

After about half an hour of waiting we got suited up. Next we waited around for our tandem people to get to the ground and come over to meet us.

My tandem person was called Lynette. I hard looking determined woman, I later learned she does iron man events.

Next up we get shuffled into the plane. Off-black proclaimed at the time that the plane was a model that was a derivative of a crop dresser. Notice the roller door.

It is a small plane, you cannot stand up inside it.

The flight up was fun. There is a certain responsiveness you get in a small plane whereby you can feel what the pilot is doing with the controls if you know how to fly yourself.

The clouds where pretty, we flew south-ish from the airport. I could see logging operations and a small lakelet thingy that drained into the main lake through a narrow channel.

The flight up was actually quite relaxing for the most part. At some points I had thoughts about how this is a perfectly good plane and the jumping part really was a contrary thing to do.

The clouds should there was a lot of thermal diversity on the ground. On the way up my buddy attached me to her. She also showed me how high we were using the altimeter on her wrist. The plane was unpressurised.

Before long the roller door was opened and we were shuffling out of the plane very quickly. I was jumper number 3. Floatsam went first, then Loz, then me. You had to shuffle with your buddy towards the door. About 15 seconds a jumper or so. Terribly efficient.

Here is a picture of my face just before I jump out of the plane. You'll notice I have an expression on my face that isn't very together.

At this point my legs were dangling outside, with 12,000 feet of air and clouds between me and the ground.

There were two layers of cloud that day, one at 12,000 feet and one at 5,000 feet. Somehow I managed to avoid both of these.

They way you get out he door is that your "tandem master" pushes you out, without warning. This bit is kind of scary. I didn't scream but I did hold my breath for a few seconds. I had a kind of this-just-isnt-natural kind of feeling going through my head.

We we went out the door we fell forward and rotated just through the vertical. Lynette led us through a manouver she later described as a kind of barrel roll.

You then procede to tumble through the air for a while. When your buddy has got you falling controllably they deploy a drouge and you get some controlled freefall.

You get tapped on the shoulder as a signal to stick your arms out. The sensation on my ungloved hands was similar to when you rummage around in a tin of flour.

The noise is hard to describe. When you are pushed out of the plane it is the aural equivalent of diving into a pool. The normal hearing sensations are replaced with a multitonal rushing noise. It is loud but doesn't make your ears ring.

You are freefalling at a rate big enough to see the landscrape grow larger as you look. It is kind of mesmerising.

The clarity of the landscape and the clouds without the imposition of a window is spectacular. It is a beautiful earth we live on.

The parachute opened fairly gently, certainly not less comfortable than when you fall during rock climbing. I had carfeully adjusted my crown jewels before leaving the plane. My face and hands tingled from the cold as we slowed down.

I heard the earth sing to me on the plane on the way up, and also as we parachutted down. I think the earth has a multitonal voice that is womanly and motherly.

The landing was very soft, like comming off a gentle slide. I was relieved more than exilirated, but I smiled a lot as did everybody else.

I think I find snowboarding more of a rush and rope swings scarier, but it is certainly an experience and very beautiful. I'm sure I'll go again sometime, but not anytime soon.

Dating Stuff

Tonight I set up a fellow blogger with an old friend on a blind date. I haven't recieved any death threats by txt, which is always nice.

I went speed dating last night. Twas lots of fun. Got a match with a designer chick. I have sent her an email but do not consider it likely to get a reply. Speed dating is all talk and no action in my experience, a bit like dealing with business partners in startups.

It appears to be an extended and ritualised form of the disposable conversations you have with anonymous travelers when you fly long distance on a plane. The next day if you met them and talked to them then it would feel awkward.

Special event time and place conversations and feelings do not necessarily translate to other contexts. It is a big hurdle. With only a single match I'd give it about a 1 in 5 chance that I ever see the women again.

This means I need hottie-perm to be my online dating wing-woman. Good thing she knows something about english!

At lindy tonight they tried to teach me sweeps. Didn't manage to do them, having trouble with my counting. Will practice.

Time for sleep.

Pretty Woman Collage part 2


Date wranglers, hope this gives you hints.

Here are some pictures I have syphoned from the web. I don't stalk celebrities but these are some faces that come to mind when I think about it. I have rated these pictures in order of percieved beauty with the most beautifull at the top.

This is the actress from Dawsons Creek, but she is a little older now.

This is Jody Foster

Elf chick.

Lost chick.

Vampire chick.

The Commentary Bit

All these women are very pretty. They are all heavily light, highly made up, illusory and photoshopped images. These women I might not like if I saw them in real life, but they sure photograph well. Such things do not translate back and forth.

The images I have chosen are without the women smiling. All these women are very pretty without smiles which means I find them very pretty pretty much all the time.

These women have faces that I percieve as 'soft'. All these women look like they have souls to me. All the women look as if they are capable of compassion.

These women have very similar looking faces to me, but there is a continum on basically how thin they are. The least thin looking face pictured here is the most attractive to me. The most thin is the least attractive.

I'm guessing the women in the last shot would be better at jogging and the women in the first shot would be better to sniggle with in a movie theatre.

On haircolour, no special preference. On hairstyle I seem to like it a little wavy.

All these women have pretty good skin in the photos. I seem to find good skin attractive. These women were almost certainly touched up with photoshop, it has a special tool called the heal tool which was created specifically to touch up skin.

The women have relatively large eyes.

The women have soft cheeks, not sharp cheek bones.

I seem to like straight slightly small noses.

I know several women who I think are prettier than the women pictured here, by the way.

Comments welcome. Guys please comment on your celeb chick with a pretty face and I can do another post about why I don't find them pretty, if that's the case.

Pretty Woman Collage

I have downloaded some head shots of pretty woman. I am collaging them. Postage in to follow.

The Hoarde episode 3

Palm first I extended my arm and closed my eyes. I felt the gentle push of the hoard in the distance, their reality gently repelling mine. At this distance it was gentle at least. Close up those got ugly, as did they.

I opened my eyes and peered into the damp gloom. The light flickers playfully, a pale blue.

I sighed deeply. Looks like they want me to come to them. I unclip the cannon from it's mount. The mount wines sympathetically. It unclaws itself from the ground and goes into power save mode, hisses gentle as the active recoiler discharges.

My boots adjust a little tighter to match my mood, ready for a run. I brace the heavy cannon against my chest and go lookin for trouble. I figure the trouble will find me anyway and there is a clear first mover advantage when the procedures can start with your autocannon.

I walk toward the mischevious light. There is a tiny baby hoarde crawling across the ground behind a tree. This one looks like a slug. It casts a delicate blue radiance. The ground it has just been on is changed, it's adding leaves.

I'm a man of principles and any anomaly in this place is one too many. *Crunch*, flicker, the leaves disappear. Who knows what the little monster would have turned into in a few months time. It hadn't got very far and the leaves weren't permanent.

I move on, looking for it's mommy, or whatever. I'll be your waiter tonight, first course supersonic plasma, by the dozen.


I've just entered the Naenae triathlon, event details here. It is a mini-me triathlon, about a third the length of a real triathlon.

Annoyingly the order of events in the traithon is run, cycle, swim. If I'm swimming last then I can't really run and cycle flat out, which is kind of the point of entering these things.

Also as I'm stronger at running than cycling or swimming, with the running leg first I'll spend most of the event getting passed. Wonder how big the field will be?

Anyway for my own amusement here is my estimated time
4 km run - Should do this in 20 minutes or less.
18 km cycle - About 40 minutes depending on the wind
300 metre swim - About 8 minutes or so
transitions - I'll probably waste about 3 minutes in transitions, I'm guessing.
time over start line - about 30 seconds, I'll let the crazies get ahead of me.

So I think I'm up for about 1.11.30. Lets see how that pans out.


My understanding of the word is as a verb. You can reify an idea in an implementation. If you know how to reify then you understand about patterns as opposed to pattern implementations.

This is very, very, terribly important in computer programming. It is also very very terribly important in finance, relationships and organising parties.

Along with understanding how to frame goals that mean something in goal setting and using english to say what you mean so that you can see what you are really thinking, it is an important tool for being happy.

Hassle me Friday at off-black's 30th.

My flatmate unplugged my computer while it was on and broke my monitor. Boo. My monitor is a Phillips with a warranty that runs out in 2007, yay! I have a laptop which acts excellently as a backup computer, yay!

I'm probably cycling Sunday with ms_cycling_godess. (note she is not single). During our last read we had a typcial geek conversation:
"I do XBRL"
"I do java"
"We made SOAP wrappers for our cobol code"
"Haha, cobol and SOAP, opposite ends of the interoperability/ speed tradeoff spectrum, haha."
"Yes. Haha!"

Not-Kate List

Not-kate seems to have listitis. If she was a programmer I bet she would code in lisp.

1) Word you wished people used more often.

2) Item you bought with your first 'real' paycheck
Probably music or shoes. My first job I got paid in cash, stapled to a payslip.

3) Where do you stand when you're doing aerobics (or a similar group exercise)
About a 3rd of the way to the front.

4) Minimum number of times you'll let the phone ring before answering it
No minimum.

5) Something you can't do that you wish you could

6) The most fun solution to the transport issues in Wellington
A bicycle only lane on the motorway into town. You could split a single car only lane into two bicycle lanes. Think of the hospital savings in 20 years time.

7) If you were in a war, who would you want to lead your troop
The devil incarnate. If you are going to war wouldn't you want the devil on your side?

8) What musical instrument do you wish you could play
The flute.

9) The most random thing you've ever won
A Kylie Monogue album.

10) In group shopping activities, do you lead or take the trolley
Dude, I lead _with_ the trolley.

The Hoarde episode 2

I waited, hunkered down by my sandbags at the small fortification at end of our running grounds. I couldn't smell much, it was a clean realm. In the distance I could hear the hoard thrumming and wibbling around. I watched for reality distortion bubbles, my eyes a better guide than the meter on the side of my 'cannon.

Our corps took a darwinian approach to squad building. Those that were left were born different. We all had a stubborn streak and keen eyes. Stubborn like a rock, patient like a rock, a heavy rock. Stuck in the mud, dark with sharp edges.

My squad was small, but we had guns, lots of guns, big guns.

The light changed in the distance, small eddies and rays, a teltale sign. They were rearranging things. I stayed dead still and waited for them to come closer. They were the hoarde but I am my 'cannon.

The Hoarde episode 1

He passed me the token, "you to take the rear" he stated.

I tucked the token away and looked at my grab of weapons. The fiagio sonic distruptor was tempting, as was the yukazumi heavy laser. I picked up the bosche autocannon and set it to single fire mode. I mounted it on it's tripod, checked my comms gear and waited.

The hoarde wasn't exactly out to kill us, but they would do as a fallback option. Really they wanted to constrain us, pin us down own at a time and take away our will to live. If you lived through the ordeal then for your own sanity you had to leave. Of course you couldn't soldier again, perhaps nothing else either.

It was their realm after all I suppose, we're just visiting here inforcing our own structures on the place, both sides as persistent about what was right.

Melancholy Friday

At last my melancholy friday comes to an end, appropriately enough with some sleep.

Busy Mondays

I seem to be having very busy mondays lately. Today was

7:30 get up and shower
7:55 get on bus
8:30 start work
12:30 consult on infrastructures issues over lunch
1:30 back to work
5:45 finish work
6:30 get home
6:35 start preparing dinner
7:00 fold washing, wash clothes, do dishes and install linux workstation
8:15 eat lasagna
8:30 sort recycle, put out with rubbish
8:40 start responding to urgent consulting related email
9:40 assess contract for infrastructure services
11:00 record timesheet entries for today
11:05 blog

I seem to have a habit of over front loading my week but I keep running low on time. Today was utterly jammed and I barely got through stuff. Nothing stressful here, but the only me time I get on Mondays is to listen to some music on the bus. My mondays have been developing like this all year. I'm not sure what happens next but I don't think Ill like it.

Tuesdays seem to work out better usually :)

All Is Well

I've been busy this week. I was skipped Sunday things at the Spa Palace because I was at dinner with my family. Was a good dinner.

On Monday I did some GST. Nice to have done that stuff, but more to do still.

On Tuesday I went for a run with fish. Her running has improved a lot. She will be canning 5k in no time.

On Wednesday I went to a beginners swing class after getting my hair cut.

On Thursday I went to foundation swing class after working late.

Tonight I hung with ms and mr_west_end. Was mellow. Had dinner earlier with ms_little_sister. We talked about mental framing, media and I tried to inform her how a car works.

I found my Fedora Core 5 DVD, I need to install linux on my workstation at home again so that I can do some serious programming for my next attempted business venture. At least I have some customers this time.

I'm wondering if I can go back and time and label my past posts.

Looks like I can, but it will take me a while.

I'm backing up my data from my workstation hard drive onto my internet server. There are several pieces of magic involved in this as I'm backing it up from under windows, but they all seem fine.

Working with windows at work, it is kind of getting to me. There is a lot of UI film grain that I have to put up with under windows, I'll enjoy the grease free, unhiccuped experience of linux again soon.

Blog Upgraded a little

I've done a little upgrade to my blog, but as I can't get at the raw HTML yet I'm not happy with it. More shuffle to come, I feel the need for more brackets.

How to Cook Rice

I was going to make this a comment on not-kate's blog, but it really deserves top level post status.


Most instructions on how to make rice are crap. I am a computer programmer. I know how to write instructions. I have written instructions for more than two decades. The instructions on rice packets are ambiguous, misleading, optimisitic and give no guides on external elements. From a Business Analysis point of view they do account for all the actors in the activity. They are missing entire swim lanes. From a use case perspective the rice instructions do not have any alternate scenarios or error scenarios.

The instructions do not give any instructions on critical elements such as pot selection, how the oven and the pot should interact or use of a lid. They are incomplete. All rice instruction writers are incompetive pedants.

These instructions do not apply to boil in bag, 5 minute special magically doesn't taste very good rice, rice not cooked on a stovetop, desert rice dish rice preparation, rice preparation for making sushi rice or cooking rice in a risotto.

Anyway. To cook rice of any amount start with a big pot. A pot with at least 8 inches of side to it. Yes, a really big one. Put the amount of rice you desire in the bottom. You need about 1/2 a cup per serve depending on how many boys or boy-sized-meal-eating-eaters you are serving. I use a giant pasta pot usually. Reduces boil overs. Damn the efficieny.

The you want to fill the pot with cold water. You do not need to wash the rice. Really. That is some joke that people thought was real. Get on with your life, have a conversation instead of washing the rice. Scratch your armpit, anything.

Fill the pot untill you can stick your finger tip on the rice, with your finger vertical, and the water covers past the first knuckle. You want more than an inch of water-above-rice coverage. This will be too much water for the rice, but only a little too much. It is desirable to have too much water so that you don't burn your rice through inattention. Also if you throw some water away at the end then that acts as a low grade kind of washing.

If you add some cheap table salt to the water it will increase the boiling point of the water a little, or at least retard the froth forming action a little. This is optionional. But you could long pour your salt into the rice to impress guests. Do not attempt to long pour your salt into the pot for the first time when guests arrive; this is hubris.

Put the pot on the stove with the lid on, but not on properly. Put the stove on max untill it starts to boil. It is imporant you stir it a couple of times before it gets to the boil. The rice will most likely stick before the water boils not after. When the water is boiling there will be convection currents in the water. These seem to reduce stickage. Pre boil you get no convection currents and more stickage.

So when the rice is boiling, turn the heat down quite a bit so that it is still boiling, but not boiling as fast as possible. Stir again but do not put the lid on tight as this causes the thing to boil over.

Cook the rice untill it is cooked. Test the cooked state of the rice by testing the rice. Test the rice by getting a spoon and pulling some rice out. Wait for that rice to cool. Expect to wait at least five seconds for the rice to cool. Put the rice in your mouth. Chew on the rice. If the rice is hard or chewey then it is not cooked. If the rice not hard or chewy then you can make a call on it's cooked state. Some people like their rice with more bite than other people. You can vary the cooked state of your rice as appropriate for the dish you are serving. A bit like pasta

I prefer to make rice with a little more bite when I serve rice with Green Tai Chicken Curry.

Do not assume that just because you have boiled the rice for 20 minutes and the rice packets instruction's say that is the cooking time that it means that rice packet knew about your particular rice cooking activity of the day and that the instructions were tailor made for you convenience right now. Do not do this. Test the rice instead.

If the rice is not cooked and you cannot see any water in the pot then you need to add more water immediately. If you add more water you will probably need to turn the heat of the element up briefly, and then turn it down when the rice is boiling. Failure to adjust the heat after adding water may result in stalling the rice cooking process and significantly extended the cooking time above the following guidelines.

You should have expectations of rice cooking times between about 15 minutes and 25 minutes for various white varieties and about 25 minutes and about 40 minutes for various brown varieties. If you have special rice that says 5 minutes then these instructions are void.

When the rice is cooked (because you have confirmed it's cooked state because you have tested the rice with a test) then you may need to drain any remaining water.

Even if you can't see any water you probably wan't to drain the rice anyway just in case there is water you cannot see. Undrained water may spoil other non-rice components of your meal when you serve the rice and the undrained water escapes across the plate. Why risk that horror?

Drain the rice by getting a drainer thingy OF SUFFICIENT SIZE and pouring the rice and possibly-extant-water into the drainer. Stir the rice gently in the drainer to aid the draining process. I suggest you do this over the sink, but it's your kitchen.

Now you can serve your confirmed-cooked-state-and-possibly-unnecessarily-drained rice. It will be edible rice. These instructions are repeatable. Enjoy.

Blogger Upgrade

If you have been living under an IT rock, as most of you are, you will have missed todays announcement that you can convert your blogger blog to the next version. It means getting a google account however.

There may be categories, I'd like to explore.


I've explored, there are categories but I need to ditch my current template and upgrade to a new template. Then edit the new template and put in my special sauces such as links with underlines and link to other peoples blogs. Will play with this Friday night while waiting for my house renovation paint/ plaster to dry.

Training Times

Hello my fellow triathlete and tramping bloglings.

I diegn the following training times:

Monday nights are for Cycling

I'll probably be cycling at the gym briefly on Monday nights for a little while. I've yet to organise a bike.

Tuesday nights are for running

Running from my place to Fishies place, then optionally back to my place. It's about 3 kms or 6kms.

Wednesday nights are for swimming

Swimming after work. The Huia pool is open late untill 8pm. Want to get an hour to a hour an 3/4 of swimming in.

Thursday nights are for knitting or dancing

Swing dancing in Petone or knitting at strongers knitting circle.

Friday nights are for gyming

I'll be frequenting the gym Friday nights, playing on an exercycle briefly.

Saturday mornings are for swimming

About 9:30 or so swimming laps at huia. Or at least until the sea warms up and I organise some sea swimming lessons. I have the numbers but not the wetsuit.

Sunday afternoons are for running or tramping or cycling
I need to do my long thing for the week on Sunday afternoons. Might be tramping, running or cycling but it has to be around 2 hours worth. Hills are good too.

Rimutaka Incline

I walked the Rimutaka incline yesterday. Was good, but more exposed than I though, could have done with gloves in a few places.

A bridge across a stream. The water flowing around the rocks was peaceful.

Mmm, nice tunnel. Boys like tunnels ;)

A bridge

A cute seat made out of railway sleepers.

A signpost. The back road to god knows where.

A cutting.

Early Drive Home (Monday)

I got up real early and drove home on Monday morning. Had some clients to see on Monday afternoon. Real early for a computer programmer like me is a 5:55. It is basically an indecent time of day. It is probably the earliest I have been awake this year.

So mr_mountain_barista got this great blurry shot of us at that time in the morning. Our weekend was fab, we were smiling lots for 6am monday morning.

If you click on it you get a bigger version, as with all my photos. The double focus thing seems particularly appropriate for how I feel most of the time when it is early morning.

I was driving for about half an hour before the sun came up. I drove from good weather in Taupo to bad weather in Welly but got through my business stuff without falling asleep :)

2006 Taupo Half Marathon (Sunday)

I ran the Taupo half on Sunday. The course had some undulations in it and a few kilometres through farmland. I did a 1.53 time. This is fairly good going as I had to stop and relieve myself.

The whole walking and running field got rained on as it rained steadily all day in Taupo. More than 4000 people took part, I understand. I'll stick up some photos when they are available.

Here is a picture I leached off the sports photo site. It is a good picture, I'll probably order a real photo of it for my mummy.

As you can see I ran with a snowboarding jacket. It isn't a very warm jacket but is keeps the rain on fairly well. I've got a camelback over the top. This was about 17 km in, only 4km to go! At this point I'm still fairly relaxed and my technique is ok. It tends to break down a little after the 17k mark.

There is this problem with sports pictures of running. The photographers crank up the shutter speed so they don't get a blurry photo, but this means that you loose any sense of speed or movement. In general this increases the gangle factor quite a bit. Everybody looks akward when you get them in freeze frame. The loose jacket seems to accentuate how thin my legs are, yesh!

So I've been practicing putting together a positive mental frame when I am running in events. The mental frame has me happy and relaxed. It also involves the finish line singing to me.

The singing is kind of like the ring on Lord Of The Rings, but happy instead of sinister. The finish line sings it's happy call and I am happy that I am running toward it.

The finish line definitely has a female voice, something like a collection of Alto's doing a happy chill out house impersonation, which says quite a bit about me. Think of the noise at the very begining of the Simpsons theme music, just before the word the Simpsons get sung. I think they are ha-ing.

Does the finish line sing to anyone else?

Friday, Driving Oakune to Taupo

Nice trees in the park at Oakune.

Breakfast at a greasy spoon. The toast was listed on the menu, but curiously the chips were not. The chips were like some kind of free deal sweatener. Or perhaps the waitress liked my hat.

I was hobling around pretty hardcore at this point. I had lots of coffee the night before. I think it contributed to the very bad cramp I got in my left calf that night. My entire calf muscle rigid and sore. Worst my calf has felt since I strained it playing gridiron with the slippery pig many years back in a schoolyard. Not my schoolyard though.

So Friday morning I was hobling round Oakune like a right proppa tourist wiff my camra, oblin and shufflin down the pavement tryin ta breave some life back inta ma calf.

I met Jeffery and Linley Cooper in the rest stop a little way into the Desert Road. They were at school at the same time as my mother. I'm not sure if she remembers them.

They offered me coffee and scones with jam. Brilliant.

Here is a pictue they took of me.

I like my picture of the mountain better however. I'm obscuring the power pylons by reflecting the shot of the roof of my car. I like the effect. Was a fab day for skiing and boarding, but I was saving my glycogen for Sunday.

Road Trip 1 (updated)

The begining of my weekend. Headed up country with mr_ou1, mr_flash, mr_d and mr_silver.

Thursday 3rd Aug

Big custom speakers at Toad Hall. They had a big sort of sound to them, hard to describe. The speakers were back ported. Apparently they are about 160kg each.

A quilt made of mens shirts. Very very cool. I like the geometric patterns a lot. We had soup, bread and listened to some tunes at Toad Hall. Nice quilts and music gear there, but watch out for the break knife!

A frenzy of activity before bed, blame it on the brownies, in the Big Carrot at this point. I think we got through about 2 litres of brownies at this point which isn't quite right for a thursday night.

Road Trip

Tomorrow straight after work I'm heading up country with a bunch of skiers. They are stopping at the mountain but I am going to Taupo. I need to pick up some coffe beans on the way.

I need to leave super early to get a park in town. But it means I get to go and flirt with a barista I'm friends with at a cafe in town before work. It's on the way between the parking building and where I'm working, so I'll drop here off some beans too, maybe even some milk.

Photos to follow, get to try out my new camera.

Speaking of which here is a picture of me about to head out the door before dancing. I'm taking the hat up north.

Windy Lindy 2006 Updated

Windy Lindy was cool. This photo sums up the atmosphere. I flung women around the dance floor a lot which is a lot of fun.

I lead a lot of
- 2 x charleston
- 2 x promenard
- swing out from closed
- 6 x swing out variations
- lindy circle to close

It kind of makes you dizzy from the spinning, but that was kind of fun. During the fast songs I had to apply perhaps 20 to 30 kg of force momentarily during the swing out's in order to do the out part of the swing.

This involves carefully and deftly getting your right hand onto the follows shoulder blade in the single beat you are facing each other and then for about half a beat pulling the follow towards you as you step out of the way.

A demonstration is really required to understand the move. A good four or five of the women I danced with seem to really enjoy it when I flung them around firmly and I got progressively more firm with my leads as the night went on.

30 kg of force on the shoulder blade of some of the smaller women? It makes them kind of explode past you as you pivot clockwise on your left leg, and you have to make sure you don't have a head clash. A couple of beats later you decelerate the follow with your other hand and the follow uses this movement to rotate clockwise.

The follows have to play close attention to my leads as even though I'll lead a lot of swing out's there are 6 common variations we get taught and they have to listen to which one I'm leading. They have to work it out in about half a beat, in fact. The women I danced with seem very capable of doing this, which in itself is cool.

The leads lead with their centre of gravity mostly and the follows have to percieve this. It's non-verbal and non-facial which makes it an interesting form of communication.

Mitre 10 Singles Night Sucked

I went to the Mitre 10 singles night last night. In the end I left work a little early wearing appropriate clothing, bused home and drove straight there.

I was a little sceptical about mitre 10 singles night, so I grabbed a trolley and did a lap first, before grabbing a little pack of stuff. I didn't see any talent, there were no women close my to age, and no women close to my style. I spotted perhaps 6 women who were possibly there to meet people and no guys who were possibly there to meet people apart from myself.

They all wore jeans as per my prediction. I'm pretty fussy about clothes and from my perspective they all wore the wrong jeans, you need to wear jeans with a very gender specific cut if you go dating because you want to accentuate the gender differences. They all wore jeans that were of a gender neutral cut.

So I didn't pick up a dating pack, I just went shopping slightly overdressed on a Friday night in a basically deserted wharehouse. I'm always trying to do two things with my time and so my shopping list was decent:
- rust treatment for roof
- primer to put over rust treated roof bits
- roof paint
- brackets for speakers for the kitchen
- screws (ha ha)

Tonight is Windy Lindy, just down the road from me. I have lessons from flash Auckland swing teachers this afternoon. I need to decide on or buy some more pants, some gender specific pants.

I got a cool brown hat yesterday however. It is kind of brown and black herring-bone.

Craft Night

Did a little craftwork tonight with stronger and hotties craft circle.

Singles night at Mitre 10 is also on at the stupid stupid moron times of 5pm to 7pm. I'm not sure if I can actually make that. If I left work at 4:30 then I'd get home about 5:15, grab a shower and I'd get there about 6pm. However I usually don't finish work until 5:30 on a friday or later, so I don't know if I'll actually get there. I am not going to entertain the idea of shopping at Mitre 10 in a suit. Smells like a marketing gimic to me.

Mitre 10 Singles Night

This Friday is mitre 10 singles night, I think. I'll have to go to that, but what to wear? It will have to be jeans of course, but good well fitting jeans. And a shirt, but a good well fitting shirt. I need to buy things in my trolley that make me look interesting. So I'm going to take a speaker and buy a wallbracket for it.

I think it will be a pan, I'm not the best at striking up casual conversations with women. Or any conversation at all, for that matter.

I need some other bits and pieces too, like tar paint for my roof and some information about getting some short extra runs of colour steel to fix up the broken bits on my roof.

I've got dancing this weekend should be fun. I've got a lesson in the afternoon and then the shindig that night. Should be huge, and it's just down the road. I need to get a hat and some funky pants for that.

I've been invited to go skydiving in September. How can I say no?

I've completed my entry to the Taupo half and booked the time off work. Mint.

I need to buy some tramping boots and start tramping for my tramp at the end of the year.

I have boy-girl news about a close friend but have to wait for the official press embargo before divulging. It's a great story about how men and women think differently about relationships.

I'll make some time on Thursday night to play with triangles. I want to make a cardboard mockup of a giant d20 to establish wether I would like d20 lampshades in my lounge. I'm think about 7 lampshades because my house is number 7. Good thing I bought in the single digits!

The Masters New Tie ;)

My new tie comes in a little bag like it is some sort of womens item. Working Style are apparently going to get into a womens range seriously next season. Problem is that a womens suits are extremely demanding in comparison to mens suits. You women are just too curvey, *sigh*.

It is quite a long tie, it has a long tail. Goes with my new suit which has a relatively long jacket.

My camera isn't handling this extreme close up too well, but you can see the tie is made up of silk 'pixels'. I'll probably wear it with black, green and blue shirts. A white shirt would create too much contrast.