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Today was my first run with the Hutt Valley Marathon Clinic (HVMC) which is a running and walking club. Mostly older fitter, faster, tougher runners than myself, which is kind of the attraction of joining.

So at the merry hour of 8am I turn up at the club rooms in the hutt and get assigned to a group based on my last half marathon time. I get assigned to the 2nd fastest running pack. So we set off, it's misty, and because it's so early I'm without breakfast, but have my camel pack with 800mls of Mizone lime. I'll really be needed that sugary goodness later on.

So we jog and chat at a comfortable pace for me. We head northwest, meeting and following the base of the western hills. We get to a quarry, and take stock of options, we're about 56 minutes up the valley. A couple of older keener ones suggest we go another couple of clicks up the valley.

We continue up untill Belmont Reserve. Bored at the prospect of a flat run home, we go for a short sharp 10 minute burst up a hill track looking for a ridgeline trail. We look and look and run and run up and up through the gentlying billowing mist and it's quiet.

I must point out that I forgot my watch for this mornings run. Someone says we've been going 1 hour forty, and we haven't turned back to base yet. Elapsed time has stopped being a positive motivator. So we go up some more. Eventually we find some signs and start heading in a promising direction.

At this point we come across an amazing looking tree stump. it's angled about 20 degrees east from vertical. It's decayed and hangs 3 metres overhead against the mist. It is an old and patient stump.

We reach the height of the trail and start our descent towards the valley floor. Now normally I'm a box of bunnies when it comes to running down hills. I like to go fast, using my long legs, taking big steps when I run. But at this point I'm pretty drained and head downhill at a subdued pace.

So we come out of the bush eventually and see some modest signs of civilisation, a new looking gravel road and some power lines. We head up the hill to looking for more civilisation, but there isn't any to be seen. We head down the road looking for civilisation and find a dead end.

We head up the road and take a turn. The signpost says Kaitangita st, which is he street my friend lives on, up the top of Kelson. So eventually we jog up the road and start heading on our last downhill bit.

So we jog down Kelson, it's a long way, and I'm running out of liquids both in my camel back and otherwise. The sun starts to come out, joy.

So we get the valley floor again and start jogging along it. At this point it's clear that I'm the weakest running despite giving up 20 years or more to the other members. So we form a tight running pack, and unspoken and primal protective instinct against the elements.

The pack has strength in the front and rear and me in the middle. We huddle close, the strongest acting as a wind sheild. We trudge along the valley floor untill I can run no more. At this point I'm out of sugar water, and probably have exhausted most of my bodies ready supply of carbs, probably metabolising fat at this point, with great protest from within.

I bid more pack farewell and make a slow but steady walk the remaining couple of clicks, elapsed time around three hours. I arrive back at base, having missed the spa and all the other runners. I drive home, eat some eggs and sleep for a while.

Difficult, physically, mentally and technically challenging, hill work, flat work, road, gavel, trail, track. I'll be back next week, I'm human and it's in my genes.

Good Weather

Yesterday was a good friday, aided greatly by excellent weather. Work drinks on a balcony. Hung at Havana and Fidels with ms_gg who is off to work in an asian country. Caught up with ms_foodie at Motel although by that time of night at the end of the week we were too tired to be sustained by cocktails.

I had to wait a while for a bus. It was warm though, very comfortable. Watched the scenery for a while, watched it jiggle and bounce and undulate from my bad posture on the bench at the bustop. Got back to Petone a little peckish, so picked up a pizza on my walk home and detoured to eat a few slices on the beach.

The beach was breathless, no wind detectable. The sea has coughed up some modest tree bits to the high tide mark. My mr wedge pizza did not disappoint. The sea made it's calming swooshing noises in a lazy way, like it new it was the end of the week and it didn't have to try to hard because there was nobody left to watch.

Things to do in 2006

Here are some things for me to do in 2006

  • build my 2TB monster
  • learn some formal dancing, maybe swing
  • go to Dunedin
  • build a geodesic green house

Wellington Anniversary, in AK

My AK trip is best described by listing what I ate:

  • chocolate cake at mr_n00bs for breakfast
  • fuel mocha at welly airport
  • corn fritters with bacon for lunch vaguely near one tree hill
  • rare steak stuffed with cheese and capers, tonys for dinner
  • greasy spoon cheeseburger, near Sky City, second dinner
  • eggs benny in mission bay, brunch
  • breads dip and musscles, sangria, appetiser on the viaduct
  • tacos on the viaduct, dinner
  • greasy spoon cheeseburder, near Sky City, second dinner (a repeat)
  • dunkin donuts donunts, breakfast downtown
  • bad foodcourt food, downtown
  • hot chicken sandwhiches, beach near haitaitai

Gambling And More

About to head off to AK for a weekend of gambling and more. Not sure what kind of more yet. I'm sure mr_nut and mr_n00b will lead me appropriately astray. And for extra juxtaposition I have some relatives to visit :)

Closure Already

Today it's raining and cool. The music player at work kept randmonly playing David Grey, all out of propotion. Both these seem appropriate in retrospect.

So turns out I was right, ms_cia has a partner already. I don't think I've ever been so embarrassed reading a text before! Talk about fast cycle, but I digress.

So this evening I'm case modding to Bic Runga and her appropriately sad and mopey new album, which is very good. *sigh*

A simple plan

A simple plan for a simple man, or so I tell myself:
- orchid arrangement and card sent out of the blue
- phone call
- walk and talk

Stuck at part two. Wish ms_cia would answer her phone. Am I being screened? Does she have a BF that I am unaware of? Ohh the mindgames. But felt very brave writing what I did in the card. Fellback to a txt and some casemodding. Old things being repurposed far beyond any original capacity.