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Tastey Fractals

Check out these delicious fractals. Platitude is gorgeous and nest egg is freaky.

I have more date gossip from Sunday, but it is IRL only.

Mt Lowry Challenge 2006

On Sunday I did the Mt Lowry Challenge for the second year. It's this crazy, difficult and slightly dangerous course that starts and finishes in Days bay in Eastbourne. The web site is here.

When I say it's tough, I ran Mt Lowry 2005 in 1.52.36 which was quite similar to my half marathon time later in the year of 1.52.48. As you'd expect with the word 'Mt' in the title, it's not exactly flat.

I had a watch this year so I could check my times. This year I ran a great time of 1.34.59, a good 18 minutes faster than last year. Such a great time in fact that I stuffed food into my mouth as soon as possible afterward, then went home and slept for two and half hours! So the time breaks down like this:

First bit 17.30
Flat running on the road around the bays. A cool breeze blew, and the views are quite good if you take them in.

Second bit 68.00
This is a tough but fun bit. Mostly up in this section, but it's up interspersed with down. I can't run much of the up, it's just too steep, so you walk it efficiently. Then you get downy bits as you traverse the spurs off the main ridge, so you run down this bits like a bat out of hell :)

The idea here is to turn your altitude into speed and use that to help you up the next ridge bit, great fun. There are at least a dozen ridges to cross, the bush is close and you get a great sensation of speed.

Third bit 9.30
This bit is really really fun, but really really dangerous. At the start of the steep descent down to Days bay, you are something like 250 metres high. Basically you run down a tree root and rock covered spur with a few steps, it's quite steep. I was running something like 2 to 4 steps a second, and not necessarily left right left. More like right left left both right both-with-right-arm. At the bottom there is a 500m section to the finish that slopes gently downhill, and you can run this at about 3/4 of your sprinting pace. During this section I felt my right foot bottom out of my shoe, which means I should have been wearing stiffer shoes.

Strange Video Gems

Found this strange video gems. It's Saturday and I'm feeling a bit rough. Vegetable photo's another day.

Russian climbers
It's like Tom Raider, except it's real. I am gobsmacked. Architecture as playground.

Autistic Basketballer
Super nice and inspiring, keep a hanky handy.

I have cutsy wootsy date gossip re ms_rose who is a gem *sigh*, but IRL only folks! Coffee anyone hutt-bound? Mmm, go bang, you know it! At least I admit the addiction.

2006 Project 1 finished

Removing the outter mold. Concrete was care of mr_houserenovator1.

Removing the inner plug.

A view inside.

Dried after two coatings of paint.

With toothbrush :)


A natural glow

I've had people tell me all today, and most of yesterday that I look like I've just been running because I'm glowing. I have been running and I am glowing, but it's because I'm really quite sunburnt after round the bays, which was smashing.

On a balmy Sunday morning, just as the sun came out, a squillion Wellytonians set off from Frank Kits. I started from near the front this year, along with mostly others that called themselves runners. Of course there were a few stupid grey haired walkers who positioned themselves right up the front, and probably nearly got trampled a bunch of times because of it. Very dangerous, almost toppled a couple myself. Get away from the wolves, they will devour you!

So the start of these things tends to be fast for those in the clear, and after about 300 metres the field was running very fast indeed, perhaps at 4 minute pace. After a kilometre or so the field slowed down around me into something approaching sustainable.

I intended to run at a faster than normal pace, because this was shorter than my typical Sunday run. I was trying to run slightly bouncier than normal and make sure I got a proper forward leg extension, making sure I was lifting my heels properly, and that my arms were close to my sides. After about 2 kilometres my body started giving me the slow down signals. I had a dry mouth and was feeling hot than comfortable.

About this point a guy pushing an offroad stroller raced pasted me, easily 4 minute kilometre pace or better, like I'm not even running. He was doing gutter jumps and weaving skillfully past confused runners!

The half way water station was a big relief, I was thirsty by that point. I slowed to a walk for about ten seconds, drinking about half a cup of water, splashing the rest on my arms and tipping a full cup down my back. Then off!

So in ms_foodies bay, as in previous years, some band or other was playing covers. Fine, but they were flat like last nights beer, simply not in tune. They say Jazz singers sing best later in the day, so I guess that applied here, as it did last year and the year before.

My body stepped up the please stop signals; the voices in the head started. They said things like 'this is unncessary' and 'who are you trying to race'. But on you must run.

So about where the marina starts, I see a familia and sweaty head weaving past me, so I call out weakly to mr_ou1 who glances briefly before running past. About this point I'm started to slow slightly, and my breathing gets a little less even.

Fire hoses and garden sprinklers destract briefly, but their gifts evaporate uniformly shortly after like an oven door opening. I finish the bays and at this point I'm surviving. Really not feeling very good, the wider senses of my environment start to recede slightly.

Running parallel to the park I start to get a random pain in my side. I adjust my stride slightly to compensate. Turn the corner to the finish. I run to the finish, the pain in my side an excuse for not putting in a fast last 100 metres. I run through the finish and look for the clock, which is behind me at this point. I stumble up to the closest marshell and ask for a time.

31 minutes they say, which is fast, pleasingly fast. Thats about 4 minute 30 second kilometre's sustained. Last year was 37 minutes, so Yay me! Next week the Mt Lowry challenge!

Lost Season1

Finished watching Lost season 1 this evening. It is plot driven sci-fi conspiracy and they have used very high quality cameras. Basic themes appear to be fate, identity and trust.

Watching them Xvid encoded bittorrent downloaded works pretty well. The quality of the Xvid codec at about audio cd bitrate is astounding, that's 350 megs per episode at about broadcast quality, better in many places. That is video in the same bitrate as plain old audio only cds!

If future video codecs can make improvement on Xvid then they could extended the longevity of cd's quite a bit.

Off to download season2, and to build the beast to house them more permanently. I have purchased the beasts wheels, but more hacksawing, riviting, drilling and hammering are required.

International Singles Awareness Day

A few weeks back I delurked my findsomeone account, it was an urge bought on by the long shadow of international singles awareness day (thanks rocketboom), which you can shorten to ISAD, otherwise known as Valentines Day.

So on Monday I got some findsomeone noise, which I followed up with a pithy message. Let me explain to you the narrow corridor of interaction that findsomeone allows. You have these cookie cutter fields you can fill out in your profile.

Lets you put in lots of the unimportant minutae that comprise the what questions. Questions like what do you do, what is your education level. Then there are some where questions that are actually what questions too, like where do you like to listen to your music.

The problem with this kind of surface scraping nonsense is that everyone looks the same. The thing is people mostly seem to buy into this drap facade and put down pithy answers. It actually requires you to approach the whole thing in an artistic way for it to make any sense.

To transcend the confines requires you to do things within them that attempt to provoke an emotional response. This isn't very easy and requires a some thought. I've seeded mine with politcal stances in the wrong places, references to house buying, cooking jokes and a couple of riddles.

So I was pleased to see signs of the realisations of the boundaries of such a system in ms_rose's profile. We even exchanged a full message cycle. I have learned she drinks tea, which is about as deep as much as you get from a message cycle. I'd say there's about a %30 chance we meet even meet up IRL.

In an ideal world I should not even be devoting blogspace to explaining such a system, but where have all the single women gone?

Trying to get to sleep the other night I counted the number of single women at two social functions I recently attended, a birthday party and a barbequeue. The number of single women at these two events was the grand total of one, who of course was far too young and lived outside the greater Wellington region. Sheesh!

Many people I meet say I'm clearly the geekiest person they have ever met and it's obvious this non-conformism has repelled great hoards of women in the past. Which is perfectly fine, a filter for free. I've had my share of women cringe across the speed dating table, some of them have even turned sideways and looked ill, colour receeding from there faces as they attempt to comprehend me.

Even my grandmother thinks I'm geeky, she thinks I'll end up an eccentric professor teaching in acadamia! Physically outside normal bounds, being thin with long limbs, thank god for tailor made shirts and clothes designed to fit lanky teenagers.

As a low yeild kind of guy when it comes to matchmaking at the best of times, it's unclear how I should be connecting with Welly's man drought affected women. Where are their gathering places?

Garden Gardian

My long suffering lime tree has been growing new leaves recently due to the typically Wellington summer including good stretches of sun, rain and heat. For some reason the leafcutters and catapillas like my lime tree better that the other plants, so the norm is for these new leaves to be eaten as fast as they grow.

But right now the new leaves are doing just fine!

This has happened once before. Armed with my long-lent-long-borrowed (thanks mr_tank) digital camera, I've nabbed a picture of my lime tree gardian. Notice that it's fairly well camouflaged.

I believe that it is a preying mantis. Long live my insect assasin army of one!!!


I've decided, rather arbitrarily, that my yearly holidays for last year are starting this week. Been working on my toothbrush holder. Can't wait to weigh it.

My second swing lesson last night was quite hard. Probably didn't help that I went running for a couple of hours in the morning. The triple step bits were tricky. Kept forgetting which foot was meant to go next after each triple step. I'm sure any reading mathematicians would relase that 3 steps / 2 feet is 1 remainer 1, which means that you alternate the leading foot after each triple step.

This means that the choice of leading foot after a triple step is context sensitive to the step that lead into the triple step, or triple step chain in the case of a lyndy circle. Needless to say that tripping over my own feet with lots of partners was a little embarrissing.

This came to me grogily in my sleep this morning associated with images of doing a lyndy circle overlaid with step patterns.

I think I've decided I should go back to my SpaceMonster project while I wait for certain business ingredients to brew that I need for my other business projects. It's so hard to find good collaborators as an adult, we are so far removed from the preschool sandpit where collaboration was the norm not the exception.

Swing Lessons

Today was my first swing dancing lesson. mr_phone is a swing dancer of some time and was more than happy to help me out by accompanying me to the first lesson.

So we went girls on one side boys on the other and learnt the basic charleston. Then the boys and girls got zippered together and we started dancing with partners. About every 30 seconds we rotated partners, so we got to dance with everyone a couple of times. Unexpectedly I ran into ms_walk who insisted that I keep her appearance at such lessons a secret until she gets a chance to suprise mr_boat, which sounds like good fun to me.

So we learnt three basic steps, the time flew by and I smiled lots. Still smiling about it now.