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Radar and Swing Lessons

ms_umberto doesn't seem to be thinking along my lines, and has been actively evading me. I'm susceptable to her long range electronic warefare pulses. Her chaff deflected my calendar radar as I tried to hone in on a date, despite my pings I was chasing ghosts.

After two weeks, a signal in itself, I got a weak radar lock on her for 'maybe sometime saturday' which almost certainly means she has flown out of range, ending this dogfight. Perhaps in some future confrontation she may expose some vulnerability to my armourment.


Went to beginners swing lessons in Petone tonight. Was a little boring as we didn't go over many moves. There was this one pretty chick who was about my age, but I'm pretty sure she was there with her boyfried, *sigh*.

She had this great died grey haircut and was a good height for me. I was more distracted by her light blue eyes than her dangly earings. She had a cool nose ring. She smiled in a somewhat vulnerable and uncontrolled fashion which was most pleasing. I had trouble with my timing which is pretty normal when I find a girl cute.

Should be fun to flirt with her a little bit next week :)

City Safari 06

I participated (ran/ naviaged?) in the City Safari today. It was cool. The duration was 6 hours but I think it is easier than a half marathon and left me feeling about the same as after the Mt Lowry Challenge.

So the City Safary 06 is a rogain or orienteering like even where you have a special map and you go looking for 'controls' at which you answer a question and get points. There were lots of controls to go looking for and the map included Karori, out to the airport, the inner city and Jville. The difference with this event was that you also got a pass which let you on the public transport which you were encouraged to use.

The maps you are given are special. They are a high quality colour map, but with no street names or suburb names. They have lots of red numbered circles which indicate the controls. They also have the all the train stops and bus routes marked, which was very cool.

This is a teams event, and I did it in a non-mixed pair with mr_calafornia_jandlels from Thursday Night Curry. mr_calafornia_jandlels wears jandals all the time, and true to form wore jandals the entire way today. He has tough feet. I wore a dual hard-core adidas supernovas in red, of course. These knee protecting fancy lined serious road running shoes are hard and well suited to SLI usage.

So we started out at Frank Kitts and did the mini-event before the main event which is a kind of warm up and works kind of like a bonding event before the field goes its seperate ways. This bit is called the prologue. We had ten minutes to go to a bunch of close controls and scrawl things down.

The main event start a short while later. mr_calafornia_jandlels diverted through the train station, to parliament and back. Next we got on a train to the northmost control, worth 70 points at the end of the Johnsonville line. We got off, sprited to the dominos, counted some windows and sprinted back on the train. We got off at the next stop and went west through a control at a college and up into the hills.

There was a little tunnel up the hill with a control in it, I used my headlight :)

Next we trekked up the hill to a cool lookout to find the distance to blenheim, then down the hill to find a code on a ribbon. We wadded through bits of johnsonville and then started to get lost.

We were looking for a split in the track near the beggining of a trail. We missed it completely. We got half way back up the hill before we figured out where we were. At this point I talked my partner into finishing off the hill climb, and so we got an eighty point control way up in the hills in farm country amoungst the pylons. The views were very NZ.

From there we had a long way down to the extra special 99 control, maximum points. We had to wriggle our way through the suburbia, but we got there eventually. 99 was up a stream, or as we found out later through a tunnel. We didn't know about the tunnel, so we trekked 300 metres downstream through freezing water with slippery rocks to get to the control, then trekked back up the stream to get out of it.

My feet were complaining about the cold lots, but my partner with his jandels seemed to handle this just fine. Like I said, his feet are tough. The stream was in a cold , dark and damp gorge. Hard on the brain.

By this point we had chewed through a lot of time, so we went to the nearest bus stop to head to the city. About 2 minutes waiting at the bus stop a bus arrived to which us to the end of courtenay place. Being back in the city and having a few minutes rest did wonders for the emotions and the energy levels.

We trekked through the city going past dominos to count lightbulbs, lombard carpark to look up a mural author and then ran up the hill to the top of the cablecar to count windows. We then went down the cablecar and sprinted to the finish, which we got to five minutes early.

Then we ate pizza (dominos of course), sausages and fruit bread. Awesome, the 6 hours flew past and I got to see lots of Wellington that I would normally never get to. Wellington is an awesome city to run around, I'm looking forward to the winter rogain series now that I know what it is about.

Hopefully mr_calafornia_jandlels has some photos I can add here :)

Rumpus 06

Big shout out to all the Rumpus party goers, I had a great time with you all!

Special thanks to all the many party makers
- djs Apa and Bwong for your cool tunes
- cheers for the smoke machine absent friend
- thanks to ms_big_sister for the ice and many errands
- thanks to ms_little_sister for buying liquor, cups and other errands
- thanks to mr_dad for you carpet
- thanks to mr_telco_architect and mr_physicist for the RUMPLETRON
- thanks to ms_netballer for the RUMPLETRON name
- thanks to my co-party hosts mr_story_smith and mr_west_end for your splendid party efforts, especially in the last hour, for your long time friendship, for always taking my ideas seriously however crazy they seem, for believing that we could do what we set out to do, and for being great fun!

Big shout out to the party pirates, your dice rolling efforts were fantastic. I liked it when you 'hooked' into me.

The extrovert fusion created by mr_west_end and ms_rose was fantastic. Good thing he knew how to block.

Big shout out to the RUMPLETRON, which everybody seemed to make friends with. People started naming their vessels, hats, breasts, t-shirt figures and other innanimate objects. mr_telco_architect wants to fix a minor bug that will see more vice-city and yeehaw tribe names come out. I may create an interweb version of it too some time.

A special thanks to mr_story_smith for invitng ms_umberto. She is a great hugger and I hope to blogger more about her soon.

Today I have been very hung over. I took a nana nap in the aftenoon after cleaning up. I'll be posting some photos of the fantastic mess left behind, it was really awesome.

I watched a dvd of the rugby that Evan made for me. The canes vs tahs match was of low quality for the most part. The tahs seemed to be freaked out by the hurricanes defence. They didn't execute any set moves from lineouts, and generally look aimless on attack, probing for a hole that wasn't really there.

End of Week

Work is good, but I'm very tired from doing lots of pre-party things around the house. Rumpus is going to be great fun, with lots of decoration :)

See y'all tomorrow.

Good Karma Week

I've enjoyed very good Karma in the last week. My new job has sane, competent, swear-out-loud friendly , ignore the dress code, fun people. I have two monitors on my desk, and a machine powerful enough to drive them. There is free fruit, biscuits and chippies.

I could build the source for the project and make it run in the first morning. I did my first commits this evening. This morning I was given a real piece of functionality to implement, and the project even has some rudimentary AJAX code that I can leverage. All this is very wonderful and is making me happy.

My contract (their contract) even says they will pay my invoice within 16 days, which is about 10 times faster than some government departments.

I've been enjoying good bus karma too. Thrice this week I've arrived at a bus stop and had the bus pull up immediately. I haven't been rained on at a bus stop either.

I went to speed dating and managed to enjoy it. I'm really going for the practice. Swing dancing seems to have helped improve my awkwardness around women. Eventually I might even look forward to meeting new people!

Rumpus 06

Dear three readers,

Party at mine as follows. Whisper the special code word "orange" in my ear and I'll offer you something tasty to drink :)

for more details go to this page with more details