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Sore and tired

I am sore and tired today. I have sore abdominal obliques from dodging people, sore quads from running fast toward the finish line and a sore bum from propelling me most of the way.

But I get to eat apple pie that my mum dropped off. I stuck an add in the Saturday paper for a flatmate too. Time for a shower and bed :)

18950 Steps (Updated)

I ran the harbour city half marathon this morning. Running a half marathon is a different kind of experience than other kind of sports things I've done. For a start you only win or loose by your own definition. There are lots of circumstances where you could not finish and still think of the day as an achievement, injury, vomiting due to running to fast, passing out due to a lack of liquids. I saw people do two of these things today, they were ahead of me when they happened. It takes courage to push yourself over the edge.

A half marathon is like a combination of
- diving into a cold pool
- holding something heavy that you can't put down
- the sensaition of motion you get when skiing
- walking faster than other people down lambton quay at lunch time

Running for more than an hour non-stop changes the way you think about your body at the time. Running feels like the normal pace much like walking does when you walk down the street. Myfeet become more abstract, I only notice the leg that is landing (striking), the other leg isn't really in myrealm of senses. Mybrain cancels out the noises of running in your hearing and corrects the bobbing of my head from my vision. It feels like you are carving a delicate curves through 4 dimensions.

A pack mentality unfolds, and you think about who you can see ahead of you that you'd like to beat, and how you might beat them.

At various points my energy levels ebb and flow as your body switches slowly from buring glycogen to buring fat. Yes, your body can pretty much metabolise fat directly if it needs to, even if it doesn't feel very normal at the time.

Somewhere around the hour and a half mark you can feel your body switching over. Metabolising fat is not your normal mode of operations, and it takes some training to get that facility online, and to get used to using it.

For me anyway it is a smaller pipe of energy, but a much deeper one. Your fat stores can sustain your activity for a long long time, many hours after you have run out of easily burnt carbs.

At various points you see thingss and think things and have changes in your emotional state. At many points today I had a pleasant-prickly-euphoric feeling. At other points it felt more like survivial. It started out like a pleasant Sunday jog but ended up as aggresive racing.

When the clock started I started running, and I didn't stop until the clock stopped. It is you versus the distance, the weather and the clock. The other competitors are there as a distraction and as eye candy. Big ups to the many fit women and their high-lycra-panted prosterias.

When you see the finish line and are on the home stretch proper, you body gives you a release of non-renewable energy. Your brain comprehends that you will stop soon, and the psychological barriers to burning through your remaining anarobic energies fall away. I passed about 50 people in the last 300 metres, flew right by with the grim knowledge that I could stop past the line. Afterwards I was dizzy, a little disoriented and got cold fast.

As I'm a geek, I collected some numbers so that I could have fun analysing them. The raw numbers are

- 18950 steps from start to finish
- 21100 metre course
- 1.51.48 completion time
- 48 seconds waiting to get over the start line
- split time of about 57.45

So my actual running time was 1.51.00, about a minute and a half faster than last year. I had hoped to do under 1.50, but didn't have it in me.

So my split times were a little askew, generally it's considered good form when your split times are quite close. First half was 57.45, second half was about 54 minutes. I really legged it in the last 6 kilometres when it was apparent that I might not beat my previous years time.

The general metric for measuring running speed is minutes per kilometer. Today I ran 5 minute 18 second kilometres. This is pretty good, but puts me more in the causual runner basket.

My average step length was 1.1 metres. This is probably a little short for my leg length.

There was a lot of traffic on the course, my time may have improved a smidgen if I'd pushed through people to get closer to the start line.

No Gladeye

There was no foreign chick for me to sit opposite at dinner tonight, so I did not recieve any glad eye. Meet some interesting people, a multisporter and this guy who is into a new computer language called Ruby.

I plotted evil schemes with mr_story_smith before hand. He was endorsive.

Todays Jobs

Today I need to
- jog to my car and drive it home
- drive my training course and confirm that it is actually 12 miles
- look at my roof
- do things to my roof
- bits of washing
- watch rugby
- go to housewarming

Awesome Thurdsay

Today I had a really awesome day. Let me recount.

Got up 15 minutes before the bus. Put on my suit and went to the bus stop. Chatted to guy who lives around the corner while waiting for bus. 2 minutes later the bus comes. Sat down in my favourite seat.

Next stop a guy from my cube at work gets on. We talk about rugby and music on the way to work. Get off. Buy breakfast from Wishbone, a BLAT sandwidge. Go to work. Sit down. Log on and resynch my source dequeue.

Get up and sit down next to ms_speedy_tidier_coder. Start having in depth technical discussion about checkboxes. Go to my computer and start debugging and gesticulating. We start using a two fingers does not mesh with four fingers gesture to describe.

We start peer programming a solution. I start hacking and she is running point looking at the left hand glorius, bright, clean, high resolution flat monitor on my adjustable desk. I'm touch typing chords for copy paste, refactor, rename, extract method, format, extract local, introduce param.

ms_speedy_tidier_coder spot omissions, mistakes and makes algorithm suggestions. She is very very quick with the algorithm suggestions, and although we don't share the same native tounge we share the same language for describing coding idioms. She grunts thoughtfully in her high pitch female voice "fill false, loop array, cast index with swallow"

I play some more chords and stub out some unit tests. "Conditions" I ask. "full, empty, some" she replies. I hack out some unit tests, she spots mistakes in my test data. We run, debug, run, debug, refactor to use Arrays.equals() then get to the green bar, all works.

We start drilling down. We drill down three layers, up a layer, take a side trip through the reporting component and decide our approach was wrong. Non-sparse arrays good, false constant bad, use null instead.

Then we got back across a component and up two layers, drill down through about a dozen subclass-override-wrapper-abstract-delegate constructs and find the inverse of method we started with.

We both peer at the terse, undocumented, misleadingly named long spagehetti heap of a method. We lean forward, we peer some more."What does this do?" "Is this an index" "Does parameter mean possibly-composite-parameter-name". I play some more chords. It helps a little. She leans over a plays a few of her own. They help too.

"Doesn't fit on the screen", I highlight, "extract method to inflate array? How about expand, hydrate or bulk?", "english is not my second language", "I forgot, sorry."

We abstract/ refactor/ rename/ extract local the method down to a meaningful page. About a hour has passed. She suggests some optimisations, we debate safety and substitutatbility and original meaning. She was right with her 10 second appraisal.

We look at the polished code, "Where do we stick our bit", "how about here" she says, then we look at each other and she says "how do we unmartial" and then I say "oh no!". Then I close my eyes, turn away slight, put my hand on my head. She kind of glasses over. We think independantly for about 2 minutes in deep silence. We are both completely motionless.

The other cube inhabitants shuffle past, unperterbed.

I turn back, open my eys. She focuses her eyes again and the muscle tone on her face changes. "We need to go back to indecies" I say. "Yes, that will work" she says.

We go back, change the unit tests, debug, step on, on the fly change the implementation, on the fly compile, let it run and welcome the green bar.

I get a call. LV Martin can fix my decade old seperate components CD player. "it needs re-earthing cost you about $60 to $70" say the technician. This is the best sound reproduction device I have ever owned, it is nearly impossible to buy a new equivalent device. Back to work.

We start the build script running to do a manual test. "What will break next?" I say. "The checkboxes will save correctly, but will render incorrectly as all checked" she says.

"I don't understand, explain" She explains. She uses the sparse array non-sparse array gesture we used earlier. We test, she is right, I suggest a fix. We make the fix in 20 seconds test it and we are finished.

I make the fonz noise and gesture, she laughs and smiles, gets up and moves on to other tasks. She is going to make a custom tag and I'm going to refactor a couple of hundred lines of javascript. We concur that our changes are mergable and get to it, our temporary team disbanded but will always be on call at a glance and a half seconds notice.

Our project manager will never understand, he sees beauty elsewhere.

At lunch I jog in the sun, along the waterfront, up a hill, back, then get some quiche. I queue in the stairwell for a shower, stretching with a fellow building dweller, we talk of the upcoming half marathon, our goals and training. I get in the shower, get clean, dry, put on the suit and go back to my desk.

I shrink the monster jsp page from 1100 lines to 1000 lines. ms_speedy_tider_coder grunts "good" across the low cube wall.

I code some more, then go to Mojo for a takeaway coffe. I come back, print some requirements, starting compiling a list of clarification questions and marking typos on the document. I scrawl UI suggestions on the mockups.

Then work is over. I fold up all my running gear, stuff it into my backpack and head to Concrete. I meet a friend/ employer and we talk about his server performance problem. I offer him my gathered information "exchange is chewing your box, you need more of both CPU and disk resources". This is his first piece of evidence but I'm not the first consultant he has talked to, he is very grateful. We drink cocktails.

On the way out I run into hottieperm & co at her table. One of her companions I blind dated, and I wonder idly about the one in the middle. She gave me a look I couldn't read.

I go to Thursday Night Curry. I sit next to some cool and interesting geeks. I'm toward the end of the table, one of the last to arrive. Only 30 or so at curry tonight.

Then a cute women geek show up and gives me gladeye through her rimless glasses. They are cute glasses. I try to avoid my gaze being draw down her chest by the delicate neckline of her tight high-lycra-content-fitted top. The top wins. The waiter turns up.

We order, we eat, we chat. Someone pours me a glass of red. mr_fibre_backbone comes over and we chat with the cute girl. We talk about blogging and the legal ownership and ownus of censorhip with respect to comments, comment spam, data transit and hosting. She has a hot foriegn accent, sounds like French but she isn't. She has a decorative ring where you would wear a wedding ring. I'm not sure what that means.

She makes a line with glasses to represent the chain. The line is pointed at me. She gives me gladeye. I excuse myself to pay and catch a bus and she says "Will you be here next week?" "Yes, definitely" I reply.

Like hello, a chick at Thurday night curry who can hold a conversation with an internet engineer and has a foreign accept? There were only two chicks at the table.

I leave, go to the bus stop. Wait a few minutes. A strange Asian guy is sober but very happy, hums some tunes to himself while we wait. The bus turns up, I get on. There is credit on my bus card. It is a fast journey.

I clear some old texts and recieve a new one. Wellington harbour glides by outside. ms_little_accountant has agreed to do my GST, filing and bits in her hols next week. Sweet. My first employee. And so it begins.

I get off at the bus stop and walk home. It isn't raining, windy or cold. I get home. My car is not there, it has been towed, to my fathers workshop where it will get fixed so that it starts, a warrant and probably a minor tune. Sweet.

I get home and check my email. The errant ISP I have been chasing has made some VOIP related network setting changes that I can retest. Been chasing him for like 3 months. He also commits to more invasive tests if this does not work. He wants me to test it at the first opportunity.

I sit down and blog. Today was great, really, really fantastically great. I heart wellington. I heart computers. I heart the interweb.

Feels like winter

Feels like winter in my house. I have a big pot of chicken curry on the stove and some brown rice in the microwave. MMM, brown rice. That would be my mothers influence, though I avoid her cooking instructions. Really, who can't cook rice? There are only two mistakes, not enough water and too small a pot. Overcompensate against both these pontentialities, it feels good.

My couch has sold. When the buyer picks it up then I can move my other couch into the lounge. Then I can put an add in the paper and have a bunch of people trawl through my house in order to find a flattie. Then I will have company.

Or perhaps ms_west_end will come back from London first and mr_west_end and ms_west_end will be my flatties.

I think I'm looking for a chick flatty who is near my age, because that will cause me to be tidier, which is something I need constant encouragement for. Also a chick flatty my age might have chick friends my age, this would be a positive bonus.

Work is still good, have organised something to do Friday night, have a plan for Saturday night. Will train best likely weather day of Saturday or Sunday.

Am having some business ideas again, will chase mr_house_renovator to see if he wants to be a collaborator.

I sent my CD player off to get repaired, it just needs a little solder. Am hopeful, it sounds really really fab, better than a combined DVD player. If that fails I'll be up for a Denon CD player, they are apparently the only easily obtainable players that only do CDs. Go figure. The Denon is $400 and is probably one of the best sounding music reproduction devices available for anything like I can afford.

Ran today, a fast (4:30 pace) followed by slow (5:30 pace) session along the waterfront, wearing a thermal top, a sport top and a wooly hat. It was sunny! And people were complaining about the cold.

See, when the wind speeds up or the temporature drops you simply need to move faster.

PS, go the Holland at the world cup!

Good Running

Went running this afternoon. I went for a casual 12 miles. Although I spread a rumour last week that I ran 13 miles, I only actually ran 11 miles last Sunday, so apologies there.

T'was a cracker afternoon, coolish, sunny and no wind at all, perfect running conditions. I was taking it pretty easy, and apart from some stitch was feeling great. I ran 12 miles in 1 hour 40 including a dairy stop, some walking when I got stitch and lots of stop starts to cross the road. That is pretty fast and makes me wonder if my watch was playing up.

I'll try it again next week and find out :)

The math on that is about 5 minute 15 k's which is quicker than my pace for last years half. So with some continued good health, some good training runs and some reasonable wether I should be scorching things up at the end of the month.

About an hour before I ran had a late lunch, I ate 1 egg, 3 sausages, 3 pieces of toast and half a can of Craig's chilli beans. I washed it down with a very ripe banana blended with about half a litre of milk. Hence the stitch buts lots of energy. The stitch seems to be worth it as far as I can see. Perhaps I need to overeat my way to good running form?

Hottieperm (see sidebar) and myself seemed to be leading paralell lives with sickness and visits to concrete, so I wish her luck with her excercise efforts for tomorrow, and trust that she too will enjoy excellent form.

I saw you!

I saw you two, then you saw me, then i waved, then you looked sheepish. It was the we are on a date and we have been sprung and why didn't I choose another venue, that kind of look.

I want my hush money in dirt. tick tock.

(By the way, the couple here got married later, mr_noob and mrs_organisatrix)

Grabag Thursday

I've just learned about a new modification to my most favourite game ever, Total Anniliation. The mod does all sorts of good cool stuff, am downloading it right now.

Some potential flatmates should turn up tonight at my place. Most likely they will turn up late. If they turn up late (not in the next minute they will have to be very cool in order for me to consider them.

One of my themes for the year is to examine how late people are as a measure of their subconscious commitment and enthusiasm. Like if you are meeting someone for a date and they are late, then they probably aren't very into you, or very into dating.

All 5 people I have dated in the past year have all been late and also not worked out. I've been early to every one of these dates. I could have fit in about 2 more dates with all the waiting around time. The longest I waited for someone was 1 and a half hours. They did contact me by text to let me know, but even then it doesn't mean you can do much with your slack time.

Sometimes I think Wellington women should actually act like there is a man drought

  • by not being late if I meet you for a date, it's like a job interview you should be exactly 5 minutes early
  • if you are not that into me say 'I'm not very into you, sorry' instead of something farcial and illusory. I'm a guy, you are unlikely to break my heart. Hell, I don't even cry at funerals.
Hmm, no potential flatmates have turned up, I'll need to advertise in the newspaper instead of trademe. I'm bigger news my download has finised, ciao!

Sick Today

Blah, am sick today. I've got the trifecta of a sore throat, loss of apetite and sensitivity to light. I've just got out of bed, I've been lying around all day like a vegetable.

Sucking on vitamin C tablets is pretty tasty though. If I get the energy I might read a book or watch the 4th Harry Potter movie that someone lent me ages back.

Time for porridge with lots of honey.

For the roadtrip people here is a link to the video that I was thinking of.


New half life 2 content, much anticipation, probably the most fun I'll have with a computer this year.

Fosty the Snowman

It's damn damn cold in my house today. It is so cold I can breath steam in my kitchen at midday! I really need some insultation.

Luckily I got talking to a builder guy at the pub last night. He was a friend of a friend of mr_flashy. It was the southern cross. It was very retro 70s with orange and brown. I like the southern cross.

So we got to bitching about house renovation. This guy is a builder and even he finds house renovation difficult and trying. We both found the bitching very theraputic. And we both don't get why chicks can't handle the jandle when the jib board comes off the walls. The jib board isn't actually the wall from a structural perspective, its the studs and dwangs that make up the wall. The jib board is like granny underwear.

So anyway there is this newish product for insulating problem houses like mine. It's balls, lots of balls. Great balls of polysterene that you till/ blow/ poke into the wall.

The cool this is you can use a holemaker to make near perfect pasterboard holes, tip in the balls and then put the hole back into place. A little dab of paint over the top and bob's your aunty, your nice warm not and not freezy her fingers off trying to type aunty.

So I'm get me some balls sometime, a whole houseload.


PS I'm typing this listening to a new trance compilation from Paul Oakenfold on my linear design bookshelf speakers and yamaha natural sound amplifyer that I traded on trademe for some old computer games. Suckers the lot of them. My setup should sound absolutely fab once I screw things 3 inches into the wall. Yeah baby, 3 inches, you love it.

50+ things

Hello off-black welcome to the blogosphere. Hello not-kate welcome to the blogosphere. Everbody is blogging. As a geek I feel this was an inevitablity for people who have thoughts and are self centered ;)

It is so MUCH dorkier than bulk spam email, how could it not catch on?

As suggested by offblack I should get around to doing a 100 things about me. It's a Thursday and I get to go to bed at a time of my choosing tonight instead of being busy till late.

So I'm gonna do the 50 things and if anyone wants to contribute in the comments I'll include those too.

50 things about me

I do not share my surname with my mother.

I like to run down hills, especially when it is a narrow trail.

My current favourite song is a trance song that I interpret as being about the meathook and nerdvana, is epicly sad and has a fantastic line 'don't you know, this once was paradise' which talks about the earth and our relationship to it.

I weigh 64kg today.

I like to shop to cook.

My favourie underwear colour is white.

The value of my car is similar to the value of my tie collection.

The closest profression to being a computer programer is being a long term performance artist.

This year I am trying to avoid watching television for the most part.

foreach (Idea i in ideas) i.pursue();

Cheese sauce is very special to me.

We need to get past nationhood in order to put the humanity into being human.

I am a geek that geeks find geeky :)

The brain is the biggest muscle in the body.

colon hiphen bracket

I am enthusiastic about things that put people to sleep.

I have gentle hands because there is a sensitivty and gentleness in my mind.

The most attractive thing about a women is the face. Women with faces that I find 'cute' are the most attractive.

I like to talk about food.

I am better at staying up till 4 in the morning than getting up at 4 in the morning.

Rosebud and Diablo are my current favourite cocktail recipies.

Brokeback Mountain is my favourite movie about love, followed by 2 weeks notice.

I am extremely 'jumpy' when watching a movie at the cinema.

My favourite coffee drink is a mochaccino.

I like to cook to eat.

This year I am learning swing dancing.

I am about as much spanish as I am scottish.

I have a bold sense of colour.

Hugging is great fun but often I do not feel it is appropriate.

Do not wake me up early in the morning for sex unless you want me to hurt you first.

I do not enjoy beer in general.

When I was a small child I asked why a lot.

How deep does the rabbit hole go?

It is probably not a good idea to shop on my behalf.

Recently women I have met have started calling me a metrosexual. I do not own any facial products!

I like to eat.

I like to look at food.

I have been dabling with computers for more than 20 years.

I spent much of my childhood waiting to be an adult.

When I share my best, most special idea many people do not think I am being serious.

Peak oil is on my mind every day.

Flatmates tell me that I fold clothes like I work in a clothing store.


I am scared of heights, they make me dizzy and panic.

0, 1, 1, 2, 3, 5

I like to fly and I do not get airsick.

I get seasick.

Mmmmm, 3.14159265358979323846264338

The hardest thing in my life is finding good collaborators.

My ms_right will be a paradox; traditional but modern, soft yet strong, slow and fast, easygoing but driven, happy but sad.

I think the world could be free if it was free of convention.