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Windy Lindy 2006 Updated

Windy Lindy was cool. This photo sums up the atmosphere. I flung women around the dance floor a lot which is a lot of fun.

I lead a lot of
- 2 x charleston
- 2 x promenard
- swing out from closed
- 6 x swing out variations
- lindy circle to close

It kind of makes you dizzy from the spinning, but that was kind of fun. During the fast songs I had to apply perhaps 20 to 30 kg of force momentarily during the swing out's in order to do the out part of the swing.

This involves carefully and deftly getting your right hand onto the follows shoulder blade in the single beat you are facing each other and then for about half a beat pulling the follow towards you as you step out of the way.

A demonstration is really required to understand the move. A good four or five of the women I danced with seem to really enjoy it when I flung them around firmly and I got progressively more firm with my leads as the night went on.

30 kg of force on the shoulder blade of some of the smaller women? It makes them kind of explode past you as you pivot clockwise on your left leg, and you have to make sure you don't have a head clash. A couple of beats later you decelerate the follow with your other hand and the follow uses this movement to rotate clockwise.

The follows have to play close attention to my leads as even though I'll lead a lot of swing out's there are 6 common variations we get taught and they have to listen to which one I'm leading. They have to work it out in about half a beat, in fact. The women I danced with seem very capable of doing this, which in itself is cool.

The leads lead with their centre of gravity mostly and the follows have to percieve this. It's non-verbal and non-facial which makes it an interesting form of communication.

Mitre 10 Singles Night Sucked

I went to the Mitre 10 singles night last night. In the end I left work a little early wearing appropriate clothing, bused home and drove straight there.

I was a little sceptical about mitre 10 singles night, so I grabbed a trolley and did a lap first, before grabbing a little pack of stuff. I didn't see any talent, there were no women close my to age, and no women close to my style. I spotted perhaps 6 women who were possibly there to meet people and no guys who were possibly there to meet people apart from myself.

They all wore jeans as per my prediction. I'm pretty fussy about clothes and from my perspective they all wore the wrong jeans, you need to wear jeans with a very gender specific cut if you go dating because you want to accentuate the gender differences. They all wore jeans that were of a gender neutral cut.

So I didn't pick up a dating pack, I just went shopping slightly overdressed on a Friday night in a basically deserted wharehouse. I'm always trying to do two things with my time and so my shopping list was decent:
- rust treatment for roof
- primer to put over rust treated roof bits
- roof paint
- brackets for speakers for the kitchen
- screws (ha ha)

Tonight is Windy Lindy, just down the road from me. I have lessons from flash Auckland swing teachers this afternoon. I need to decide on or buy some more pants, some gender specific pants.

I got a cool brown hat yesterday however. It is kind of brown and black herring-bone.

Craft Night

Did a little craftwork tonight with stronger and hotties craft circle.

Singles night at Mitre 10 is also on at the stupid stupid moron times of 5pm to 7pm. I'm not sure if I can actually make that. If I left work at 4:30 then I'd get home about 5:15, grab a shower and I'd get there about 6pm. However I usually don't finish work until 5:30 on a friday or later, so I don't know if I'll actually get there. I am not going to entertain the idea of shopping at Mitre 10 in a suit. Smells like a marketing gimic to me.

Mitre 10 Singles Night

This Friday is mitre 10 singles night, I think. I'll have to go to that, but what to wear? It will have to be jeans of course, but good well fitting jeans. And a shirt, but a good well fitting shirt. I need to buy things in my trolley that make me look interesting. So I'm going to take a speaker and buy a wallbracket for it.

I think it will be a pan, I'm not the best at striking up casual conversations with women. Or any conversation at all, for that matter.

I need some other bits and pieces too, like tar paint for my roof and some information about getting some short extra runs of colour steel to fix up the broken bits on my roof.

I've got dancing this weekend should be fun. I've got a lesson in the afternoon and then the shindig that night. Should be huge, and it's just down the road. I need to get a hat and some funky pants for that.

I've been invited to go skydiving in September. How can I say no?

I've completed my entry to the Taupo half and booked the time off work. Mint.

I need to buy some tramping boots and start tramping for my tramp at the end of the year.

I have boy-girl news about a close friend but have to wait for the official press embargo before divulging. It's a great story about how men and women think differently about relationships.

I'll make some time on Thursday night to play with triangles. I want to make a cardboard mockup of a giant d20 to establish wether I would like d20 lampshades in my lounge. I'm think about 7 lampshades because my house is number 7. Good thing I bought in the single digits!

The Masters New Tie ;)

My new tie comes in a little bag like it is some sort of womens item. Working Style are apparently going to get into a womens range seriously next season. Problem is that a womens suits are extremely demanding in comparison to mens suits. You women are just too curvey, *sigh*.

It is quite a long tie, it has a long tail. Goes with my new suit which has a relatively long jacket.

My camera isn't handling this extreme close up too well, but you can see the tie is made up of silk 'pixels'. I'll probably wear it with black, green and blue shirts. A white shirt would create too much contrast.

Good Excercise Week

I've had a good exercise week so far:

Monday went swimming for 45 minutes. I need to learn how to kick, strangely.
Tuesday went light jogging with mr_west_end, off-black and ms_fish.
Wednesday went to swing dancing class.
Thursday went for a fast paced 45 minute jog at lunch.

I hope to camp out on a cycle machine at the gym on Friday briefly,will be swimming Saturday morning and possibly riding and running for a long time on Sunday.

I'm packing the exercise in before I have to stop for a bit in the build up to the Taupo half marathon.

Mmm, curry for dinner tonight. I'm killing a little time by playing some counterstrike. Need to hussle up about my inner city office space.

In other news I have a new tie, I'll post some pictures tonight. Also my sister says she has some good photos of my from a few weeks ago when I was wearing a cowboy hat.

Sunday Chores

I'm killing time before starting my Sunday chores. I'll be rehanging some guttering. As with many jobs I've paid people to do on my house, this one hasn't been done properly. The muppets who hung my guttering did not hang it with a fall towards the downpipe, they hung it with a rise towards the downpipe. Ever heard of gravity, ever eaten an apple?

I'll be swimming, running or cycling later depending how events pan out. I'll try for 50 lengths if I make it to the pool in time.

Watched the 4th Harry Potter movie last night ,goblet of fire. Twas fab. Dvd's look so much better on my laptop screen than on a TV. They did a nice but not very scary version of he-who-must-not-be-named.

The tri-wazard tournament was had what I thought was the appropriate amount of menace. It is really just this giant Aura training exercise for what I think will happen in the seventh book, but we'll see. I don't think it is due to be released this year, but could be a spectacular book.

Myers Briggs Stuff

Hi all,

I'm an INTP in the myers briggs notation. Here is a cool site with a pretty usefull one page guide to what it takes to be the mate of an INTP.

Basically INTP's are pretty incomprehensible and are not really wired to enjoy dealing with the real world.

I like the bit in the link that says :

"6. Someone who accepts the peculiar WAYS they show thier love.
Be it really, really sappy hopless-romantic type drivel or passionate physical expression, or just a touch or a simple look. The INTP way is very hard to catch, if you blink, you miss it. Non-INTPs tend to want tokens and words, not a slow dance in a room with no radio, not a quiet cuddle in front of the TV at the end of the day, or the other strange and random expressions that INTPs tend to give."

A slow dance in a room with no radio, that is so total me. But most of the world would miss the subtle focus and beauty. It is a hugely expressive, personal and deep act.

Gotta catch curry, I'll expand and explain that last comment later.

Friday Night, Playing House

It's Friday night and I'm at home. I'm trying to get over my cold thing that I seemed to have picked up after swimming lessons. Hope I'm good by Sunday for my rogaine.

I'm playing house music on my new amp. It's good. I'm also playing house in that I'm doing housework and making chicken and pumpkin soup. My recipe is pretty simple.

Lazy Ass Chicken Soup
- dice 3/4 of a small pumpkin
- boil in a large soup pot for 25 mins
- blend with a metal headed stick blender
- add a few dollars worth of chicken backs
- add random old vegetables from the fridge
- add 2 boxes of campbells liquid stock
- simer for about an hour
- season to taste

Makes fantastic soup. And I got to play with my German kitchen knife :)

Guests welcome.

Cold Bed

It's feeling like winter and I could do with someone to help me warm the bed up. I'm sure my fellow bloglings feel the same way. Heard a new term the other day, SINKY, Single Income No Kids. Like DINKY but for single people.


ms_little_accountant came today and started sorting out my end of financial year tax, which involves lots of filing and stuff. She left me legible notes on neat piles of folders. Then she took away her employee tax form to fill out, having read the employer guide on how to employ herself. She seems enthusiastic about doing the work to employ herself. Bless.

Such recursive closed-feedback-loop systems give accountants a special place in computer programers hearts. It is a two step induction proof. That and the trait of accountants having perenially neat hair.

Event Stuff

I've got lots of upcomming stuff this year. So much so that I thought I should write it down somewhere sometime, so here I go.

Cannonball Run Sunday 9th July
A rogaine in the Akatawaras this weekend. I'm doing the 3 hour option, party because it is a Sunday and party because I don't want to see what happens to the makeup on ms_rose after 6 hours.

Windy Lindy Saturday 29th July
The big Wellington swing dancing shindig for the year. Has a free Charleston Partner dance lesson, a live band, competitions and I get to walk home. There are special lessons during the day before the night, so I'll go along and pick up the slow music fancy moves class.

Taupo Half Marathon 6th August
This is NZ biggest half marathon, apparently. I'll be staying with mr_mountain_barista. I'm sure we'll have a blast. With luck I might be able to bribe him into letting me play with THE MACHINE and it's wonderous barrs. It's been on my mind for a while. I will attempt to collect a goody back from Ripe that we can play with.

Scorching Bay Triathlons December 2006
At mr_houserenovator1's behest, mr_west_end and myself have started triathlon training. Had to skip the swimming tonight, my cold is too bad. The event times aren't posted yet, but I'll most likely do the first one in December. Not sure which distance I will do, I need to see how my ocean swimming goes. I'll have to seek out mr_padler later in the year to complement my lessons from ms_fisy.

Milford Track December End of December 2006
ms_mr_noob organised a Milford Track trip to the other island. We got book with a few hours to spare which was neat. 5 of ms_mr_noob's friends are comming and I am the sole mr_noob friend. Will be a group of 8 with 1 couple, 3 male singles and 3 female singles. We have a backpackers booked after the track that has a spa. I heart ms_mr_noob.

As you can see I am internet-ist I only do things that have URLs. Go figure?

2 Strategic Goals Today

I managed to get two important commitments today from people. These are towards two of my goals for the year.

Number one is confirmation from got ms_littleaccountant that she would help me with my books. She has some time this week to do my end of tax year return. This is a reasonably big job. She will be the first employee of my business, even if this is part time. It is the begining of the process of my business becoming more than just me.

Second goal achieved is that a guy got hold of me, saw my place and agreed to be my flatmate. He seemed good, doesn't like television and he passed the cat test. As soon as he sat down the cat came over and purched on his knee. Good omen. I'll have to live with him for a while before I can come with an appropriate name.

Weekend Wrappup (updated)

Its late, I'm in bed but not yet asleep. Had to do some billing.

Friday; work for client 1, work for client2, try on suit, take back cowboy hat, meet mr_storysmith and guest for superb live jazz at Krazy, walk about erie foggie city yarning, drive home.

Saturday I got out of bed about 3pm. No-one rang me to answer my flatmate wanted add. Pants. Then I did some vender originated changes to a friends business VOIP PABX over the internet, and tested it from my cordless landline. I had the electric blanket on.

Then I answered a linux tech-support call from a recent convert. He keeps thinking that his linux box has all sorts of windows centric restrictions, but it doesn't. He is also overwhelmed by the amount of software available to him.

Then I answered a tech support call from ms_bigsister who wanted to know about ipods. Short answer too pricy for a birthday gift.

Then I called the a friend about holiday plans. I'm tramping betweem Christmas and newyear in Milford sound, and Saturday was the first day that bookings were available. My group is 8 big. Buses, boats and hutts booked. Group may comprise 3 single women, 3 single men, 1 couple. Should be a hoot.

The I called ms_rose who wants to do a rogain next weekend. She grumpled when I told her it required us to train this weekend. Then I went for a casual 50 minute round down the beach, it was cold but still with a pretty sunset. Ran into someone I housesitted for and her dog. She was using a tennis racket to pelt tennis balls up the beach. The dog gave chase. It had a bit of whippet (sp?) in it. The pelting made a cool noise.

Then I cooked some dinner for mr_westend. He came over, we ate, then we picked out some ties. mr_westend got choose a pink tie. I choose a stylish 3 colour stripy silk number. mr_storysmith got a very New Zealand green tie. His guest got a bright orange number.

strongers party was cool. I got through my 250 mls of cacacha, which is a funky south american kind of rum that looks like vodka and smells a little like tequela.

Got up late Sunday and met ms_rose to walk up and run down mt_vic. I gave ms_rose a little intro to free jogging. We made weeee noises and put our arms in the aeroplane position as we ran downhill. This was preparation for a 3 hour rogain next weekend.

Then I met mr_westend at the pool to get a swimming lesson from ms_fishy. ms_fishy is very graceful in the water. She made us do body rockets. Neither mr_westend nor myself were brave enough to attempt to race ms_fishy in the water, but I have no dought my ego will tempt that future hubris at a latter date.

That night I watched a movies about life and death. Can't remember the name but it was very good, deep, philosophical and intense.