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Night Before Milford Track

I'm all packed up and ready to go on the Milford Track. I leave tomorrow morning and spend much of tomorrow travelling to Te Anau. On Thursday morning I start the track proper.

I've got a taxi coming at 5:45am which isn't really a number that exists in my mental framing. I have my electronic devices suckling gently on some power overnight so they will last a few days.

There is a good HTML description of the track here, and a PDF description here.

I've got to be prepared for weather between 1 degree and 30 degress. I'll climb to a height of just over a kilometre. It could well be a very cold sleep that evening.

The longest day will be about a 7 hour tramp, which is not dissimilar to a rogain I did earlier in the year. I climb about 600 metres in a day, which is more than I am used to with a pack on. I hope not to be the slowest in the group but am uncertain of how others have prepared. I've done good chunks of sport this year and hope my general fitness level will get me through.

The Milford Track is know as one of the great walks of the world. I'm going with a party of eight at one of the best times of the year. I have a great Macpac pack (thanks mr_houserenovator1), a bunch of icebreaker thermals, my indestructible snowboarding shell jacket and worn in boots. Plus I've been gorging myself for a couple of days. Should be pearla, bro.

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mr_godson got some mr men books for Christmas. For my record he got:

  • mr silly
  • mr funny
  • mr messy
  • mr bounce
  • little miss neat
  • mr bump
  • mr grumpy

AutoCue Research Notes

Looks like vloggers the world over understand the desire for a good autocue system.

Simple setup for webcams here

Link to a javascript teleprompter here

which can be altered by
"Next, I needed to invert the text. The solution was to use IE-specific style directive: style=”filter:FlipY();”. This was quickly applied to the “div” used by the teleprompter javascript sample file and voila, the software pieces were all in place."

Conslutting Done for 2k6

I'm have finished conslutting for 2k6.

The consultting is over. Period. Oooooohhhhhhhverrrrrr.
Donnnnne. OHG, it wos, like, totally ahhsum. Duuuude. Sweeta.

Big shouts out to my local global regional banking conglomerate, in da houuuuuse! Peace out.

It is nice to be finished work for the year. Watched some Bond this afternoon, Die Another Day, in the boardroom which had been converted into a theatre. Go the afternoon projector bookings by the most senior manager on the floor. I bought speakers, they matched the powermac and the projector, much style. S'cool.

Picnic Day

The happy couple.

The laughing couple.

Red blue gives you wings!

Awesome hat.

Picnic in the sun.

36 Bottles of Wine

Vicars and tarts and 36 bottles of wine. Awesome tights.

Nice collar. The owner is at least 20% faster up hills.

Matching bra and top.

End of the night.


Work Christmas Party

After a long week, some of the guests at the Christmas party are a little bit blurry.

dsaf fdsaf

Early evening.

This car is priced like a telephone number. Any guesses on make/ model?

Thanksgiving Photos

A little late, but I have a few thanksgiving photos.


The pilgims and the indians seem to get along ok.

An indian hides-in-plain-site.