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Blogling Answers part 1

strong light asks:

"Have you ever been a complete wanker to a female? (Actually, even just a bit of a wanker?)"

d3vo answers:

In general I am reasonably nice. I find it difficult to be rude to people deliberately, it is not really in my character to cause unnecessary conflict. If you try to force me into conflict I will get very orthogonal in my approaches so that conflict can be avoided. If that doesn't work and there really is conflict then I act in a way that I believe is sensible, just, reasonable but decisive.

The decisive part of d3vo in conflict mode is viewed as being extremely severe. Other people find it hurtful, blunt and an unexpected broadside. I don't get this way very often but situations and feelings will turn sharply when I do. I have never acted this way and felt bad about it afterward.

Being rude however isn't something I can really do voluntarily. However I can do oblivious very well and I think the last time this happened was at Thursday night curry.

I was second at Thursday night curry, a women who I had not met before was first. I introduced myself and she said that she had been to curry but not for a while.

The way things work at curry is that you order what you want to eat and drink and we split the bill with the other 5 to 40 people attending. It is a bit random but ususal works out close to $30. It is full of IT people, of which there is a persistent global shortage, and no-one counts the pennies.

There was wine on the table. The waiter approached and said would you like a drink. I ummmed and then said I'll have of the wine on the table. The women looked at me curiously then said "will you?". I said "sure" and poured myself a glass.

I'm not sure about what happened in the next hour, but about an hour later this women explodes at me about drinking from her wine bottle without asking. I proffer that the way curry works is that we split the bill and that I had assumed that the wine on the table was on the bill as she had not informed me otherwise. I ask if I can by her another bottle, she declines.

She was really angry at this point and her cheeks has acquired a rosy glow. I had obviously ruined her evening. She glared at me for the rest of the evening. Clearly she thought I was an arrogant wanker, it was awkward.

My Dear Bloglings

My dear bloglings,

I hooked up a web counter to count your number the other week. I'm using the free bits of ewebcounter. It can't count how many of you there are, only roughly how many first time visitors there are. This includes double coutings of many kinds.

For your edification it says there are about 40 unique visitors, which makes for about 20 real people.

So thanks for reading and I'll try to make an effort to post more photos.

As a service to you I'll make this limited offer, pose me a question in the comments and I'll do my best to answer it.

No holds barred you may quiz me about

  • my love life
  • my extensive professional knowledge of the internet, banking and computers
  • prognostications on the future
  • guy thoughts and translations about fictional situations
  • tools for happiness
big hugs,


Mt Lowry Challenge 2007

I did the Mt Lowry Challenge this morning. I ran a reasonable time of 1:40 ish given that I haven't done much running lately. What was more fun was running with my heart rate monitor.

I read in the 170s on the flat, and then remained in the 180s and 190s for the rest of the race which was about an hour and 20. I'm off to google about heart rates.

Art Deco Weekend 2007

I've been in Napier this weekend having left work early on Friday to drive up there.

Art Deco Weekend was fabulous. Lots of cool experiences jammed into one weekend. Super fun dancing with very large crowds of mooks watching, cravat buying, eating, classic cars, eating drinking and good conversation while traveling in my car. Supa dupa.

Much get round to reading this thing and this thing for work.


International Singles Awareness Day is almost on me again. Let me recount the year:

incompatible women: 1
women who did not get me at all but that I liked a lot: 1
non-single women who I clicked with right away: 1
hot single women who don't live in my city: 2
women who came out of the woodwork after my last serious relationship: 0
prospects: 0

FUCK IT, I'm going for a run in the dark then sulking for the rest of the week.

Goody Goody

My favourite computer game ever is a fast past large action real time strategy game called total annihilation, see here for the wikipedia entry.

The guys who write that game have been writing the follow up, which is basically a more large scale version of the original, taking advantage of all the computer progress between now and then.

The thing is they have been writing the second game since 1997.

It is released later this month and I have just the downloaded the demo to play. About 3/4 of the gamers I know have pre-ordered it. That is a lot of gamers. It will probably be one of the most enjoyable games I'll play in the next 5 years.

Goody goody.


One day when I have some time I'll get around to watching these videos on quantum physics.

First Date Offer of the Year part 4

Scheduling has fallen through, she retracted a previously communicated open time block. This could delay a meeting by 10 days or more.

It is still possibly some scheduling luck will come my way next weekend, but I seem to be in a little communication bubble on many fronts this last couple days.

First Date Offer of the Year part 3

A day has been confirmed as has an activity, but not yet the exact time. A range of mutually achievable times has been mutually communicated and mutual temporal locations to that time block have been exchanged. An exact time and location should be forthcoming.

Organising a meeting or date is a way to see if people are good at communicating and organising and lets you gauge whether people want to make commitments to doing things.

More importantly from my perspective it lets me understand whether the person has the minimum level of skills to integrate with my social and work calendar. People who like to text me on the day to do something in the evening will most likely find that I am busy. I can be busy every day up to three weeks in advance, so you need to act like you really want to see me because there isn't a lot of room for serendipity in my life right now.

Next weekend I may have round the bays, or I may have dancing in Napier, or I might have building to do and I definitely have a two-for fiesta party to go to. Decisions in limbo until certain critical bits of information are garnered, in this case whether the dancing people have room for me in their accommodation. If dancing comes up I really am obliged to go and do that, it's only once a year.

I hope my next girlfriend is proactive and organised about her time otherwise things will get sticky fast.


Towards the end of the Coastal Track in the Able Tasman National Park. Many beaches, many colours of sand, many hot summer days tramping.

Able Tasman Day -2

My Able Tasman itinerary is as follows.

Friday 2nd Feb:
5:30 check in for Ferry
Staying at Bayview backpackers in Picton

Saturday 3rd Feb:
Drive to Marahau (about 1.5 hours travel)
Walk to bark bay hut (7-8 hours walking)
and yes this is going to be quite a long day!

Sunday 4th Feb
walk to awaroa hut (3 hours walking)
easy day 1 - 1 tidal crossing

Monday 5th Feb
walk to Whariwharangi hut (4.5 hours walking)
easy day 2 - 1 tidal crossing

Tuesday 6th Feb
walk out to wainui bay (1.5 hours walking)
11am pickup from car park back to marahau
Drive back to Picton (1.5 hours drive)
5:15 check in for Ferry
9:00 arrival in Wellington

Am packing my gear up this evening so that I can lug my pack to work tomorrow, I'll look well dodgy on the bus.