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Japanese Japanese Dinner


Instead of playing, the netball we went out to eat between seasons, plus Japanese guest.

After some sake I was not as quick with my shots as some where with there glasses.

Sleepy Baby

At a wedding party dinner for ms_organisatrix, one of the bridesmaids is pictured here with her cute sleeping baby.

Gut Buster


A while back I did the gut buster. Here are some photos from that hot morning

Note that ms_cycling godess has here right arm in a cast up to her armpit, but that they still saw fit to give her a frisby!



Leaving drinks!!

Friday Night at The Lanes


Beginners Swing Starts Tomorrow


Many of you have expressed interest in learing swing dancing. Beginners swing starts tomorrow, come along and learn how to dance! I'll be going to the beginners classes as your friend and as an extra lead.

Block of 6 lessons starting tomorrow:
Wednesday 21st March
22 Webb St, Wellington (above the Locksmith shop)
$12 per lesson or $60 for 6

click here for more details

Lost Season 3

I'm up to watching season 3 of lost. I've enjoyed season 1 and 2 a lot. It deals with identity, loss, rebuilding and adverse circumstances.

In particular it deals with information, misinformation, trust and control. What is unfortunate is that the critical thinking skills required to decipher Lost I feel that I have learned from attempting to decipher the media.

Photos from Xmas Curry

Catching up on old photos here. Christmas curry was very big, Dawaat was filled end to end. The evening was a blast, but I managed to miss all the smiles in my photos.

Swing Private Lesson Notes


Had a crazy day, got up showered and drove to accountant. Dropped off end of year stuff. Drove to bus stop and bussed to work. Juggled many problems at work. Met ms_swivel and taxied to private dancing lesson. Had great but draining lesson. Went back to work. Worked on crazy nonsensical scripts with mr_vegitarian_programmer. Now blogging! Grab dinner. Back to special class lessons tonight.

Notes from private swing dancing less with ms_swivel and Mattias and Hana.

Routine they taught.
- lindy from closed, lead with hand high up the follows back to maximise arm contact
- new move, stationary left and right feet taps for 8
- swing out from closed
- swing out
- tommy swing out change hands
- tommy swing out with extra turn on the end
- new move, rock step from open handshake turn and release follow anticlockwise. Catch follow by back (but not around side of back) to collect and close.

Corrections to my swingout technique:
- extend forward through rotated shoulders but keep hips facing forward
- lead strongly forward on 3 and 4
- step backwards on five, don't turn till next beat
- don't push follow through with left hand once started in that direction no leading required
- let go of follow on five so the follow does turn prematurely
- make sure I am tripple stepping backward so that I don't crab across the floor unvoluntarily
- when tommy turning do a wide arm sweep and catch not a narrow one.

Style strategy
- mix intensity of moves and lead in cresendos followed by gentle moves to create dynamicism
- 'boring swingouts' interspersed with flashier moves

End of Tax Year

Just completed a bunch of pre-end-of-year-tax-preparation work so that I can drop it in to him tomorrow morning. Whew. It is kind of a relief. I got a book keeper so will be easier for the end of the next financial year.

More excitingly I got a last minute private swing dancing lesson with some overseas teachers tomorrow. Got hold of an swing dancing follow I haven't seen in ages, we are going to take the lesson together, should be awesome.

An Evening Out

Photos from a crazy night out with mr_wanisan.

Art Deco Weekend Photos

More old photos, these from Art Deco Weekend in Napier, a fab fab weekend.


In the foreground a trio of excellent swing dancers, two of them dressed in red for the day.


mr_dad and his friend mr_autoshop looking at mr_autoshop's newly assembled classic car from 1930.


mr_dad and his girlfriend.

A view inside. I'm not as good at selfies as hottie perm.


A really cool classic car, mmm red, mmm shiny.


mr_n00b likes ribs, it was his birthday after all.

Coffee Stain Monster

Behold, the coffee stain monster has come forth!



Dear bloglings, am wrangling with the difficult question from mr_wanisan, good answer to follow.


Blogling Answers Part 4


wanisan asks

"How do you feel about selling out?"


d3vo answers

"Selling out" is a serious adult subject. Sellingout suggests that when, as an adult, you have taken a choice that is profitable either financially or otherwise and some other choice that had more moral value was discarded.

The difficult part of that definition, and it is context sensitive, is defining moral value. We can fall back here to seven deadly sins, which once were lust, gluttony, greed, sloth, wrath, envy and pride.

These used to be bad things, clear sins that reduced your moral integrity. This used to be cut and dried.

The problem I have with this topic is that lust, gluttony, greed and sloth are the basic drivers in my industry. I think they might even be the basic drivers that humanity will if we are to work towards nerdvana.

Take my work at the moment, it directly supports greed through sloth. The work I do saves time and effort and increases efficiency. Adopters of this technology are driven by sloth, sloth is the carrot.

Unfortunately this is the driver behind not only computers and the internet, but for the most part by technology in general.

Given that we live New Zealand is one of many industrial western countries that is entirely dependent on technology, the path to the right here and now is full of carrots of sloth.

This is a moral problem. When is efficiency and saving time morally good and when is it slothful?

If I build something that helps other people save time, is that morally good for me and morally bad for them? Can sloth be a driver for good if it causes people to build things that save time? Isn't saving time morally good?

These are questions of our time and having a good mental framing for this stuff an important issue for the globe, in my humble opinion.

In answer to the above, I can say that I'm doing my best to make moral choices.

Blogling Answers Part 3


not-kate asks many good and worthy questions.


d3vo answers:

"Ever dabbled in body shaving (anywhere other than your face)?"

Men shave a small part of their necks each day. It is actually the trickiest part of shaving. That bit right under the jaw line is quite technical across its whole width.

I did once, long ago, shave another part of me for an operation. It was in hospital and they supplied this dry powder to use to shave with instead of using shaving cream. Very tidy it was too, but the texture of the dry power was a little odd.

On request I may dabble in body shaving in the future.


"You do a lot of partner-dancing. I like the bit where the guy puts his hand on your back. How often is that sexual or does it get to be very transactional once you're a pro? Or does it fully depend on the person?"

I've been learning a swing dancing dance called Lindy Hop. The closest you get for the most part is side to side.

That is a lot closer than it sounds. Side to side means if you are the follow (typically a women)
then I'll have my left right hand all the way across your back. We'll also be my right shoulder to your left shoulder, my right hip to your left hip and my right thigh to your left thigh. Your left hand will be on my right shoulder blade and your entire forearm will be in contact with my right arm.

That is a pretty solid set of connections. It is close and firm, but more like hugging than anything sexual. There is quite a bit of hip grabbing and pushing, plenty of movement across a follows back and lots of eye contact, so perhaps it depends on your definition of sexual.

Occasionally if I've led really well I person I'm dancing with seems to feel something more than what I feel, but I'm not sure exactly what. They say thanks and there is some sort of emotional twinkle in their eye. Occasionally a hand squeeze even, some kind of emotion perhaps beyond the ken of men.

However there is this a form of Swing that is much closer than hugging would be. It's called Balboa and it is basically dancing full frontal to full frontal. I've only done one class of that. It is odd dancing that close to people I don't really know.

Some of the leading is done with the outside of my right thing which is between the follows thighs, almost as close as Salsa from what I understand. Makes the beat easy to loose!

In general it is much easier to dance with people you have danced with before. They eventually learn the quirks of my leading, which I'm still learning how to do well. I'm too respectful to lead really dirty, but I'm sure it would be easy to slip your hand towards where it isn't meant to be.

Transactional doesn't really describe what is going on very well because social dancing is about a conversation of mutual offer and acceptance for fun in sympathy to music.

If you want to learn swing dancing in Wellington I thoroughly recommend Full Swing.


"What do you do when you have trouble sleeping and what makes you have trouble sleeping?"

One coffee today and exercise today or yesterday = good sleeps
One coffee today and no exercise today or yesterday = hard to get to sleep
Two coffees today = no sleep to 4am
No coffee for two days = coffee headaches
my multi million dollar project failing = no sleep till 2am

So basically I get exercise pretty regularly and drink between 6 and 8 coffees a week.

To get to sleep I sometimes I try yoga breathing, most of the time in summer opening a window helps. Often it is because I need to get up and make an almost non-eventful visit to the bathroom. Sometimes doing yoga stretches in bed helps.


"I knew a guy who said that it's impossible for a guy to be good friends with a girl without there being some kind of sexual attraction (i.e. - he will at least occasionally imagine her naked). Is there truth in that?"

Hmm. Tricky to answer. I've got some good female friends that I feel absolutely no sexual attraction to. Some of them I see often partly because I think they might be sexually attracted to me. If they make effort to see me lots, there must be some driver right?

My women friends that I don't see very often are the ones where I'm pretty sure there is no attraction either way, just respect and friendship.

Probably your guy friend is overly focussed on sex. Maybe he is cursed/ blessed with a high testosterone level?

I guess I'm saying that guys have two ladders as well, but that the guys friends ladder for women is actually pretty short. See the ladder theory discussion here, which is very very funny.

Blogling Answers part 2

I my original request for questions I said

"pose me a question in the comments and I'll do my best to answer it."

In an act of kindness ;) I choose to answer these two questions from hottie perm.

hottie perm asks:

"did i misread your blog entry? were you really suggesting we could ask stuff. that is just plain nuts!"

d3vo answers:

I figure that if I answers questions that are hard to answer in this semi-anonymous forum then it make me better at answering less hard questions in real life. Related is life in the real world, being honest about things helps me avoid hanging out in an illusory world.

What good are untold answers anyway?


"do boys even really have secret crushes, is it more about prospects for boys?"


Yes. Most definitely boys have an equivalent of "secret crushes". I refer you to a diagram of my perceived scale of "terms" that men and women might use. Your mileage may vary.

Notice how I put a guy saying I have a thing for her above a chick saying he is my soul mate? I did this because I think guys say this less often.