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1:52:31, provisionally

My half marathon race went pretty well. Provisionally I ran a 1:52:31, slower than I hoped but my second best half marathon time. I had good even split times, was happy with the way I managed traffic, and had good energy through the whole race.

I ran the whole time, today I have 'the-hobble'. Things happens with your body towards the end of the race when you get tired.

I can't tell you much about the end of the race, really just a about this guy that had been running near me the last quarter. He was thin but with wide shoulders and an efficient running style.

I started using my lungs heavily out of habit up the the last double back corner to the stadium concourse, passing a couple of people. I recall seeing the guy with the finish line in the distance, just a single frame somewhere in the last 500 metres.

I think his shirt was grey, but I can't quite remember.

1.49.00 on my mind



This is the goal time for my half marathon on Sunday morning. Am not quite sure what will happen, my time is probably weather dependent. Given that it is just after the shortest day of the year the weather really could be anything over the 2 hours that it matters to me.

Unusually my weight is also a consideration. I was 62kg when I did 1.52.47 two years ago. Last year at 65kg I did 1.50.47. Is heavier faster for me? Would that make any kind of sense? This year I'm 70kg, positively beefcake ;)

I figure my cardiovascular system must be bigger to lug more weight around. Most people shrink when they run, but then most people don't run any hills.

LA Teens

Check out this great great video about LA teens and money.

Charity Wings

ms_little_sister organised a charity fashion auction, I bought ms_who some wings for a good donation.

Rip em a new one

Just finished ripping all of my cds that I can find. Need to go hunting for more. Just under 9 days of music.

My Rumpus djing playlisting has begun. mr_storysmith will need to find a dj handle. I'm thinking of calling myself dj d3, :P.

Allblacks vs France in NZ


I went to see the All Blacks play France (nominally France C) on Saturday.

Cute baby dressed in black, of course.

The cake tin filling up pre-game. It got completely full, as you would expect.

In the second half, the abs take their lineout.

Dijkstra on Programing

Quoth Edward W. Dijkstra:

“If in physics there's something you don't understand, you can always hide behind the uncharted depths of nature. You can always blame God. You didn't make it so complex yourself. But if your program doesn't work, there is no one to hide behind. You cannot hide behind an obstinate nature. If it doesn't work, you've messed up.”

Saturday Jogging

Went jogging on Saturday with ms_mischief. 120 minutes in Belmont regional park, the easy loop track from Manguraki via the trig. Heart rate between about 120 and 196 bpm.

The perpetually cloudy view from the top.

Towards Wellington, I assure you.

We take a short stop.

A neat log bridge thing somebody cut into the track.


I often make paper cranes out of my bus tickets and leave them on the window sill on the bus. However these two artfully placed specimens were not crafted by my hands. I think it is now a meme.