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Date Planning, update 1

Earlier I outlined my plan to date in summer. Here is my list from earlier with exhausted options stuck off:

- girl I am a little scared to date
- hot chick who was engaged that I met at mr_planes 30th that might be single now

- promised fixup from the Business Analysts at work.
- hot Maitre de from the new restaurant in Petone that is open late

A dwindling list, I need to get more inventive!



Just watched heroes episode 7 of season 2. Nice twist!

Good Training

I did some serious training today for the Mt Lowry Challenge later in the year, by running it at training pace.

I did a good 2:10 run with ms_mx. We did the loop track the same way you race it, and added a little bit on the top in order to make up our training time to 2:10. ms_mx is a machine when it comes to long duration.

Forgot to take my offroad shoes so I ran it in my current road shoes, Mizuno wave creation 8 infinities. They are great road shoes but were rubbish offroad today. They didn't cope nearly as well as my previous shoes which where adidas supernova controls of various models.

I found the forefoot cushioning to be insufficient for steep downhill running, the pads of my feet are a bit sore. The midsole and heal deformed alarmingly under the free running downhill sections. I'm a pretty straight runner and these might have been quite dangerous for some techniques.

I might point out that this course and my running technique are a deathly combination for most shoes. I usual dispose of my current pair after raceday, they go all floppy!

Discovering what works and what doesn't is what training runs are for so no complaints here.
Am feeling woozy in my chair! Wooze!

Bed Trays

I have new bed trays. I got two in the hope that I will need two sometime in the future.

Exposed Mounds Part 1

I have created two exposed mounds on my lawn.

This mound has what were the biggest seedlings moved from the second mound. The seedlings don't seem to have appreciated the moving any.

This is the second mound. Notice how the third and later leaves have a different form than the first. [click the pictures to enlarge]

Any guesses on what these plants are?

Happy Olive Tree

My Olive tree is happy, it is shining :)

Ambulance Lindy


Dancing for charity calendars.

Another Stag

Went on a stag do last night, it was drunken.

It started with a barbecue at which two and a half bottles of whiskey and a bottle of tequila were imbibed, all washed down with a good helping of beer. We headed into town in an illegal taxis, which was raucous!!

Various bars didn't want to let us in, and another place asked us to leave. I didn't see any of the stag party get into a fight however so thats all good as far as I'm concerned :)

Date Plannning

It is summer and I should be dating. Options
- girl I am a little scared to date
- hot chick who was engaged that I met at mr_planes 30th that might be single now
- promised fixup from the Business Analysts at work.
- hot Maitre de from the new restaurant in Petone that is open late

hot chick who was engaged is expecting, and still not single.


I bought some dreamhost web hosting today. I'm using it as cheap offsite backup via ssh and rsync. 500 gigs of space with 5TB per month of traffic from NZ$100 per year. God knows where it is hosted but it claims to be carbon neutral.

This is basically fuck-off-cheap-hosting from 'Nam.

Perfect for you Wordpress bloggers, jabberers, mysql junkies and php monkies.

I also blagged the name keep-time.com for an upcoming project.

Where Not To Meet Single Women part1

Here is a quick brain dump of where not to meet single women who live in your city.

If you are in your 30s and go to a wedding where one of the people getting married is in their thirties then there will be no single women at the wedding who live in your city. You will meet a couple of guys who seem like a catch however. Man drought my ass.

You might meet a bunch of great galls, but don't get excited, they are back from overseas briefly or live in another city.

Social Dancing
Social dancing and dance lessons are about dancing, not meeting people. No action here, move along. Social dancing people don't bring their friends along because their friends are very scared of the dancing. Chickens.

If you host a kick-ass barbecue and your are a single guy, no women whom you do not know well will turn up. Only men seem comfortable going to a barbecue where they do not know the host very well.

The Gym
There are lots of hot ladies at the gym. Tons of them are probably single, but you will never know because you only run into people you know at the gym, you don't actually meet anybody there. Whole classes full of people where the only person anybody knows is the instructor who introduces themselves via loudspeaker at the beginning of the class.

The consolation prize is that you might have months of good-cute-girly-bottom-lycra-karma.


Banks & Trading

This very long but great article on world banking says a lot to me about or immediate banking situation. Click here to read click this excellent article.

In short, risk of lending to people who can't afford it has been hidden and obfuscated. This practice exposes humanity to risk of a global depression as oil prices rise.

Savonius Wind Turbines

There is a simple wind turbine design I have found. In order to explain my next sentence, you might need a word definition from computer science (from wiktionary.org):

game: verb (transitive) To use a system or bureaucracy in a way which defeats or nullifies the rules in effect, usually to obtain a result which otherwise would be unobtainable.

I will game this problem by finding a very simple wind turbine pattern in order to trade of construction complexity versus the power I require. I intend to use an item produced in almost inexhaustible supply by capitalism; coke bottles!

Good linky:
a great simple design and construction from some aussie guy
really detailed make everything from scratch instructions
wikipedia definitions

Low Power Lustings

One of my things to do this year is seriously look at making an alternatively powered web server/ internet firewall/ storage box.

I went to see an electrical engineering friend and he crunched some math. If the thing is to be solar powered then I need a really really low power all in one motherboard/ cpu combo. I want x86 compatability. A search for this stuff leads me to this wonderous board 3.3W max motherboard:

sbc1685 by micro/sys

3W is one thirty third of the power to power the light in my bedroom. Even then the setup cost alone for a Solar power rig and some batteries and power converter gizmos is about $1000. The beautify motherboard above might be close to $800 landed from the US, I'm not really sure.

The other easy route is to find some wind power gizmo, but mostly they are too big and expensive. If I can generate more power using wind then I might be able to affort a motherboard like this one:

Win Enterprises MB-07303

It chews 11W max it can take a goodly pile of ram and has dual network ports, a much more equivalent machine than what I have running right now.

11W is tricky but! I need to get a small truck alternator and make and try to make an omnidirectional windmill, hello half-dutch automotive engineering father!

Scooter Lust

Tonight at 10pm I went scooting with mr_flash. We scooted to Gusto in Jackson st. It was open! We didn't want anything but in retrospect we could have got chai lattes.

Now I am lusting after a new kick scooter and replacement part for my current one. That way I have a spare for guests :)

My current one has a 125mm front wheel and a 100mm back wheel. I can get a 130mm front wheel on if I can find one, and I can get a 120mm wheel on the back. I will order a 120mm wheel sometime this week.

big wheel scooter at manly blades

big wheel scooter from an nz micro site

big wheel scooter from bladeschool

big wheel scooter from uk site

Apparently it is legal to ride your scooter or skateboard on the road. Click here for the rules about scooter and skateboards in NZ from the LTSA. In addition it is legal to ride your scooter on the footpath.

I have this malicious daydream where I am riding my scooter on the footpath and somebody tells me I'm not allowed. In my daydream I proclaim that I'm a local Petone tax payer and that they can rack off :)

Work People Coffee


Late December 07 a bunch of former and current people met for coffee at smith the grocer which is an atrium.

New Years Eve 2007

Twas a great sunny end to the year, I was very glad to record it on video.

Sorry for the youtubing, I had size issues with blogger.