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Mt Lowry Challenge 2008

I ran the Mt Lowry Challenge 2008 for the fourth year this morning. It was a hot day but we got through the event before the rain came.

I'm a bit woozy this evening. The course was very hot and I'm suffering a headache because of it.

I started out with ms_katz, we took it slowly at first on the flat. ms_katz was nursing an Achilles problem and I always take a while to warm up. About half way along the flat we pick up the pace a little and started passing a few people.

Up the first big ascent I ran a little fast and got very hot. My legs felt a bit heavy, but I didn't seem to have any complaining muscles. I ran a little slowly to try and cool down. I started to feel better around the park bench.

The ridge section from there to the last descent went really well. I got over being very hot, and was just hot again. I relaxed and my breathing slowed noticeable. I passed a lot of people in this section. I seemed to be running with good efficiency. I got those feelings of euphoria you get trail running when everything is working really well.

The last downhill section was perhaps the most treatous I've seen it. It was powder dry soil under very grippy tree roots. I concentrated a lot on trying to run very straight. My shoes didn't feel very good in the last flat out downhill section, they were not very good at dealing with impact.

I got my second best time I think, about a 1:39 or so, results we be webified in a week or so.

ms_cycling_goddess ran a great time despite her many strapped limbs and some hay fever to boot. Afterwards when I was ready to go home and sleep she was dancing round to the radio!

ms_mx smashed her personal best for the course by 20 minutes. That is really an enormous accomplishment. To push your heart to its maximum capacity one year and then to find some more capacity of this magnitude is very very difficult.

ms_katz ran a great time too for her first try at this course. We ran together much of the track. She took a little encouragement to run down the steep technical bits. She is very strong and compact however and the encouragement was only required to push her mental capacities.

A great event again. I figured out how to eat the jet-plane lollies too, use tiny tiny bites to eat them one piece at a time.
Afterwards we went to ms_mx place where her boyf cooked us mega-breakfast*:

* the act of cooking a megabreakfast itself requires a megabreakfast.

Art Deco Weekend 2008


Art Deco weekend was really really fabulous, again! Good weather, lots of hanging with the Wellington, Auckland and Christchurch swing dancers, and of course some awesome dancing. In the picture above I'm dancing with one of my first swing dancing teachers, who is an absolute delightful to dance with.

Charleston on Emmerson:

Swinging the Soundshell:

mr_oregon and ms_oregon have a bunch of great photos in their blog entries
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Subprime Primer

This is an excellent subprime primer in mostly cartoon form, takes about 4 fun filled minutes!

Subprime Primer

Sums up our current global credit crunch in all its retarded glory.

Dead 'puta

My trusty old internet firewall/ server died this week after the heavy rain. Some leaked through my garage roof, into my garage then into my old computers power supply. The computers soul was released in a puff of magic smoke and blue spark. Indeed it died in sympathy with its killer.

May your old computer soul go to the heavens and find the rest you so richly deserve after serving so many gigs of internet traffic well past your duty cycle*. Farewell old friend.

Got a different, more power efficient one jury rigged in my lounge, I'll move it to its proper home next week.

* Seriously, this thing must have served like 500 gigs of traffic, 'twas up nearly continuously for about 5 years, at it was about 5 years old at that point!

Southern Hemisphere Summer 2007-2008 Stags Attended

Summer 2007-2008 southern hemisphere constists of 6 weddings and 5 stags.

A stag do tends to be quite long. In this season my stag dos where all at least ten hours in duration. Kiwi guys don't mind drinking for a long long time.

Many stags got dressed by their groomsmen, but not all. The Maria Sharapova wig looked like the least comfortable. The hats were cowboy hats, of course.

Despite their long duration, most of the stag dos got home before sunrise.

My shortest stag do was the one that I got drunkest at, and the one that got home after the sun had fully risen.

Exposed Mounds Part 3

Some more thinning is imminent, need to get down to a single strong plant per mound.

Good Mental Framing

My old letterbox started falling apart, so I got a new one.

I took the opportunity to make some additional good mental framing.

The names d3vo, mr_d3vo.

Exposed Mounds Part 2

Here are the pumpkin plants, after some thinning. These photos a little old.


I had a busy week training for various upcoming dancing and running events. In order I did:
- 2:10 of steady mountain running above Eastbourne, only 6 minutes was walked
- a pump class
- 2:30 of swing dancing
- a pump class
- an hour of beach and flat running

This is playing what I hope is temporary havoc with my sleep patterns and emotional mojo.

I slept four hours asleep yesterday afternoon, then went to bed at a normal time. Should all be back to normal soon I hope!

Dun dun DAA!


Its has been a challenging week on many fronts, what can I say. I now have something to put on at work if my eyes get tired in the afternoon.

For the technically inclined, and perhaps for my future overseas reference:

Right Left
Sphere +0.50 +0.50
Cylinder - -0.25
Axis - 180
Add +0.25 +0.25