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The wizard, the Fortunemaker

The doorbell jangled as the wizard stepped into the fortunmakers office. "Good day Fortunemaker Seth" said the wizard.

"About time, you've been procrastinating, wizard.", replied the fortunemaker sharply.

The fortunemaker didn't take appointments, or you could equivalently say that all his appointments had already been made.

"So what do you have for me", said wizard.

"Let us start with cost, hmm?", enquired the fortunemaker, sneering.

The wizard sighed, "What'll it cost me this time?".

"Three years, this time, you are not as vigorous as you once were, you years aren't worth as much, they'll be worth less again when you are done with them this time too."

"Three years!", the wizard pursed his lips, "Very well, lay it out for me."

"Ohh, kay", said the fortunemaker in an odd measured way. "You can keep your current wizardship and keep on as you are, but that won't help you sleep at night any. It'll be cushy though, and you get paid real good. But you 'aint here to hear that."

The wizard shuffled, the fortunemaker continued.

"Option two is to give up your wizardship and find another kingdom. It gets tricky here. Your new kingdom won't be as nice, that's just the way your fate is rolled I'm afraid. There is a chance here you'll get broken, but you'll sleep at night really well." The fortunemaker smiled a crooked little smile.

"You got any more?", says the wizard.

The fortunemaker consults his notes. "One more, the best, your strongest fate. You raise an army of Wizards, build a portal and cross to the realm of the Empaths."

"The Empaths?", says the wizard sceptically.

"You find the Twisted Order and partition them for schooling. We both know why the don't normally take Wizard, but your fate says they are due you out of pity."

"I'm born a Wizard, I'll go insane trying to learn the ways of the Twisted Order, it is plain as day!", exclaims the wizard.

"Yeah, you're probably right. Fate says there is a slim change you'll make it, your one slim chance to be complete."

The Fortunemaker continues, businesslike. "I'll see you next week when you've exercised your illusions of free will, when you think you've made up your mind. But I've got it here already". The fortunemaker spreads his hands over his notes slowly.

The wizard stands up angrily, kicks back his chair, turns for the door. "Your a real bastard, you know that" he says over his shoulder.

"A born agitant" says the fortunemaker over the sound of the doorbell jangling, smiling.

Thursday Frivolities

(some pictures to follow in an update)

Thanks all, had a big fun birthday yesterday.

I got to work extra early. I colleague took me for a brief hot chocolate at 9:00. Then about 11 I bought my wider team morning tea, which consisted of two little trays of goodies, one hot and greasy, one cold and sugary, from the Grand Arcade, a delightful greasy spoon sandwich shop.

At midday 5 colleagues and myself went mountain biking. We went through the inner city, up Aro St, up to Brooklyn then up the road to the Windmill. Was a sunny day, warm, little breeze and stunning Wellington views.

Unfortunately for our temporary new colleague this upward leg constituted quite a lot of up. He made it, but his recent English lifestyle didn't leave his body in a well prepared state for such cardiovascular exertions. As he ground his way up the hill panting mildly we flanked him offering encouragement and carrying on casual conversation.

All this was a welcome relief from the norm, I'm usually the slowest cyclist by about %15.

I was a bit shaky downhill for no particular reason, but my only penalty was to received a mild scratch.

I scarpered from work early to get to a brief social swing session at Thistle Hall. Was good but not overly popular. As it was my birthday I was subjected to a birthday jam. This means I stand in the middle of the circle of dancers and the follows take turns stealing me for a song. Good fun. Some of the guys who can follow jumped in as follows so I got to lead them as well. I ended the song by dipping mr_oregon who hammed it up considerably.

I got the a bus home, stopping for ice on the way. Around 8pm some people started turning up for marshmellows, fire and wine. I got gifts of wine, tea towels, more wine, a home and garden magazine and yet more wine. Good stuff.

I played lots of mellow beats, which the crowd found a bit boring unfortunately.

I had good fun though and got to bed around 12:45, an epic but thoroughly enjoyable day :-)

Thursday 33rd

Hi All,

Its my birthday thursday, celebrations from 7:30 at my place: beats, bubbles, red and marshmellow toasting over an open fire. All welcome :-)



Found a couple of old trance gems from about around 15 years ago on an old trance compilation. They will be wheeled out come Thursday evening. One of them reminds me a lot of a trance version of a Suga Ros song.

New Years Resolutions 2008

I nabbed a 2008 New Years resolutions video at a barbecue in honour of several overseas guests, enjoy!*

* I note that in this video, as in the best moments of 2007 video, the participants are reluctant. But silly bloglings you make such good video!

Lounge Birthday Beats

Its my birthday on April Thursday the 24th which is the last working day of the week on account of ANZAC day falling on Friday this year.

You are most welcome to join me in a modest low key lounge celebration around my glowing fireplace.

Beats, reds, bubbles, marshmallow toasting and Dutch Coco from 7:30pm.

Home Sick

I'm home sick today with a sore throat. Feeling pretty woozy, expecting to bounce back pretty soon. Will watch Howls Moving Castle tonight.

Post 333, Daylight Savings Oddness

Had a fun last couple of days. Friday night was a leaving dance for a couple of teachers who run the swing dancing club, they are stepping down as the main organisers. We danced a bunch with a big turnout at the southern cross.

A small group of us trekked to Mercury lounge and danced a bunch to some upbeat minimal house. I got a late bus home.

Yesterday however things got a bit odd. I started out having some Tai food with my swing dancing partner from last year. We talked about the environment and peak oil.

We went to see a late sesson of The Eye. Looked like cheap easy horror. However I spent much of it with my hands over my ears, squirming frequently. The editing for horror effects in the movie was extreme and the loud parts where very loud! The plot involves dead people which always makes me feel uncomfortable.

We got about 40 minutes into it with difficulty then I requested that we leave so that I did not get nightmares. We skipped into watch the final dance off scene in some dance movie.

Lemon tea at Midnight Espresso then a tonic water at Havana. This feaky foreign guy came to sit at our table and acted crazy so we left. He made me feel uncomfortable and angry. He seemed to expect that we should recognise him. He looked like a sweedish guy Mattias that we met a year back.

Went to fetch my car and found that the parking building had closed. I've got it now though.

An odd night of occurencies but somehow that meets my expectations of a night out when the clocks change.

As numericy would have it, this is my post 333 :-)