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Cowboy Beebop

I've just finished Cowboy Beebop. It is 26 awesome episodes with a very adult story arc. It has given me a lot to ponder. Many episodes stirred me up emotionally, which is unusual for any entertainment in any medium. I hope you get around to enjoying it sometime too.

So long cowgirl...

Indianna Jones IV

A nice easy, turn your brain off watch. Well paced, pleasant, fun, plenty of mooks, psuedo moral and perfect for a Thursday evening.

One Man Star Wars Trilogy

Saw the one man star wars trilogy show tonight. It was very good. I recommend it if you are a fan, it is playing until Saturday.

[wikipedia entry here]

Saturday Training

I got up a bit early and got into some shorts. I could see my breath on the air in my room and my legs had goose bumps. I opened the curtains and started to warm up.

It felt odd to put sun tan lotion on in May, but that is why Wellington is fantastic on good day. I jogged and jogged. There were odd twinges.

My current hope is that the twinges are related to running some distance in what is a new make of shoes for me. I've previously run distance in Addidas, now I'm running distance in Mizuno. My new shows have some very very hard plastic supports in the sole, better for supporting my musculature.

Although new shoes are great at pace, todays training goal was to run and run for more than two hours. I clocked up about 2 hours ten.

Next week I get to run to brunch, I will have earned it twice over in calories by the time I get there :-)


My neighbours are either have a very slow and relatively quiet party, or somebody had died and they are having a slow and relatively quiet funeral. I saw lots of people dressed in black when I was going to work today so I'm going for the latter.

The clothesline has been removed and a couple of family tent have been erected, filling their yard. Nice tentwork, mrs_plane would be impressed.

This evening is a little noisy. Another, or possibly the same neighbour is have a stereo war. This is actually a good turn of events. The partiers were signing karaoke badly with that annoying voice wavering technique people use when they try to emulate Elvis.

I'm taking this as a karmic sign that I should turn on my little room speakers and clean my room. I figure if I can clean karmicly enough then when I turn off my little room speakers the neighbourhood will be quiet :-)


The electric blanket had warmed the bed beneath my two week old feather duvet. I was in my pyjamas and very warm and relaxed. Not quite able to go to sleep but relaxing and daydreaming.

The rain was twinkling occasionally against the window; my sense of responsibility absolved by the alarm set on my phone.

I felt that my ability to choose what was going to happen during the rest of the evening had been diminished weeks prior by common sense and commonality. I keep my word and follow what looks promising.

I'd met up with ms_mos at a lindy leaving dance for some teachers. We'd moved on to Mercury and danced and she'd said drunkenly that we should play poker and go to a dance party. I'd said yes drunkenly but unsure as to her sincerity or intent.

We'd played the poker a couple of weeks back and she'd lined us up to go to a Friday night Fevah.

What was tricky was whether she was trying to play social reconstruction or the other more interesting game of slow-hard-to-get. I suspected the former and hoped for the later.

The alarm went off, my course of actions set till Sunday morning. It was 9:30 at night. I got up, showered, dressed, grabbed my bag of odds and ends and shuffled hurried to the car through the skittery rain.

A short drive into the outskirts of town to her place. We hung out and consumed a half bottle of good red that I had brought from my place, close to her heater.

We got ready and took a taxi into town. We picked up some supplies then headed to Motel for some warm up drinks. A couple of shots of cachaca and a couple of navy rum and cokes.

We scooted down the freezing street about 1ish toward Sandwiches. The queue was mercifully short. We checked our coats, got drinks and danced unenthusiastically and the main dj came on. His name was dj Illogic, and hard house dj.

Now I should explain that hard house really refers to the tempo as much as anything. It is mostly just fast tempo electronica. Some fast trance in there and other things too.

Dj Illogic was good. He did lots fader tricks with his mixer and did quite a bit of scratching over the hard house, very skilful.

We danced pretty happily till 4:30, then back to ms_mos's place to sleep, me in her spare room. We hung out the next day a bunch and watched boxing before I went home and got stuck into my Amazon sack.

Seems that the more time I spend with ms_mos the better she likes me, but not in that way. Perhaps that aspect is malleable however. She seems surprised to like me better after finding she does so. She said she didn't think she would be comfortable watching boxing with me. She seems to have noticed I am relatively kind, patient and organised which my newer acquaintances usually mistake for a sense of being boring ;)

I'll persevere a while longer, but my attention span is usually either fairly short or extraordinarily long, so I'm kind of half expecting this to fizzle at no notice.


I climbing a new analyst hill at work. I've just finished working on some detailed peak hour of peak day of year load scenario modelling for some shared faxing infrastructure flourshied with some intersystem priority logic. Before that I finished the 29 sequence diagram hill of understanding and designing error scenarios for a new payment type.

To climb this third hill I'm starting to build a performance and throughput model for a couple of new features in our app. This work requires a lot of creativity, politicing, working and cultivation of contacts, tact, maths and database querying skills. Splent plenty of time scratching on blank pages this week. You have to be a computer programmer with a wide background in infrastructure and a familiarity with various current, near historic and historic programming platforms and their limitations.

The other programmers in my team say I've drawn the short straw, and the infrastructure guys near me don't have the statistics chops to do it properly, so I'm a team of one up this hill too, *sigh*.
I might or might not be going to Fevah tomorrow. A function to find out if the boundaries stop at friendship with my companion. She has been saying all week that she is sick. She might well be. It might be self sabotage. It might be white lie seeding. I do have the tickets however.

All of those are fine options. What bugs me is that she is cold on a fallback plan. That bit I'm finding a bit emotionally rough.
I've being ignored by a couple of ok-cupids this week, not an unusual event, but bad netiquette when I expected better.
I've been thrashing my body a bit this week. Today is my rest day but otherwise I should be completeing 5 hours of simulated altitude training, 3 1/2 hours of running, 2 1/2 hours of swing dancing, a cycle home, a pump class, some yoga and the possible aforementioned rave. I've got to push it sequentially harder until the end of the month roughly in preparation for the half marathon next month. I've got seriously sore hamstrings, novelty!
My body may be a bit acidic and perhaps that is affecting my mood, but I'm feeling a bit emotionally thin.

Today it feels like despite my best efforts I can't quite buy a trick. I've felt this way occasionally in the last year, it makes me emotionally itchy.

The Christmas Feeling

Today Full Swing lindy-bombed Queensgate mall in the Hutt. We danced for a good couple of hours in the atrium bit near Jamaica Blue.

Why you would want to buy coffee from a place that suggests that Jamaicans are good at making coffee is beyond me, but there you have it.

We kind of somehow kicked up a bunch of superfine dirt-like powder on the bit of the floor we were dancing on. This proved to be great for dancing on a good sized strip of vinyl tiles. I was siding and skidding all over the place, great fun!

We did stealing jams and a bunch of goodly dancing, most of us were in period costume :-)

We gave out a huge wodge of pamphlets, should boost class numbers a little I hope.

I took my PA amp and speakers, was fun to fill up a good chunk of the mall with lindy music!

I'm feeling abit wiped out from it, sitting in front of my fire. It has some coal and some wood. The coal in all its global warming evils certainly makes a nice hot fire.

I think my fireplace must be the summit of fireplace building in its time, it doesn't smoke, is easy to start and warms the lounge up really well, although not instantly. Seems to make the whole house a lot drier too.