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pre Melbourne TODO list

Light fire
Make a list
Put on music
Put on bread
Sort weekends washing
Put on washing
Put on dishwasher
Cleanup kitchen bench
Cleanup lounge table
Read blogs
Book a place to stay in Melbourne
Book a place to stay in Winchester
Mail myself about doing my billing
Organise a key for the housesitter
Figure out if my car needs a warrant while I'm on holiday
Good hold of Jules via FB about staying in Paris
Organise my going away dinner for Tuesday via email @8 at flying bb
Pay myself
Get hold of the bookkeeper about bookkeeping while I'm overseas Still have to do something about the July statement on Thursday though.
Shop for a week and for non-perishables for my housesitter
Write out checks in advance for the cleaner
Find somewhere to say in Brussles
Facebook up some distance relatives in Holland
Mail my cousin in the UK about being there
Drink my protein drink
Hang out with big sister
Hang out with little sister
Hang out with Mum
Hang out with Nana
Schedule in a dinner with Dad, Monday night? Dad has been away, no good for dinners.
Lookup Melbourne lindy haunts, are they Fri, Sat or Sun? I pref early Sat. Unfortunately there is no scheduled lindy on the Fri-Sun that I am in Melb. Stink!
Mail friend in Vietname that I have a visa
Book a place in Ho Chi Min city to stay for a couple of nights, 4th and 5thBooked but awaiting confirmation.

Stealing Jam Lesson

I'm home from swing dancing smelling like women's perfume. Not any one in particular, a mixture of them all many that my brain parses as sharply girly.

We practiced more stealing jam technique tonight. We did the 6 count lead from behind steal where you lead from behind the follow with your hands on her shoulders and lead a six count spin: rock step, tripple step, turn and steal. You can steal into either a half turn open or a full turn closed position.

We also went over last weeks charleston stealing technique where you grab the follows left hand and lead her a 3/4 turn into a circle where her left hand ends up behind your head.

New this week was lead swingout stealing. You have to be right next to the lead then grab the follow at about count 2 of the swingout and pull her through, past and away from the other lead. That one takes some fine timing.

Blenheim Rogain

Making pot luck dinner salad after getting off a plane, fun. Rogaining in the hills, fun. New friends, more fun!

Good Sasparailla


This tastes really good. Now it will remind you of that mild pink stuff the dentist gives you, but this is much more delicious.

Future Post

This post brought to you by a new blogger feature, which I like to think of as Future Post. It has another name which is much more boring however.

Blogger bloggers:
Open the Post Options, set the date and time of post into the future, wait, magic happens here.

I'll set my future posts to appear at 8:08, music points to anyone who can guess why :-)

Mixer Tricks

Sometimes you put on a cd and it has a bit of dirt on it. The cd skips a little then it continues. Sometimes when it skips and it is in time it sounds kind of cool.

Tonight I figured out how to do this using my mixer, for it to always be in time and how to introduce either doublet and triplets. Much fun!!

It has been about a year, and with both a computer science degree and Royal College Grade 5 music theory I'm still figuring out how to use my mixer :-)

Howto for pioneer djm400 owners:
- set your channel select to master
- tap the tap button once
- hold down the tap button and crank up the counter till it is either twice or tripple the beat of the music
- set the effect switch to roll
- set the effects volume control to the neutral mid point
- set the roll beats to 1/2

Now when you start the effect on the beat you get beat doublets of percussion. If you start on a beat you get a kind of drum roll effect. If you concentrate you can use your timing to add harsh loud beats in tripplets, drum and bass style!!

If you start the effect off the beat you get doublets that of quiet tinking or swooshing noises. Much fun, enjoy!

1930s Marital Scale


As a 1930s husband, I am
Very Superior

Take the test!

Sukiyaki Western Django


A manga styled western tribute comedy. Love love loved the costuming, especially the white side. Not my first choice for the eve, but a very enjoyable distraction from the week, viewed with enjoyable company.

The 37th Annual Wellington Film Festival movie page is here.

Stealing Jam Queensgate

Stealing jams are fun, here is a snippet from my dancing today. I got stolen out pretty quickly, but that is half the fun. Note that my poor little camera couldn't make sense of the all the noises.

Rough Week Concluded

After working my longest day in years yesterday my rough week of emergency fixing is concluded, I've got my life back for the weekend.

I better get out of bed and make the most of it in case next week brings more of the same.

Rough Work

Work is rough at the mo. I am fighting bad issues. %99.9 is nowhere good enough in our app as our app deals in bulk capitalism.

My team has been working 12 hour days trying to fix things. We have got out our full array of surgical equipment, wrecking balls, reticulators and artillery, but are yet to get to the bottom of several core issues.

Several of my team will be absorbed with cleanup duties tomorrow, unable to work at the real problem.

In emergency-fix-desperation we have reverted two major libraries to their previous versions because the bugs in the previous versions are less toxic than the bugs we appear to be experiencing in their successors.

We have got some freaky freaky symptoms and no proper ideas of the causes, and a whole bunch of evidence that we cannot construct scenarios for.

Our short term progress will probably have medium term impacts on my employability. As yet our management have not hung us out to dry, but good knows what wroth the end of the week might bring.


Big shout out to mr_flash who is going through his own parallel problems, only with extra added business spice.

Rumed out

Had a great rumpus, thanks some much all for your enthusiastic and enjoyable attendance!

Sunday was a sleepy day. Today was a 12 hour wonder at work, created emergency fixes for odd performance problems. Tomorrow will be much of the same. I'll post properly on Wednesday. Night all.

Rumpus Ho!


The Rumpus is upon us again! Rumple forth.
In other news I dodged a bullet today, figuratively. I went to the dentist. He did not have an urge to drill me like a piece of middle eastern desert. In fact all he wanted to do was give me a quick clean, on the spot. All done for 12 months :-)


PS as ever he wants me to floss more. Its like he owns shares shares or something.

Rumpus Djs Sorted


Ok, got somebody in all the spots, sweet. On to Rumpletron tweaking and wall construction.

07:00 dequeue: lounge
08:00 dj rubics cube: cheesy 80s
09:00 swing dancing
09:30 resident hotchpotch: hotchpotch
10:00 P-Vans (see his profile here): breakbeat & dubstep
00:00 dequeue: minimal
00:30 dj flash: random
01:30 .