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2009 Things

Things to do in 2009:

Massage Course

Do the mid year massage course at the Wellington School of Massage. It is a 3 weekend commitment plus homework and other class stuff, and I have to buy a table.

Computer Languages
Learn some Lisp, it looks like it is the language I am starting to think in after dribbling over the edges of Java. Lisp in a strongly typed object oriented style as opposed to Lisp in a dynamically typed functional style, but Lisp none the less. I'll probably start here and here.

House stuff
Flooring and outside corner caps, that should blow some g's while I save up for a bathroom. Make or find a trivet for my fireplace.

Business Stuff 1
Build a faceless keep-time to get an interaction style interacting. Then try out some faces and graphic styles, to see what fits.

Business Stuff 2

Talk to the Ponoko guys after I get my fit rig test code going, see if they will do templating of saleable algorithmic designs.

Dance Stuff
Make a dancing matt and dance it in with my lindy crowd. Buys some lindy and balboa videos from here and here.

Trivet, Trug, Sorrel

I asked my grandmother lots of things over Christmas including 'what kind of device do I need to be able to cook things over my fireplace in the winter, it has no hanging hooks.'

Here answer was to describe a certain kind of trivet. Trivets in general are things you put hot pots on, but the trivet itself is not heating device. Metal patterned placemats count as trivets by this defiition.

She showed me her fireplace, it has a built in swinging trivet, a little metal platform built into the grate that swivels over and away from the fireplace to allow you to cook things in normal pots, no hooks required!

I'll have to figure out how to make one, time to visit a foundry again for the first time in a decade.

While fixing a Christmas night salad for myself and my grandmother I wandered through her garden. She introduced me to a new perenial herb, sorrel. She claims hers is perennial and French.

Sorrel is delicious. It is flavoursome and savoury. It is long leafy leaves that tast a bit like subtle tomatoes. I have seeds.

I recounted mr_storysmith's story of looking for a trugg. Nana agrees that they are difficult to find and says she just uses a flat woven basket instead.

Post 464!

The Temporal Void

Finished reading The Temporal Void over the weekend, part two in a three part series by Peter F. Hamilton.

I feel that Hamilton's storysmithing abilities have taken a noticeable leap forward with both this and the previous book in the trilogy. His ability to suspend disbelief and to convey emtions in his characters is improved, as a reader I feel closer to the action than with his other books.

The Void gets expounded quite a bit, I kind of feel like a definition of it is enclosing on a kind of inverse moral hazard for people a bit bored of the normal constraints of the universe.

The book is very very good, but not quite as good as the first part in the trilogy however. A four out of five stars read.

Virus Free, Again

My laptop had a virus, briefly. I really should get around to replacing my router to something that Ubuntu can talk to propertly.

Barbequed Cousins

I barbecued with my cousins on my fathers side today. It was nice. Cooked for eight, lazy slow barbecuing.

We passed a rugby ball around, played some petanque and lazed in the sun. Good stuff. The first of a yearly tradition, I hope.

Foodie Wellington Walking Tours

Care of stuff, here are links to two foodie walking tour companies, perfect for entertaining out of town guests, I hope.

Zest Food Tours of New Zealand
Wild About Wellington

Wooden Spoon, not this season

We ungalantly avoided the wooden spoon this season by playing a small team of young girls and beating them this evening.

The evening was mint though, the grass wood soft but not slippery after the morning rain. It was a warm, very still and sunny evening, almost no wind.

Lindy Saturday Night

Dancing on Saturday was good, we had about 50 people by my count turn up, which is a good number. I danced fro 8 till 11:30 with a good break for bring a plate goodness.

My plate of chocolate and strawberries disappeared pleasingly. My favorite was the supermarket layered sponge cake with mock cream, I love that stuff.

Went through my pile of mail this morning and found my check from the IRD, a refund, perfect timing for me to buy a new fridge, mine is dying.

Melbourne Bits 2

A shop called universal-ent.com had really giant, really cool mega-salad-bowls the I am desirous of.

Melbourne florists take orders for, and sell, Christmas trees. I haven't seen that here but it seems like an obvious bit of extra seasonal income.

I have found out that I should get some lindy-hop specific dancing shoes, probably two pairs. They are Aris Allen shoes. A casual pair and a retro pair. These are hand made in Baltimore and have a serious amount of specificy to them, quoth:

'Aris Allen's philosophy is that your dancing will look more authentic if you wear the same shoes the dance was invented in'

'These are designed for the intermediate / advanced dancer.'

Lindy notes:
- learn some hip-hop 'pops', these are popular when swing dancing in Germany, I have heard.
- when doing corridors, learn the clockwise follow spin to close.
- practice basket side to side transitions, especially in blues dancing.
- practice my skater hold transition double spinning the follow into close that Rachel and Phil taught.
- swing djs use jriver media studio and read swingdjs.com

Lindy teaching thoughts
- sheet music for stepping rythms.
- move card in either 6/8 length for 6 count or 8/8 length etc
- setting homework via video!