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Thanks for Reading

I didn't make 500 posts but I had fun trying to get there, thanks for reading me these last three years.

I've decided that the time I spent blogging will now be spent on a new hobby. If a jar is full you have to take out something old in order to put in something new.

It has been really enjoyable and cathartic to write this thing and I hope that I might take it up again in 2011.



Tough Week

I've had a tough week so far. I've been stressed at work, so I enthusiastically took part in the alligators fabulous birthday bar orienteering games.

It is late, about half four, and I am home from a night of heavy drinking.

However I am feeling much better for it, much better now that I can put my week behind me for a couple of days.

Tomorrow may prove promising or depressing, but at least I know it will be sobering!

Happy Valentines to you all.


Bits of the Financial Crisis

I've been following the financial crisis closely over the last year, partly through the net but also party through the utterly excellent Financial Times, a UK paper that makes you smarter when you read it because its use of English is so good. FT is printed in Sydney, and available for $15 on order for the weekend edition.

There is this behaviour in the US that I didn't understand until today. If you think your house isn't worth the mortgage that you have on it then the thing to do in many states in the US is to mail your house keys to the bank and to tell them you are giving up.

In the lead up to the crash at the end of the house bubble people where refinancing their houses each time they went up in value and taking money OUT of the deal to spend on cars, boats and holiday homes.

If you tried this trick in NZ, which is possible but difficult, and then your house went down in value, and then you mailed the keys to the bank, then the bank would seize all your assets and flog them all at auction and then make you declare yourself bankrupt.

In many states in the US however this is NOT what happens. Something else is at play, a different set of laws which frankly create a different kind of capitalism.

In these states you can use a provision called "without recourse" to just get away with it without consequences. This frankly turn adults back into children, and takes the mort part out of mortgages.

The willingness of homeowners to walk away from their "underwater" mortgages was increased by the designation of mortgages as "without recourse" in most states. In essence, non-recourse mortgages mean that defaulting homeowners are not personally responsible for paying any difference between the value of the home and the principal amount of the mortgage obligation, or that the process for enforcing this obligation is so burdensome and time-consuming that lenders simply do not bother. The homeowner's opportunity to walk away from a home that is no longer more valuable than the mortgage it carries exacerbates the effect of the cash-out refinancing. "

The whole article is here, and it talks about the many forces in play that caused Americans Banks and home owners to act like morons.


In this youtube snippet an American senator talks intelligently and factually about what the American Government did, and had to do on a particular day of the crash.

It starts with an irate woman rant for about a minute. About 2 minutes in it gets worth the watch.

Plan: the crazy drinking

My crazy drinking plan for a night in March, one shot each of
- Chartruese
- Absynth
- Tequila
- Cacacia
- Rum

Evening to unfold of its own accord.

Colin & Jessie's Wedding

In the weekend I enjoyed Colin and Jessie's very small, beautiful and picturesque wedding ceremony, at Jessies family batch in Queen Charlotte sounds. The fjords hold many fond childhood memories for me too.

Lindy: The mini dip

This move has very tricky counting that isn't like any other move.

1 rock the follow away
2 step the follow towards you strongly
3 step forward toward the follow and lower the lead hand below the hip
4 clap
5 step and turn 90 degrees counter clock wise, (270 degrees counter clock wise for the follow)
6 raise the left leg to a hitch (right left for the follow), click with the non lead hand, find the follows hand if you are the lead
7 be motionless
8 stomp off


ms_little_sister had her 21st yesterday. I did a bunch of djing for it, playing mostly what I would call club tunes.

I am tired today though, will by lying low until going to the gym this evening.