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A blog of the newly hedonistic d3vo.

Routine Prep Clips

Bluesy Lindy Clip

French Couple 1 Clip

French Couple 2 Clip

Aerials Clip

Skye and Feida Move

1-4 rock step triple to stop

5-8 crouch hold, jump and step

Frenchy Move

1 – 8 Standard swing out

1 – 4 Half turn follow CCW and both bend forward, lead half turn CW

5 – 8 both step backwards to open under leads’ left arm

Blues Move

1-8 stationary sugar pushes syncopated one hand

Simple Version

1-4 half swingout to crouch

5-8 side steps rising travels

See bluesy couple pink skirt ends 2:40


Random Moves

1 -4 half closed lindy circle, but turning follow early

5-8 shuffle shuffle shuffle shuffle backwards

1-4 half Charleston

5-8 crouch, hold, up, and step

1 -2 forward press

3-4 follow turn ccw, lead block and catch in half position with lead no triples

5-6 lead rise up and draw follow in

7-8 lead sink down and draw follow to close, then hold