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Scifi films to catch up on

Reading talula's post about 25 great scifi films, here are the ones I need to catch up on. I'm 19 of 25, although I'm pretty sketchy on a few of them!
- Planet Of The Apes: I've seen lots of bits of this, but not the whole thing!
- Primer: This has come up a lot lately in my circles, I love love loved the trailer.
- Eternal Sunshine Of The Spotless Mind: I thought it was a soppy tear jerker and avoided it in the cinema.
- Children Of Men: as above
- Moon: Lots of great reviews
- Inception: Mixed reviews, but I like momento so why not

You're Awesome!

I'm seriously thinking about the Awesomereminders service, which calls you up every day to tell you you are awesome. What not choose to couch yourself in positive framing? Would the cynic in my make it break?

The Great Gatsby


Saw the Great Gatsby at Circa late this afternoon. A great story, well performed. Solid all round performances, highly recommended. Extra points of Art Deco era setting, costumes and music.

Art Deco Linky

Alphonse Mucha was a magnificent artist who made pictures before and during the art deco period. He may have done more but I just like the guys work.

Available for purchase here, totally worth a look. His work evokes strongly in me; Lord of the Rings, fantasy or art deco, work by work!

For jazz lovers, here are portraits;
Ella Fitzgerald
Cab Calloway

Duke Ellington
Lou Armstrong

From the collection Photographs from the Golden Age of Jazz.

Business Ideas Jottery

Notes for me for later about business ideas for apps

  • unified grocery shopping list that mr_flash would like
  • time keeping idea
  • banking apps
  • pizza/video ordering
  • auction lister with integrated photo
  • mr_flashes gaydar idea
  • online photo app, whitelabel an existing service??

Apple iPhone vs Google Android

Google used to be friends with Apple, a Google guy was on Apples board of directors. Then they found that they both wanted to do phone stuff and that they were actually frenemies. At this point the Google guy on the Apple board of directors got asked to step down. Now they are just competitors with overlapping search and mapping interests.

This is due to Google efforts of the increasingly impressive Android platform for making 'smartphones'. Basically it is like a more open version of Apples iPhone, but with different hardware that I like better.

I got my hands on a hot Android phone this week, thanks to an early tip-off from my friend at Telecom.

Although it is a fine thing, it lacks the fine polish of much of the iPhone eco system. All the core stuff is there though, GPS maps, fast proper internet browser with zoom, music playing, movie playing, flight mode etc.

It is open enough to support Open Source software that gave us Firefox and Open Office, which tickles my political geek the right way.

I can make new software for the thing in the Java programming language, using the Eclipse editor, a combination I've used professionally for 9 years, I'm scratching away at something today even.

The cute device is Linux based, has enough weetbix to power my large and wonderful DJ headphones, is meant to have better battery life than an iPhone 4G, is lighter and has a bigger screen.

Five Experiences Keeping Me

There are five experiences keeping my in Welly, in NZ. I'm not sure what happens when I've done these five experiences but I expect it will give me a strong urge to leave for the less charted waters of Melbourne.

There are three women I want to date, one of whom may not be either in the country or single. Two blondes and a brunette, by last known hair colour.

A new opportunity to make a piece of software has turned up that I wish to pursue.

I'd like to complete another piece of software so that I can turn third piece of software off.

Thats it. Everything else in my life has turned into window dressing. Sorry.


Mostly Under Control

In in the position of enjoying the illusion that all the things in my life are under control. It is a pleasant illusion, and possibly it is the illuision of an illusion and is actually real.

Have memorised bits and pieces of my routine for September, although we haven't finished the choreography of it. Attempting to finish the choreography tomorrow night with my partner in dance crime Clarissa. We are totalitarian deconstructonists and appear to play well together.

Work is OK, on track as far as I'm concerned although not necessarily so for everybody else. My bits are reasonably fine and dandy and I'm helping others as I can. I haven't had to yell at anybody for a while which is nice.

I've got some ideas for my next DJ set due on the 13th. I've got an opening and a middle, and an enourmous pile eighty (80) songs at BeatPort that will enable me to finish the set to my satisfaction. Much experimentation to get things to 'sit' nicely together.

My electric desk has turned up and is partly constructed. I'll be using a door as a benchtop for a bit, long story.

I've got some dancing in Christchurch this month, I'm looking forward to hanging with my Christchurch homegirls a lot.