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Kayaking: Must pack now

Due to the complexity of the friend's highly rostered holiday arrangements, I should really be packing right now for 3 potentially glorious days of kayaking in the Able Tasman national park.

Meal Plan
Meals that work for my vegetarian dancing friend and myself, that are one pot meals, preferable.

Saturday - travel day
Buy all day, buy dinner in Marahau or close by as available.

Sunday - kayak day
breakfast - Maria toast & Marmite?, Damon east chocolate porridge
lunch - crackers, Maria with hummus, Damon with plastic cheese and
dinner - chilli noodles with egg and green beans
snacks - high fat assorted muesli bars, dried apricots, cashew nuts, raisins packets, chippies, assortment of chocolates, beer sticks,

Monday - kayak day
breakfast - as for Sunday
lunch - boiled egg sandwhiches, pears, bananas
dinner - rice with coconut green curried vegetables

Tuesday - kayak day
breakfast - as for Sunday
lunch - as for monday
dinner (not needed but counts as emergency rations) - mashed potato from flakes, kidney beans, hollandaise sauce, dried peas and carrots

Wednesday - travel day
Buy as needed.

To buy
- toast vogels grainy
- vegemite
- eggs, 6
- pears, bananas
- broccolli, potato, carrot, kumara
- UHT milk, light soy
- coconut cream
- profilactics?
- dried apricots, cashew nuts, raisins packets, dried kidney beans
- chippies, assortment of chocolates, beer sticks,
- plastic cheese
- salami
- do I have green curry?

- triangle bandage
- squidgy earplugs

- merino underwear
- water bags
- sun hat with string
- frypan thingy, non stick??

- coffee beans

Contract Axed but Win

I'm out of work from the end of December, officially. I have a letter even, on letterhead. My time at the bank helping to build an awesome Institutional Banking product or two is over, the bean counters have had their day.

I'm ok with this, things have changed at the top of the bank at it doesn't look like fun there for a little while.

There are downsides, I loose working with my awesome colleagues. At 12 years of IT experience I am still kind of the junior by weight of years, which is kind of fun. Also my colleagues are very smart, and don't have egos.

They are very very good at solving problems under utterly intense pressure. The pinches where we have had to problem solve with this job are very tight, and bad things happen not just to the workplace but potentially to the entire country if our software didn't work really really well.

At times it didn't and we fixed it really fast.

I also loose what I'd call my coffee buddy, but what the Americans might call a 'workplace spouse'. It is a good friend who is a confidant and also a colleague, where you have crossed over boundaries normal in workplace relationships.

I'm 32 hours in with this knowledge and I've got 7 leads for new work to chase. I've had to write them down because at 7 leads I need to work the opportunities like a salesman with a big client base.

My plan is to take Jan off and then work again in Feb. I would have mostly done this anyway if my current contract hadn't been trimmed.

I'm not sure to do more of the same but in a bigger, even more awesome team, to do some really really short term consulting, or to do something quite different.

I can filter opportunities by start date and project type, and favour them by language, this should make the process pretty easy. Hope my obscure skill set can be matching to a position, life is good for me when this happens.