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Contract Race?

I saw a recruiter today who does IT Contractor recruiting, Julie. She was nice.

Now I get to race her to see if she can find fun work for me before I do. For the last 8 years when I've done this I've won, oddly, beating the professional recruiters.

Game on.

Webstock, Merlin Mann Workshop

I went to a Webstock 2011 workshop today with Merlin Mann who is best known to me as the inbox zero guy and the 43folders guy.

I felt like his talk was aimed at post 7 habits, post getting things done people who want to get better at getting to creative work.

He talked about detailed descriptions of task by task change without using that word by instead talking a lot about prioritisation and where that stuff comes from. We kind of nanny and tolerate junk items on our 'priority list' when in fact it is just some kind of baggage that we likely don't actually care about.

He emphasised conscious thinking about what you are doing, checking in with yourself and trying to incorporate zen like detachment into your work organisation process at lots of levels or 'altitudes' of your life.

Points I wish to remember:
- When you have junk priority you are meant to be working on that isn't important to you and you don't care about, this will cause you to procrastinate.
- Expect change in yourself only at a rate similar to rates of change you have had in the past.
- Don't expect discontinuous change in your habits, this is why new years resolutions are junk.
- Your life gets better when you start shedding fake priorities.
- Conscious consequence trading.

You can get an overview of his half day workshop in this video, he gets to it about half way through.

Geeks At Lunch

Caught up with an old friend back from the UK for a visit over lunch, a group of university classmate geeks. Also his much more normal partner.

I noticed some weird stuff that happened as our dishes were turning up. As the waitress bought each dish, the five of us knew who had ordered each one and gestured so.

Further, where a dish turned up that more than one person had ordered we resolved the decision using a FIFO algorithm.

This wasn't any effort or special habit, this is just geek minds at work.

An HTML 5 Ditty

I've written an HTML ditty, kind of a 'resume-ware' website, to play with the HTML5 canvas element.

It is a clock, in 24 hour time, enjoy.


Things I'm not at terms with today

When I try to kiss a girl for the first time, there are three outcomes; she kisses you back, she allows you to kiss her but doesn't really kiss back or she pulls away and you kiss air.

It is a blink test, you are asking a question with your actions and she doesn't have much time to think about it she just has to react. I like blink tests because I think they can give good hints about what people actually think on a subconscious level.

So I tried to kiss a girl last month and she pulled away, and I'm not really at terms with this, today.

The lindy hop teachers calendar is up for the first part of the year. There are teacher workshops for the teachers on the schedule this year, but I'm not invited, which means that I'm not going to be on the teaching calendar.

I assisted a bit last year, and also a bit the year before, but this year I'm not even on the list of people to fill in the gaps as cover, as far as I can tell.

There lots of better dancers, better and more established teachers, and other more experienced dancers who will fill in this year. The scheduling is entirely rational and it is good scheduling.

However, just for today, I'm feeling overlooked because it feels like a demotion.

I'm a contractor which give you a flexible and erratic, semi planned work life; I like this a lot.

When the company you work for does a good job of communicating contract extensions or finishing requirements, this is a good thing, it means they like your work.

If they don't talk about renewing a contract or much about it finishing, it means your work is not on their mind, which is usually bad. If you get overlapped with another contractor then it means they don't like your work output and are replacing you.

In NZ culture, if you decide what someone is doing and is capable of doing is not good, what you do is end their contract early by giving then the minimum notice period.

In mid December I got given the minimum notice period at ANZ National after consultting there for a very long term. I'd just finished delivering some really excellent once in 5 year infrastructure work.

I got axed because of bean counter reasons, not because of my work, but just for today I am grumpy that the thing in the world that I am best at is not more important than some ill conceived strategy.

Ian (M) Banks Interview

An interesting and long interview with Ian Banks.