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Manila, Phillipines

I'm in Manilla. Got an interesting and probably challenging contract here for an American company that just bought an ecommerce site.

Oddly the company had sold this ecommerce site 5 years ago, but have bought it back for less money. I don't understand global commerce even when it pays my wages!

Art Deco Napier 2011

Stayed in a backpackers full of swing dancers again, so much fun. We got announced Jam circles from the Navy Big Band, which was cool, they rate our dancing and play swing friendly tunes.

This picture kind of sums it all up, I'm dressed vintage, photographing my reflected image in a vintage car hub cap in front of vintage buildings.

Consultants Out Of Work Checklist

I'm looking for work, but not broke, and won't be any time soon. Here are eleven reasons why.

0 Meet Everybody for Coffee
Drink coffee like you have a bad addiction with all your former colleagues, project managers, reports, university friends and tell them you are looking for work. Take notes, follow up, offer suggestions, send helpful emails about their work problems. These leads take a while to gestate, get started right away.

1 Get Square
Pay all your bills, send out all your outstanding invoices, file all the things. You are better to do this first before you incur any penalties on late bills.

2 Tax Work
If you haven't done your last year tax filing with your accountant, go do it now. This will sort out your owing taxes, which may be your biggest business liability.

3 Shrink Your Provisional Tax Payments
Get your accountant to shrink your provisional tax payments based on you not working some portion of the year that you worked previously. In conjunction with the usual year on year growth factor in Provisional Tax calculations used by accountants, you may have already paid for some breathing room.

4 Pause your Retirement Savings
If you have a private voluntary retirement savings scheme, pause it for a quarter while you take a holiday and find interesting work again.

5 Shuffle All the Money
Shuffle all your money so that your revolving credit account is full, if you can manage it. This will likely chew up some of your biggest cost of living, mortgage payments.

6 House Renovations
If you have painting, shelving or other handyman work that are on the property or chattels, do some of this. It may help with a rental evaluation if you get super desperate later.

7 Get a Flatmate
Get a flatmate to help cover costs. This may be incompatible with number 6 temporarily, or a precursor.

8 Fire the Cleaners
If you had cleaners to help deal with your busy lifestyle, fire them now that you are unemployed.

9 Land Line, Ditch It!
If you have a land line, consider ditching it for a cheaper bill. It used to be that a land line might get called by a recruiter, but they now only call cell phones. The land line is not a business too for an independent consultant any more.

You probably don't want to shrink your internet however as you may use this a lot to find work, or keep entertained.

If you are making or receiving a lot of calls on your cell, increase your minutes package to avoid paying penalty rates on business day minutes.

10 Flog Your Old Business Tools
If you are an IT consultant, you probably have a couple of old laptops and a couple of old desktops to sell. I do! List them on an auction site and hoard that money.

Old graphics cards? Flog! Old audio gear, flog! That pile of ten weird computer keyboards, list that crap!

Old suits or ties you never wear? Take them to one of those stores that sells and takes a commission.

Siimilar Words To Confuse Me

Ok, here are a bunch of similar words that I will disambiguate.

Nagle (Computing)
Nagle's Algorithm is a low level TCP/ IP algorithm about when you should buffer outgoing data. It is designed to avoid congestion.

Nagle (Dancing)
In the Balboa dance from the Swing family of dances, Nagles and Nagle Sweeps are optional, unlead footwork variations in the basic steps.

Nargle (Fiction)
In the fictional universe of the Rowling Harry Potter books, Nargle's are mythical creatures of mischief.

Half Remebered Dream: Blood Investigator

Ok, so I have half remembered dreams from this morning/ last night.

In my third person dream, I was me but didn't look like me. I looked like a generic investigator going under cover in an American TV show.

So the first scene is me at the edge of a fresh water ice lake, with snow on the ice. I am feeling trepedation at going under the water. It looks cold.

Then I am underwater in a flawless suit getting patted down by a bouncer. He is checking that I am in fact some sort of supernatural by making sure I exhale the air from my lungs. This isn't a bar you are allowed to breath in, apparently.

Then I'm at a bar buying some blood to ingest, in my cover.

I'm looking flawless and fabulous, but everything is a little bit green because we are underwater.

Then I get made and my cover gets blown. My hair undulates in the bars underwater currents.


Not sure what the show might have been.