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Google +

Google is about to get into the social space with google plus. It looks like a spruced up and cleaned up version of Facebook.

Facebook is too naff to live forever, a bit too open, annoying, walled and untrustworthy. It will die like AOL before it and Compuserve before that. These things are just medium term trends before the next incarnation pops up.

I'm not sure if Disporia will be good enough fast enough to matter. I'm not sure if I trust Google more or less than Disporia. The export data option though has got me thinking, it is a feature I don't have to write when I want to leave.

Facebook has a huge advantage, but the cool kids always want to try the new thing, so I'll be trying Google + too.


Finished season four of Heroes, which was the last season. I liked it but it didn't end like the last episode of a show ever, the writers thought they would get another.

It was a good show, had lots of good acting effects and originality. The Hero parts where my favourite, and I liked the love interests.

Ultimately I think the show struggle to build multi seasonal arcs the way that Lost did, Doctor Who does or even the X files from a long time ago. That might have cost it the fifth season.