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A blog of the newly hedonistic d3vo.

New Shows To Sample

Lisa Kudrow of friends fame had trip shows that I should sample while waiting for new Doctor Who to turn up.

Who do you think you are?, the US versuon of the UK show.

Web Therapy is a web series of three minute shows.

Games to Play

I'm looking forward to playing these indie games when I'm through with my current games and projects.

Hawken: Kind of Mechwarrior deathmatch with epic cityscapes that are future degro.

Stacking: Russian dolls adventure, beautiful textures, music and text but no speech.

Marian: Errie hand drawn 2d scroller thingy.

Subversive: ROBBERY!

F1 2010: like it says on the box, by Codemasters :)

Burnable Wintery Things

I bought my winters firewood from Wholesale Firewood Supplies who have a website http://www.firewoodsupplies.co.nz. I asked for short lengths, which helps it fit into my diminutive fireplace, which is not a normal consideration.

I've been using at my various dark night time dancing gatherings tea light candles that last for ages, they are called Plant Wax Tealights. They last about twice as long as normal ones, about 6 hours!