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Checklist for new couples

It occurs to me to write a checklist for new couples. My starters for 10:
- how should you wake her up in the morning? How much sleep does she need?
- morning person or night time person?
- what is her tea/ coffee order?
- is she fast in the shower or slow in the shower, how many minutes?
- wheat, vegan/ vege, chicken, fish, bacon, beef, basic dietary considerations?
- does she get grump if she eats meals late? How grumpy?
- does she suffer in the warth/ cold. How warm or cold?
- does she text with multiple sentences (gen X) or single sentences gen (Y)?
- how contracted does she like her text messages?
- does she want you to leave voice mail, call back or send a text.
- should you return her missed calls?  By calling?  By text?
- email, yes or no?
- facebook, yes or no?
- twitter, yes or no?
- What musical genre's will she not enjoy at a bar?
- Does she find fine dining weird?
- multinational junk food such as McDonalds? Yes/ no.

Jesi adds
- favorite colour pieces in Settlers of Catan?
- current library card? yes, no, where?
- ascended in nethack yes, no, really, really close!
- prepared for the zombie apocalypse, yes or no?
- cats, yes or no?

Sydney vs Melbourne

One upon a time lots of kiwis went to Sydney to live and work. This time was about 1990s. A small handful of friends went went there and spent a happy New Years eve there in 2000. I went back for two months work in late 2000 also. A couple of my London acquantences didn't go there, they went through Melbourne and then on to London.

Sometime between now and then the default Australian city for kiwi's I run into has changed to Melbourne. This works for me but I don't know why Melbourne works for other people too.

So I am slowly putting my life together here. I've got a place, although it isn't empty yet, and I have caught up with all my friends here. This is all pleasing.

Finding a job that I like takes time here, but I have made progress and people want to interview, so I just have to be patient.  I've got two second interviews, one which I turned down because I didn't like the job description and another that only happened on Friday and might not have finished deciding about.

I'm sure I'll have more news soon!