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OOTS fans vs Kickstarter

There is a bit of curious positive melodrama playing out here, over the next two weeks.  The web comic Order Of The Stick has been running a drive for about a week so far to get its old comics reprinted and available for purchase and doing wonderfully, stupidly, pleasingly well.  Monstering it, if you'll excuse the pun.

Order Of The Stick is a webcomic drawn with stick figures about following a Dungeons and Dragons (3rd edition) party through there quest.  It is geeky and funny cleverness.

I suspect that the success of the kickstarter drive is that this is a way for this certain kind of geek to express themselves through commerce, to stick it to the other geeks and projects on kickstarter.

We'll see, but I wonder if how far past half a million dollars the pledge might get?  The guy running it has had a big challenge coming up with additional bonus prizes as his graph of donations and purchases have charted unpredictably through the roof!