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Contract Faffing

I'm in limbo at the moment waiting for a verbal offer to turn into a contract from a government department.  They said it would take a week which I interpreted to take at least a week.

This duration has just passed so now I'm wondering how long I let them yank my chain before I call back an interview I turned down with another company.  Hmm.  Tricky stuff.  I have a lack of data points about Melbourne contracting to make sense of this properly yet.

I guess I'll give it whole three business days of unanswered queries from my recruiter and then I'll call them bust and chase something else.

Searching the Web and Domain Names

Ok, came across this interesting alternative search tool, which lets you search the tail of the internet instead of the head, configurably.


If you need to search domain names here are some good links:

FIXME: there is another to add to this list, but I forget what it is, must ask Mr Flash.

From this original article about naming companies, which seems quite good.