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Solo Blues & Jazz Routine

The other thing I performed in the weekend just past was a solo blues and jazz routine.  This was much more taxing for me than the lindy hop routine because most of the figures where new.

Teacher lesson summary video of the first parts

Teacher lesson summary of the last part

Some of the class having a trial performance at the end of our fourth two hour class.

Here is a high quality video that takes in the whole stage and performance.

Here is an audience level view of the performance

I like Pie, I like Cake

I've been learning two dance routines for the weekend just past.  This partnered routine I started learning about a dozen weeks ago, progressively learning it in class a few moves at a time.  There are some subtle height, pulse and footwork changes that keep the routine looking interesting, but each different kind of thing stretches out the time it takes to learn things.

Here is a slow walk through of the whole routine without music from the teachers.


Here is a demonstration of the teachers doing the routine at pace to the music.


Here is the final performance at the ball.