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A blog of the newly hedonistic d3vo.

Vodka Suggestions

My Ukrainian collage kindly drew me these scribble in order that I might purchase some Vodka that she approves of.

Web Design Bits

I need to do some web design basic stuff for my pro site.  For reference I should use these helpers.

Upload an image to extract a web colour pallette to use in a site.  By uploading images from the banner, I make things match it.

Stacks of web fonts that go together, so I can have nice fonts like a pro.

A skeleton CSS template that is adaptive and scales from a mobile browser to a web page.

Movies to Watch When Unemployed

Movies I should watch when I'm unemployed:
- The Fountain (2006)
- Silent Running (1972)
- Dark City
- Wolverine (2013)
- Something Something this years Star Trek (2013)

Things To Do When Unemployed

I'll be unemployed soon, which means that I'll be on holiday, a good term for this is 'fun-employment'.

On my list
- watch the Web Stock videos
- watch the PAX Panel videos
- do mathematics on the Khan academy website, they have gamified all their math course learning, it is more fun now
- watch some videos on Android 4 programming

Negotiation Video

When I'm unemployed next, probably soon, I'll have time to watch this good looking but long video on negotiating job offers.


200 Calories as Pictures

I'm going to want this at some point in the future, pictures 200 calories using different foods, a great visual gage!


Run Melbourne 2013

I was very happy to revive this text on completion of my half marathon in Rub Melbourne this year. I am slowly getting faster it appears. This txt was waiting for me on my phone:

Well done! The Age Run Melbourne, presented by People's Choice: 1:45:20 Overall Place: 1595 Age Category Place 594. Full results www.runmelbourne.com.au

I was briefly a mess as I went over the finishing line, my brain chemistry was starting to fail and I want sure if I should laugh or cry. 

Brat Pack Traffic Jam Routine 2013

I'm in the Brat Pack troupe of Swing Patrol Melbourne this year, and we performed our fast paced high energy routine in front of a good camera recently :)  This tempo of the song is about 265 beats per minute.  I leapfrog into centre stage about 2/3rds of the way through.

Death of the Webs short Form

Facebook and Twitter appear to have eaten the blog post short form for most Internet users as far as I can see.

What does this mean for everyday Web users? Have people stopped stopping to jot down their thoughts?

Has this turned us further towards consumers of content that is entertainment?

I think Twitter will overtake Facebook, and it is twitter culture to link to blog posts, so maybe this is temporary.