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Death of the Webs short Form

Facebook and Twitter appear to have eaten the blog post short form for most Internet users as far as I can see.

What does this mean for everyday Web users? Have people stopped stopping to jot down their thoughts?

Has this turned us further towards consumers of content that is entertainment?

I think Twitter will overtake Facebook, and it is twitter culture to link to blog posts, so maybe this is temporary.

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Morgan said...

I'm fascinated by these questions. I think Facebook isn't going anywhere, but it is going to have to change - so far they've made big changes, fast, to serve internal profit directives & strategic shifts; in the future when a serious competitor rises up, they'll make similar big shifts to keep people in their system. My guess is that Facebook's future is as an address book, photo album & event management tool - and they'll have to open up their walled garden to make that work for them. tumblr & twitter & future services that find new niches will be rolling right inside the FB experience and FB will have to suck it up.

And the longer, bloggy-type content will find a home in this new environment for sure, but Twitter, FB, Pinterest, Tumblr etc aren't optimised for it. (Oddly enough, Livejournal was.) There's bascially a UI challenge awaiting us, where you have different services curating content by its length - if you make a short comment it's a tweet, longer it's a FB status update, longer still it's a blog post - but those platforms will have to be aggregated into some shared channel (after the current model for Apps collapses), and that means the user experience will have to solve some pretty thorny problems that we can't even conceive of now where each service can optimise its own UI.

My random thoughts anyway!