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A blog of the newly hedonistic d3vo.

Vodka Suggestions

My Ukrainian collage kindly drew me these scribble in order that I might purchase some Vodka that she approves of.

Web Design Bits

I need to do some web design basic stuff for my pro site.  For reference I should use these helpers.

Upload an image to extract a web colour pallette to use in a site.  By uploading images from the banner, I make things match it.

Stacks of web fonts that go together, so I can have nice fonts like a pro.

A skeleton CSS template that is adaptive and scales from a mobile browser to a web page.

Movies to Watch When Unemployed

Movies I should watch when I'm unemployed:
- The Fountain (2006)
- Silent Running (1972)
- Dark City
- Wolverine (2013)
- Something Something this years Star Trek (2013)

Things To Do When Unemployed

I'll be unemployed soon, which means that I'll be on holiday, a good term for this is 'fun-employment'.

On my list
- watch the Web Stock videos
- watch the PAX Panel videos
- do mathematics on the Khan academy website, they have gamified all their math course learning, it is more fun now
- watch some videos on Android 4 programming