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Useful List of Sci Fi Movies

This Buzz Feed click bait is actually a pretty useful list of Sci Fi movies, seems I've got about 100 movies that I should watch, sometime.  Probably starting with Battleship, the newest Dread and In Time.

English Spelling is Hard

Originally from grammarly, is this great sentence.

I before e, except when you run a feisty heist on a weird beige foreign neighbour, Keith.

I added the last bit, Keith :)

Rediscover Arcade Game: Xain'd Sleena

I've rediscovered an old arcade game that I would remember from time to time, but whose name I could not.

It was Xain'd Sleena, see the wikipedia page.

Gameplay looks like this:

There is also a freeware remake here.

DJ Stuff

This link here to be-at.tv appears to be a massive trove of DJ performances.  I will dig into this :)