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Dating Stuff

Tonight I set up a fellow blogger with an old friend on a blind date. I haven't recieved any death threats by txt, which is always nice.

I went speed dating last night. Twas lots of fun. Got a match with a designer chick. I have sent her an email but do not consider it likely to get a reply. Speed dating is all talk and no action in my experience, a bit like dealing with business partners in startups.

It appears to be an extended and ritualised form of the disposable conversations you have with anonymous travelers when you fly long distance on a plane. The next day if you met them and talked to them then it would feel awkward.

Special event time and place conversations and feelings do not necessarily translate to other contexts. It is a big hurdle. With only a single match I'd give it about a 1 in 5 chance that I ever see the women again.

This means I need hottie-perm to be my online dating wing-woman. Good thing she knows something about english!

At lindy tonight they tried to teach me sweeps. Didn't manage to do them, having trouble with my counting. Will practice.

Time for sleep.

Pretty Woman Collage part 2


Date wranglers, hope this gives you hints.

Here are some pictures I have syphoned from the web. I don't stalk celebrities but these are some faces that come to mind when I think about it. I have rated these pictures in order of percieved beauty with the most beautifull at the top.

This is the actress from Dawsons Creek, but she is a little older now.

This is Jody Foster

Elf chick.

Lost chick.

Vampire chick.

The Commentary Bit

All these women are very pretty. They are all heavily light, highly made up, illusory and photoshopped images. These women I might not like if I saw them in real life, but they sure photograph well. Such things do not translate back and forth.

The images I have chosen are without the women smiling. All these women are very pretty without smiles which means I find them very pretty pretty much all the time.

These women have faces that I percieve as 'soft'. All these women look like they have souls to me. All the women look as if they are capable of compassion.

These women have very similar looking faces to me, but there is a continum on basically how thin they are. The least thin looking face pictured here is the most attractive to me. The most thin is the least attractive.

I'm guessing the women in the last shot would be better at jogging and the women in the first shot would be better to sniggle with in a movie theatre.

On haircolour, no special preference. On hairstyle I seem to like it a little wavy.

All these women have pretty good skin in the photos. I seem to find good skin attractive. These women were almost certainly touched up with photoshop, it has a special tool called the heal tool which was created specifically to touch up skin.

The women have relatively large eyes.

The women have soft cheeks, not sharp cheek bones.

I seem to like straight slightly small noses.

I know several women who I think are prettier than the women pictured here, by the way.

Comments welcome. Guys please comment on your celeb chick with a pretty face and I can do another post about why I don't find them pretty, if that's the case.

Pretty Woman Collage

I have downloaded some head shots of pretty woman. I am collaging them. Postage in to follow.

The Hoarde episode 3

Palm first I extended my arm and closed my eyes. I felt the gentle push of the hoard in the distance, their reality gently repelling mine. At this distance it was gentle at least. Close up those got ugly, as did they.

I opened my eyes and peered into the damp gloom. The light flickers playfully, a pale blue.

I sighed deeply. Looks like they want me to come to them. I unclip the cannon from it's mount. The mount wines sympathetically. It unclaws itself from the ground and goes into power save mode, hisses gentle as the active recoiler discharges.

My boots adjust a little tighter to match my mood, ready for a run. I brace the heavy cannon against my chest and go lookin for trouble. I figure the trouble will find me anyway and there is a clear first mover advantage when the procedures can start with your autocannon.

I walk toward the mischevious light. There is a tiny baby hoarde crawling across the ground behind a tree. This one looks like a slug. It casts a delicate blue radiance. The ground it has just been on is changed, it's adding leaves.

I'm a man of principles and any anomaly in this place is one too many. *Crunch*, flicker, the leaves disappear. Who knows what the little monster would have turned into in a few months time. It hadn't got very far and the leaves weren't permanent.

I move on, looking for it's mommy, or whatever. I'll be your waiter tonight, first course supersonic plasma, by the dozen.


I've just entered the Naenae triathlon, event details here. It is a mini-me triathlon, about a third the length of a real triathlon.

Annoyingly the order of events in the traithon is run, cycle, swim. If I'm swimming last then I can't really run and cycle flat out, which is kind of the point of entering these things.

Also as I'm stronger at running than cycling or swimming, with the running leg first I'll spend most of the event getting passed. Wonder how big the field will be?

Anyway for my own amusement here is my estimated time
4 km run - Should do this in 20 minutes or less.
18 km cycle - About 40 minutes depending on the wind
300 metre swim - About 8 minutes or so
transitions - I'll probably waste about 3 minutes in transitions, I'm guessing.
time over start line - about 30 seconds, I'll let the crazies get ahead of me.

So I think I'm up for about 1.11.30. Lets see how that pans out.


My understanding of the word is as a verb. You can reify an idea in an implementation. If you know how to reify then you understand about patterns as opposed to pattern implementations.

This is very, very, terribly important in computer programming. It is also very very terribly important in finance, relationships and organising parties.

Along with understanding how to frame goals that mean something in goal setting and using english to say what you mean so that you can see what you are really thinking, it is an important tool for being happy.

Hassle me Friday at off-black's 30th.

My flatmate unplugged my computer while it was on and broke my monitor. Boo. My monitor is a Phillips with a warranty that runs out in 2007, yay! I have a laptop which acts excellently as a backup computer, yay!

I'm probably cycling Sunday with ms_cycling_godess. (note she is not single). During our last read we had a typcial geek conversation:
"I do XBRL"
"I do java"
"We made SOAP wrappers for our cobol code"
"Haha, cobol and SOAP, opposite ends of the interoperability/ speed tradeoff spectrum, haha."
"Yes. Haha!"

Not-Kate List

Not-kate seems to have listitis. If she was a programmer I bet she would code in lisp.

1) Word you wished people used more often.

2) Item you bought with your first 'real' paycheck
Probably music or shoes. My first job I got paid in cash, stapled to a payslip.

3) Where do you stand when you're doing aerobics (or a similar group exercise)
About a 3rd of the way to the front.

4) Minimum number of times you'll let the phone ring before answering it
No minimum.

5) Something you can't do that you wish you could

6) The most fun solution to the transport issues in Wellington
A bicycle only lane on the motorway into town. You could split a single car only lane into two bicycle lanes. Think of the hospital savings in 20 years time.

7) If you were in a war, who would you want to lead your troop
The devil incarnate. If you are going to war wouldn't you want the devil on your side?

8) What musical instrument do you wish you could play
The flute.

9) The most random thing you've ever won
A Kylie Monogue album.

10) In group shopping activities, do you lead or take the trolley
Dude, I lead _with_ the trolley.

The Hoarde episode 2

I waited, hunkered down by my sandbags at the small fortification at end of our running grounds. I couldn't smell much, it was a clean realm. In the distance I could hear the hoard thrumming and wibbling around. I watched for reality distortion bubbles, my eyes a better guide than the meter on the side of my 'cannon.

Our corps took a darwinian approach to squad building. Those that were left were born different. We all had a stubborn streak and keen eyes. Stubborn like a rock, patient like a rock, a heavy rock. Stuck in the mud, dark with sharp edges.

My squad was small, but we had guns, lots of guns, big guns.

The light changed in the distance, small eddies and rays, a teltale sign. They were rearranging things. I stayed dead still and waited for them to come closer. They were the hoarde but I am my 'cannon.

The Hoarde episode 1

He passed me the token, "you to take the rear" he stated.

I tucked the token away and looked at my grab of weapons. The fiagio sonic distruptor was tempting, as was the yukazumi heavy laser. I picked up the bosche autocannon and set it to single fire mode. I mounted it on it's tripod, checked my comms gear and waited.

The hoarde wasn't exactly out to kill us, but they would do as a fallback option. Really they wanted to constrain us, pin us down own at a time and take away our will to live. If you lived through the ordeal then for your own sanity you had to leave. Of course you couldn't soldier again, perhaps nothing else either.

It was their realm after all I suppose, we're just visiting here inforcing our own structures on the place, both sides as persistent about what was right.

Melancholy Friday

At last my melancholy friday comes to an end, appropriately enough with some sleep.