Link to Food Safe Filament

After various searching of pretty useless articles, here is a link to a list of food safe rated filaments.

Interestingly, you can print a non for safe object when for safe filaments due to the surface finish likely being too porous to clean properly.

I think I'll stick to some cookie cutters.

Extruder Assembly Choices

The Prusa Mk2S extruder instructions have 35 steps whereas the Mk3 extruder instructions have 66 steps, mostly as the later has more small odd metal parts.

I was thinking about trying to construct a Mk3 extruder assembly, but I'm put off for the moment by trying to source the odd parts.

If I had planned differently and had not bought a 5th stepper motor and a hotend already then I could order this kit from aliexpress which appears solves the sourcing problem tidily. 

Prusa MK2 Fixings

Here are some BOMs for the MK2 Prusa

I can see that I have these MK2 metal fixing parts to order from a Melbourne serving general hardware supplier, apart from the ones that I have in another mixed m3 pack already.
  • m10 threaded rod 1m
  • m10 nuts x14
  • m10 washer x14
  • m8 threaded rod 1m
  • m8 nuts x16
  • m8 washers x16
  • m3 self-locking nut x3
  • m3 nut x 27
  • m3 washer x6
  • m3x40 screw x4
  • m3x30 screw x7
  • m3x25 screw x2 (I have in another pack)
  • m3x20 screw x4 (I have in another pack)
  • m3x18 screw x24
  • m3x12 screw x6 (I have in another pack)
  • m3x10 screw x16
  • m3 square
  • m3 nuts regular  
As I've used some MK3S X Axis parts, I also need
  • m3nN nyloc nut
  • m3nS square nut