Giant Dropper Post v2 Servicing

My 2017 model year Giant Trance 2 came with a Giant v2 dropper post. It has been reliable enought, but the cables and cable housing tend to wear out faster than you would expect.

I've been looking for a complete, exact model youtube video on how to service it for ages, and I finally found one, in Italian:

Cake vs Fritter

Potatoes cakes in Victoria are called potato fritters in New Zealand. They have a minor textual abs appearance difference; without wrinkles in Melbourne.

3D Printing 3D Printer Parts

So I'm using my 3d printer to print parts for another 3d printer. Usefully, Prusa has a recommendation for this:

  • use PETG plastic, which I had already decided to use independently
  • use 20% infill, which is less that I thought!

Ear Buds Wants

I have no need, but a di so have a desire to own a pair of AKG ear buds.  I owned a pair 15 years ago and they were excellent.

So I'm lusting after the current model, with reason: