road bike upgrades

So a bicycle mechanic friend sold me this great frame, 1990s group set and slightly worn wheels, for a song. Apollo was/ is an Australian bicycle brand. Frame made in Taiwan, which is literally the best place for a bicycle frame to be made, both in 1990s and still now.
Cables, housing, bar tape and assembly are mine, all with some tyre switching.  Bar type isn't glued on, it sort of friction fits by wrapping onto itself and the you tape only one end. A sort of fabric magic trick.
I rode the 50km Round the Bay event. Fun, a bit stop start, and got rained on.  Got some fancy road closures include two lanes each way of the large West Gate bridge, which is about 3km long.

At the last minute I discovered that red stripe tyres exist, so maybe we use them in the future; 

Vittoria Rubino Pro IV Road Tyre

Shimano RX 100 group set info is here.  Dealer manual scans also around to see how to service.
Shimano still sell spares for this approximately 30 year old design; part numbers of my brakes were dutifully listed on the back of the pack at a local bike store! I like!