V6 Hotend Setup

 I'm redoing my extruder to replace a part I broke a year ago during first assembly; I used a screw that was too long a broke a thing.

Here is the video to toms hardware video about assembling a V6 hot end or clone.


road bike upgrades

So a bicycle mechanic friend sold me this great frame, 1990s group set and slightly worn wheels, for a song. Apollo was/ is an Australian bicycle brand. Frame made in Taiwan, which is literally the best place for a bicycle frame to be made, both in 1990s and still now.
Cables, housing, bar tape and assembly are mine, all with some tyre switching.  Bar type isn't glued on, it sort of friction fits by wrapping onto itself and the you tape only one end. A sort of fabric magic trick.
I rode the 50km Round the Bay event. Fun, a bit stop start, and got rained on.  Got some fancy road closures include two lanes each way of the large West Gate bridge, which is about 3km long.

At the last minute I discovered that red stripe tyres exist, so maybe we use them in the future; 

Vittoria Rubino Pro IV Road Tyre

Shimano RX 100 group set info is here.  Dealer manual scans also around to see how to service.
Shimano still sell spares for this approximately 30 year old design; part numbers of my brakes were dutifully listed on the back of the pack at a local bike store! I like!

Ubers' Slow Death

Here's is a great article about Ubers slow and inevitable death:


Uber doesn't have an innovation to go with it's share price and will eventually be priced like a taxi company instead of a tech company.

I'm picking Uber to pop it's share price first, then shortly after Instagram will do a myspace, then years later Facebook will ruin itself.

Recently Finished Things

I've finished several unrelated things in the last 6 weeks which doesn't happen often so I think I should write them down!

God of War 4 game on PC; This is a great game. It is extremely well produced, directed, written and motion captured. The game is very cinematic. I enjoyed it a lot.

Weaponised novel by Neal Asher; This was a good read with a story with many enjoyable twists. Unlike most of Ashers writing, I didn't just hoover this book up at the fastest possible rate. I sort of wanted to enjoy it smaller bit sized chunks. I think that says good things about Asher's dynamicism as an author.

Knife Sharpener Tool v2.1; I've been slowly 3d printing this knife sharpener. I couldn't get one of the non-printed parts in quite the right size, so I had to learn how to modify an existing part from another author. Fun project. Project is here on thingiverse.

Playable Ur; I'm still hacking this on web page Royal Game of Ur implementation in KotlinJS. I need some clues about colour, some sound adjustments and also a colour theme.  It has a very simple computer player, my first coded computer player that I can recall.

Thougts on Printing a Keyboard

 I'm having semi irrational thoughts about printing a keyboard.

Controller: this category got a lot easier recently it appears with the cheap and well support Raspberry Pi Pico. $6 AUD and it has like 40 general purpose IO pins so supports many rows & columns etc without getting tricksy.

Software: this software called Mechware can be configured and compiled for a Raspberry Pi Pico, and is written in C.

Switches can cost a fortune but there are cheap low profile switches on aliexpress that got an ok review in this youtube video.

I would follow various diode guides about how to solder. 

There is a key cap model generator here on thingiverse, although I'm not sure if it will do what I want for low height keys for non-standard switches. I'm guessing I'd just use openscad.


3d Printer Build Plate Sizes

There is a 3d printer build surface manufacturer that has a page which shows all the different build plate size for all contemporary 3d printers:  build plate size

 If you want to build some printer, you can use this as a cheat code on aliexpress to find a build plate/ heated bed in the right size 😀

Russian Tea Pot

Coinciding with the Russian invasion of Ukraine, a Russian web server started reporting that it was HTTP status 418, which means that it is saying "I'm a teapot".



New Found Shroud Challenges

So the 3d printer I have constructed has a minor, correctable design flaw. The part cooling fan cools the just laid plastic so that it sticks to the existing printed part.

In my Prusa Mk2 the part cooling fan only pushing air from the front to the back, a single direction. This means there is a wind shadow behind the extruder nozzle. 3 out of 4 ain't bad, but one direction of printing prints less well.

People years ahead of me have fixed this problem with improved fan shrouds that blow air from the left and right, avoiding any shadow and improving 1/4 of the print lines.

This part is probably the one I want to print, it has room for an insulating silicone sock that I have fitted.

This part probably doesn't fit, but is smaller and probably prettier.

This part doesn't solve the wind shadow problem but it tilts the fan for improved power, an improvement that was taken into the design of the Prusa Mk3.

My problem is that I need to print this part in ABS plastic.  My new printer can get hot enough to do this, that isn't a problem. This kind of plastic won't melt/ warp/ drool being next to the hot print head.  I can't use regular PLA or PETG here, they are easier to print but they won't work for very long, the part would fail.

ABS (Acrylonitrile Butadiene Styrene) should be printed without a fan running but my problem is that my fan is connected to a permanently on fan port at the moment, due to my ignorance.

I have one controllable fan port on my little motherboard, but I'm not sure how it is configured in the firmware.  Could be my an extruder cooling fan, could be a ventilation fan, or maybe the one I want!!   Time to test!!

Print List

I'm at home today after some skin surgery on Monday to remove a Basal Cell Carcinoma; a cliche skin problem in pale skinned European descendants due to sun damage in my distant past.

This floor lying lampshade seems fun to print.

This sanding block looks kind of boring and pointless, however consider that it is a digital model and so you can trivially scale the entire model up or down to make perfectly fitting sand blocks for any human.  Small hand, big hands, child hands, print it to size and enjoy a well fitting tool.

This digital sundial that changes time every 10 minutes is cool, but a bit of a nightmare to print, may take 24 hours :/

3d Print Z Height

I found out for my setup I can control the Z height in software.

See set value with  M503

Set new  Z-Probe Offset using M851 Z<newValue>, for example M851 Z-2.2

My printer seems to work better with M851 Z-0.47


Printer Printing its Own Part

My printer works enough to reprint one of its own parts. The door to the motherboard is a warped print from my Monoprice mini.

The part printed perfectly on my new printer, which solves a door rubbing problem with the heated bed.

Print for Nana

I've promised a print of this to my nana.