Recently Finished Things

I've finished several unrelated things in the last 6 weeks which doesn't happen often so I think I should write them down!

God of War 4 game on PC; This is a great game. It is extremely well produced, directed, written and motion captured. The game is very cinematic. I enjoyed it a lot.

Weaponised novel by Neal Asher; This was a good read with a story with many enjoyable twists. Unlike most of Ashers writing, I didn't just hoover this book up at the fastest possible rate. I sort of wanted to enjoy it smaller bit sized chunks. I think that says good things about Asher's dynamicism as an author.

Knife Sharpener Tool v2.1; I've been slowly 3d printing this knife sharpener. I couldn't get one of the non-printed parts in quite the right size, so I had to learn how to modify an existing part from another author. Fun project. Project is here on thingiverse.

Playable Ur; I'm still hacking this on web page Royal Game of Ur implementation in KotlinJS. I need some clues about colour, some sound adjustments and also a colour theme.  It has a very simple computer player, my first coded computer player that I can recall.

Thougts on Printing a Keyboard

 I'm having semi irrational thoughts about printing a keyboard.

Controller: this category got a lot easier recently it appears with the cheap and well support Raspberry Pi Pico. $6 AUD and it has like 40 general purpose IO pins so supports many rows & columns etc without getting tricksy.

Software: this software called Mechware can be configured and compiled for a Raspberry Pi Pico, and is written in C.

Switches can cost a fortune but there are cheap low profile switches on aliexpress that got an ok review in this youtube video.

I would follow various diode guides about how to solder. 

There is a key cap model generator here on thingiverse, although I'm not sure if it will do what I want for low height keys for non-standard switches. I'm guessing I'd just use openscad.


3d Printer Build Plate Sizes

There is a 3d printer build surface manufacturer that has a page which shows all the different build plate size for all contemporary 3d printers:  build plate size

 If you want to build some printer, you can use this as a cheat code on aliexpress to find a build plate/ heated bed in the right size 😀