I'm up to needing a print a pinda probe alignment tool. 

Two other problems remain.  My extruder thermister isn't doesn't make a, maybe my wiring is dodgy or maybe the setting for the thermister type is wrong in my software setup.

Also my screen seems to be deady dead.  Could be my first bad part!!


mk2 PINDA Aligning

 I've making good progress in constructing my MK2 varient  and I need to set the correct P.I.N.D.A. probe height.

Luckily, michaell0533 has made a model for this.

Prusa Parts and Kits

 Prusa printers have some slightly tricky parts if you want to build one from scratch.

Bluerolls have a store on Aliexpress with MK2 and MK3 parts and kits, including packs of specific small springs, and gears that are difficult to source.

Open Source Router Plans

There is an interesting open source router called a TopsCnc that can mostly be made using 3d printed plastic parts and also aluminium extrusion.

I'm not really sure I have a purpose for such a machine, but it is curious.

Project page is here.

A bit beefier is the PrintNC. Looks pretty simple to put together.


TikTok Update

My Tiktok of 3dp printer construction is slowly ticking along; just up to 400 followers today on the 5th July.

 I was at three hundred odd a week back on 30 June.

Hosting from home with Cloudflare Argo Tunnel

Back in the early 2000s days you could host a website from home using a static IP address.  You sort of still can but with the expectation of the Chrome browser to host sites under SSL certificates, this isn't quite as easy as it used to be.  Also in 2021 the ability to get a static IP address from your internet provider might also be limited.

You can host in the cloud of course, but many of the offerings still don't supply SSL fronted hosting and you'll probably pay $8/ month.  This is sort of fine but actually not that cheap.

Cloudflare has a useful product I will look into at some point that solves the SSL fronting problem and the static IP address problem and lets you host from home.  If you have a media PC, raspberry PI or other computer that is on most of the time, this might reduce your overall power usage and greenhouse gas emissions.

Cloudflare Argo tunnel product page is here.

However, the cost isn't great. At $5 USD per domain per month for the lowest tier at less than 1GB of traffic, this is a pretty cost neutral service for a small website instead of a saving.  I would prefer it also had a lower tier for $2 per domain or something for less traffic.

There is some sort of free teir, but I'm not sure how to figure out the details.

This collection of alternates sort is interesting.


Link to Food Safe Filament

After various searching of pretty useless articles, here is a link to a list of food safe rated filaments.

Interestingly, you can print a non for safe object when for safe filaments due to the surface finish likely being too porous to clean properly.

I think I'll stick to some cookie cutters.

Extruder Assembly Choices

The Prusa Mk2S extruder instructions have 35 steps whereas the Mk3 extruder instructions have 66 steps, mostly as the later has more small odd metal parts.

I was thinking about trying to construct a Mk3 extruder assembly, but I'm put off for the moment by trying to source the odd parts.

If I had planned differently and had not bought a 5th stepper motor and a hotend already then I could order this kit from aliexpress which appears solves the sourcing problem tidily. 

Prusa MK2 Fixings

Here are some BOMs for the MK2 Prusa

I can see that I have these MK2 metal fixing parts to order from a Melbourne serving general hardware supplier, apart from the ones that I have in another mixed m3 pack already.
  • m10 threaded rod 1m
  • m10 nuts x14
  • m10 washer x14
  • m8 threaded rod 1m
  • m8 nuts x20 or maybe more
  • m8 washers x20 or maybe more
  • m3 self-locking nut x3
  • m3 nut x 27
  • m3 washer x6
  • m3x40 screw x4
  • m3x30 screw x7
  • m3x25 screw x2 (I have in another pack)
  • m3x20 screw x4 (I have in another pack)
  • m3x18 screw x24
  • m3x12 screw x6 (I have in another pack)
  • m3x10 screw x16
  • m3 square nuts
  • m3 nuts regular  
As I've used some MK3S X Axis parts, I also need
  • m3nN nyloc nut
  • m3nS square nut

3D Printer Metal Fixing

So I'm making a sort of Prusa MK2 / MK3 clone-ish thing, not exactly a clone, but very close to a clone. So I need a bunch of nuts a bolts and things from a nuts and bolts hardware store. There is Bunnings everywhere across the Australian state of Victoria, sprouting up ahead of developments everywhere like some sort of weed, in empty recently rezoned farmland at a train line extension waiting for suburbia to catch up. I can go to Bunnings.

Also there is a competitor to Bunnings that may carry better quality stock that I'm patriotically disposed to, Mitre Ten, but basically it will be the same as Bunnings, a home improvement store/ light building supplies store.

Better yet it appears is a proper commercial nuts and bolts retailer, that has a good online store, not fast, but actually otherwise good, and a great deal of stock listed on line. I can buy nuts by the piece, not by the pack. So I'm probably going to do that and I'll save money vs Bunnings even including shipping, which is a modest $13.50, better than a 1 hour drive each way.

So I've found a new untried favourite vendor, bolt.com.au.

Now I have to do the slightly boring part of actually figuring out my order. I need some MK2 parts and some MK3S parts. So I'll need to go through the online Prusa MK2 and MK3S relevant sections to note down all the nuts and bolts I need, and then to make an order.

The Prusa MK2 instructions for the Y axis/ base are here. The Prusa MK3S instructions for the X, Z and E (extruder) axis are here.

Giant Dropper Post v2 Servicing

My 2017 model year Giant Trance 2 came with a Giant v2 dropper post. It has been reliable enought, but the cables and cable housing tend to wear out faster than you would expect.

I've been looking for a complete, exact model youtube video on how to service it for ages, and I finally found one, in Italian:

Cake vs Fritter

Potatoes cakes in Victoria are called potato fritters in New Zealand. They have a minor textual abs appearance difference; without wrinkles in Melbourne.

3D Printing 3D Printer Parts

So I'm using my 3d printer to print parts for another 3d printer. Usefully, Prusa has a recommendation for this:

  • use PETG plastic, which I had already decided to use independently
  • use 20% infill, which is less that I thought!

Ear Buds Wants

I have no need, but a di so have a desire to own a pair of AKG ear buds.  I owned a pair 15 years ago and they were excellent.

So I'm lusting after the current model, with reason: