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Odds and Ends

This looks like great holiday fodder, if I ever get around to having one, quoth:

'foldschool is a collection of free cardboard furniture for kids, handmade by you.'


I'll be jazzing up the size here with some new style sometime soon. Here are the top and bottom bits I've constructed so far.


Went jogging on Saturday, did 75 minutes at 155 bpm followed by yoga. Went jogging tonight did 35 minutes at 160 bpm follow by yoga. I can almost touch my toes again :)


Here is a shot of a hedgehog from my back lawn. It is a littl'in.

Went jogging yesterday, 25 mins at 150pbm.

aka Special K Questions

Wellington is a little place, and seeing as I had actually met ms_aka_special_k at some point I asked her for questions too, hard questions actually!

1. What is the worst thing you've ever done to someone else? Do you regret it?

As a young teenager during my parents breakup I didn't really want to talk to my mother for a couple of years, and barely did, which must have been very hard on her.

We are sweet as these days though.

2. Have you ever killed anything?

One Sunday morning I was in my kitchen. I was walking towards a cupboard to put away a clean dish that was in my hand. Out of the bottom cupboard ran a small grey field mouse.

I freaked momentarily, jumping perhaps inches in the air. Then landed.

What happened next is quite interesting. Without thinking I stepped forward with my right foot onto the mouse as it ran in front of me across the floor. I was wearing soft soled slippers. I felt the mouse break in unsubtle ways underneath my forefoot.

I removed my foot and stood dead still looking at the mouse. Its front half was motionless. The two back legs desperately tried to run away, but the mouse remained flat against the floor. Slowly a large drop of dark red blood formed from the mouses nose onto the floor. The mouse was breathing quickly.

After about five seconds the kicking stopped as did the breathing and the bleeding, the thing lay dead.

I buried it next to my little mandarin tree.

Rest in peace field mouse.

3. Have you ever felt in danger of being killed? Did your life flash before your eyes?

When I was a young boy, perhaps 9, I was almost run over trying to cross the road on my bicycle. I did see a ute flash past me, but no recollections otherwise.

4. What embarrassing record/cd/tape do you have in your collection?

I think I have Ace of Base, that is pretty bad. After various flatmate's moved out I've ended up with the Dirty Dancing soundtrack which I swear I didn't buy!

5. What's your best hangover cure?

Mizone by a country mile.


I went jogging tonight with my heart rate monitor. I kept in my medium heart rate zone for running which is between 160 and 175 beats per minute.

I ran for about 35 minutes at about 170 beats per minute average. I really noticed they my heart beat pace and my running speed are actually quite out of whack. Towards the end I didn't run fast at all but my heart rate was higher.

I'm curious to see how my heart rate develops.

Tuesday Night Gathering

Hi Bloglings,

If you know my address you are welcome to chill at my place tonight from 8:30pm.


Firefox is Fab

My web stats say that many of you have not discovered the joys of Firefox.

Click here to download it, at about 4 megs it is 1/5th the download of IE7.

Tabbed Browsing
Middle click or click both mouse buttons on links to open them in a new tab. To open a blank tab use control and t. Using tabs means you can browse 30 websites at once without your windows task bar getting spastic.

Text Resizing:
Firefox has text resizing that works. Use control and + to make text bugger, control and - to make text smaller.

Goody Goody

I went toy shopping up Cuba St on Saturday. Here I am trusting my instincts for following my passions rather than looking at this purchase from any financial standpoint. Two of the boxes are the same, one is different.

Oh goody goody, goody toys for d3vo.

Meeting ms_who

It was a moderate summer night, early in the evening. I was dressed up. I was in the Hutt, Seaview to be exact, an industrial zone.

So there was there band playing, called Paradise Dance Band. They were musically new to me. The combination of a banjo, a violin and blues guitar amongst the ensemble was quite challenging. They played a style of music that I hadn't heard before, a genre that didn't make into current popular culture like the Blues and Jazz genres of the same period.

I was there on account of the swing news letter, who had been contacted by the band so that they would have some people there to start the dancing, as far as I could tell.

It was at a second hand car dealers, but it was classy. The second hand dealer had a bunch of immaculate old classics; a Woolesly, some MGs and bemas. I liked the red MG the best, but at 30k it was a bit out of my price range.

So I'd been there an hour, and had danced a bit with ms_oregon. I danced with mr_oregon too but that was later in the evening.

I was talking with ms_oregon and others and a women came over to say hello to ms_oregon, an acquaintance of hers from recent party. I introduced myself early in the conversation.

Ms_who was wearing a dark blue shiny satin sleeveless dress in a classic soft hourglass line. She had on some impractical and hard looking low heels with a simple strap across the lower foot. It was dark and the dress looked kind of sea green in the soft shadows of the building.

We talked a lot and shared my diet tonic water, we were both gin drinkers with cars. I offer her a business card with my number on it, she accepted. I idly thought of taking her outside and trying to kiss her but Seaview is an industrial wasteland and it wouldn't have been conducive.

I danced with mr_oregon to the raucous support from the other lindy hoppers and got dragged into more dancing by a particularly unsubtle swango approach.

Before I left I went over and said goodbye. She said goodbye with some intensity in her voice, a positive indication.

She texted me later that night and we exchanged a few before sleep.

Firefox & Bags

If you are a chick and you have a laptop, check out these tote bags for laptops. Quite inspired.


In geek news check out this page of Firefox market share statistics. It show New Zealand and Australia are up to 24.8%. This is awesome new for lovers of the internet.

Browser statistics for you my bloglings look like this:

Click the picture to make it bigger.

Lost Season 3


I'm still watching season three of lost, just finished episode 13, downloading some more as we speak.

It is getting good, a main character has just accidentally teleported his father to the island, the father that tried to kill him by pushing him out an eight story window. Nice plot twist that. People keep saying it is a soap, but you can't have teleporting in the soap genre, only secret twins. So I maintain that Lost is in the sci-fi genre.


I finished insulating my hot water cylinder cover today. I bought a bunch of underfloor insulation and hacked it into place. It took a while and left me covered in white bits. Should save me some more dollars a month. I need to by some correct gauge lagging and crawl under the house though.

Gold Coast Trip

The beach round the corner, in the distance is surfers paradise beach.

We assembled dinner one evening, compsci guys don't smile for the camera fyi.

A view to Brisbane from the river in Brisbane, called the Brisbane river. The aboriginal name for the river has been lost, which says a lot to me about Australians.

A strange metal ball contrast against an orange building, just like it looks.

Gold Coast

Hi All,

Am in the Gold Coast for the weekend with uni comp sci friends, good times. We have a penthouse with a private rooftop spa, and are a about a 2 minute walk to the beach. No views but I'm not about the views.

I'm blogging from a very very large mall thing. It took me and mr_noob about an hour to casually walk past all the front shops without going in to any of them. Might get some funky sneakers but haven't spied anything else that I want to nab.

Yesterday was Movieworld day, tonight is casino night, tomorrow a show with dinner, Monday we explore Brisbane a little.

Catchyall next week!!




Doolies in Petone one Thursday night. Some have gone back to whence they came overseas, some are here to stay. Complex business picking a continent and country to live in. Wedge and Jules are gone, Mike and Quinny are here to stay.

Coffee Time

A barrista pouring my mid afternoon mocha.

Oriental Parade at Dusk


Snapped this on the way to get ms_little_sister her tradme purchased laptop.