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Sunday Coffee

Sunday coffee with ms_who, mr_oregon and ms_oregon. I had a ham turkish which was very nice. mr_oregon below with what looks like a latte?

ms_orgeon with her latte.

Chased away mr_oregon's hand making a cheeky pass at ms_who ;)


Unst unst!

Here is a picture of dj_noob playing with my new toys, the ones that came in these boxes.

Double Dipper 2007

The double dipper is this small club-run event in Levin. The event isn't really on the net, promotion is by word of mouth. Lots of runners I know told me about it, but the course was mysterious. If figured double dipper had to have something to do with hills.

We drove out from Wellington. We suited up in camelbacks, heart rate monitors and carried goo. Both girls took their nanos.

Before video (grainy but only 4 megs):

The run was pretty good. Mostly pine forest trails which are good to run through. I took the first 20 minutes nice and casual to give my body a chance to warm up. Pushe d things a little up the first hill, which was quite long.

From there tried to cruise at about 175 bpm.

The day was warm and very still, no clouds to be still, and excellent running day for May.

The course had mostly gentle undulations, but I had to check myself to stop my heart rate going very high when I went up the hilly bits.

After video:

I think I finished in about 1:55 or so, with an average bpm of at least 175. Solid training, very happy with the day. Winning mens time was 1:12, pretty cranking.

We ate sausages and chilled out on white deck chairs at the Outdoor centre that staging the race. It was nice. I won a spot prize of some Fila socks and an electric car mug.

Tickets for Thursday Comedy

Dear bloglings,

I bought a block of 10 tickets to a comedy thing on Thursday night called "The Imposters" that is part of the Comedy Festival. This linky goes to their show description. The show is on at Mighty Mighty this Thursday at 8pm.

I have three or four tickets left at $8 each. Text me 021 239 4328 if you want some.

Formatting English like Code

This site talks about an alternative formatting for text online. Instead of this

they suggest that you format text like this

What is interesting is that when I auto-format my Java code, it looks something like this:

Coders have been formatting this way since the 60s!! The yellow underlines in the code is my editor highlighting that it can make minor improvements and suggestions about my code. Kind of like if Word had a feature called sentence-construction-helper-checker.


I bought an iPod yesterday. I expect to need one later in the year. I got one that looks like this, it is white as pictured and 30gig flavoured.

Along with my earlier wants to have all my music rippedI've now got little piles of ripped and unripped in my lounge.

I'm ripping things to a large format, 244 Kbps variable bit rate MP3, about twice the default setting.

Unfortunately I was born with ears, unlike most ipod owners. I can tell this because they don't replace their $5 ipod earphones with something capable, most people simply want something that merely approximates music.

With my pretty good pair of fully enclosed earphones, 244Kbps sounds quite a bit worse than a CD, but 320Kbps will make the iPods battery life go pants. 320Kbps sounds much like a CD however and I'll know, deep down, that my music experience is flawed with the little machine.

My ripping is slow going, I've only ripped what looks like a tiny pile and I'm already up to 22gigs. No hope by a long margin of carrying all my music with me on this machine. Playlists it is then.

Dodgy TelstraClear

Got this dodgy message from TelstraClear today about my usage:

This is an automatically generated message. Please do not respond to this email address.


High Speed Service: HighSpeed Service 128XXXXX
Account number: 74XX

You have now used 514 additional block[s] of usage, on your TelstraClear HighSpeed Internet plan for the period to 11/05/2007.

Additional usage blocks are charged at $2.95 per block of 1,024 megabytes, regardless of the number of megabytes you use from that block.

We will endeavour to send you another reminder email if you use additional usage blocks.


TelstraClear Internet Services Team

The are suggesting that I used half a terabyte of traffic in the last few days and that I owe the $1500!! Bahaha, good one.

Sunday Jog

In my training today was down for a long sunday jog. I did 120 minutes at about 165 bpm. Flat running, some hill walking and some hill running. I played in the hills a bit near Te Whiti park. I am now biohazard smelly and require a shower.

New Look, Complain!

Am customising my blog template. It may be broken for you in ways I haven't noticed. If it is broken for you please complain in the comments here :)

I'm not entirely happy with the negative space, it will take me a few weeks to figure it out properly.

Organising Music

As part of advanced work for certain rumpish festivities later in the year, I'm organising my music so that I can play with it in my toys.

To do this I need to rip it all to MP3. This isn't too hard, but takes a while. I'll rip it all with iTunes because that is the defacto standard library manager, and it can be coerced into burning mp3 cds, the penultimate output of the exercise.

I've got a bunch of MP3s already that iTunes can't read the tags in properly. To fix this you want to use a tool like this one, called musicbrainz. It will put tags into mistagged or untagged mp3s in a way that I hope iTunes can make sense of.

Next you want to move your music somewhere with lots of storage, like your home server. Apple gives instructions on how to do this here.

Happy ripping :)

Hospital Visits

My mum is in hospital at the mo. She has got her on again off again twisted stomach thing. They have made her more reticulated than usual, which she hates, but that should speed her recovery which is likely imminent.

I saw her last night and tonight and will see her tomorrow too most likely.

Less serious than the medical problems facing stronger-light and the-fishbowls problems I expect, *hugs* to them.