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Plan B

I've talked to you about my plan B. Yes you on my sidebar, you at the pub.

I'm going to be in a position in the next year to start serious work on my plan B to get out of society as I know it. I have some money RIGHT NOW but I need to do some research, I need to pick my grandmothers brain while she is still around.

Our society with its Mochaccinos and XBOX 360s isn't going to work out. Bio-diesel isn't the answer exactly because it puts up the global price of food contributing to global starving. Net return on energy from oil is starting to get silly.

If your remember me ranting about this stuff my plan B is this:
- find some people
- buy some land together
- drill a well on it, if necessary
- buy some insulated shipping containers
- read a bunch of books on farming
- assemble a mighty pile of hand tools
- plant fruit and nut trees

At the same time personally I need to refocus things on developing my personal revenue streams in a way that let me be in the country some of the time. This is difficult, but solvable in my profession.

Come forth the brave.

Funky Shoes

At last, after much frustration I have found a shoe store in Wellington that sells funky shoes for men that are not marketed at black people. The shoe store has some of those but it also has delicious mens shoes like these :)

Auckland Weekend

Last weekend I was in Auckland. It was nice. Here are some photos.

Breakfast of champions, at a pies and fries only shop downtown. Good pies! Left is bacon and egg, centre is mince and cheese.

At the coffee show, pictures of different coffee available in Auckland. I tried some Fair Trade and some pod coffee, both pretty average.

Mmmm, pretty futuristic glass buildings on the viaduct :)

A wind sculpture in Auckland. With this picture no aucklander can be complain to me with any dignity about the Wellington wind. The sculpture moved lots.

In this shot you can see both the bed and the batch. It was a curiosity.

At Williams place, he has Pampillon puppies!

Underneath the countless chillies there was yummy hot fish! Accompianed by a cold-hot salad.

At dinner

At yum-cha the sign says ''PLEASE VATATE YOUR TABLE". Nice typo, lends an air of authenticity.

At Auckland airport we had to board via a boarding ladder thing! Just like being in Christchurch!

New Blogger

Found out that a fellow contractor at work has a blog about films that his does with his girlfriend. Looks like sharp reviewing :)


Rumple Rumple

Have starting Rumpling again. Logo for 07 is in place, email invites and a flyer will be out this week. Should have parts of my new kitchen in place by then too :)

not-kate, when are you available for beer shopping, midday Saturday? I want to make a beer tower in my spare room, just like as if I was playing with lego.

TV Really Sucks

I've watched a bunch of TV in the last little while. I've been sick enough not to be able to read, except for today, and too tired for computer games.

I've snacked on television bits of the last few evenings. It really is a wasteland. Maybe it gets better later in the week, but shouldn't one of the channels have something watchable at primetime on a Monday night?

The news was the biggest disappointment. TV one was showing bits of lonely girl 15 from youtube one the news. Gah!! That is stale internet my friends, quite stale.

I don't know if I could go back to watching TV now even if I wanted to. The spell is broken, the wizards wands have run out of fizz.

At home again today, waiting for my dizzyness to pass. Read my first Cory Doctorow novel, which I legally downloaded from his site and printed.

It was pretty good, talking about a future human society where a culture called the Bitchun predominates. Was cool, with a nice little twist at the end. It was another go at explaining a technology integrated post money society.

The book is a bit like Billys unpublished-first-book-that-he-doesn't-seem-interested-in-publishing-quite-yet but not as good.

However I don't feel that anyone has done a good job yet of fiction that shows how it is that we might get past greed related personal ownership.


I came down with a fever on Tuesday night. Had fevery days and nights until last night, my first fever free night.

Haven't eaten very much this past week, perhaps about 1/4 of what I would normally. On the mend, slowly.