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ms_little_sister is not sure about her designer dress! She got a dress tailored for her out of a couch covering fabric as a way to advertise it. I convinced her not to rid herself of it, it is retro cool!!

We both liked the food though. Mmm, sweet mamas cafe!

Fedora Core 8 Config


There is a pretty complete Fedora Core 8 setup guide to be found here. It is actually quite a bit cooler than the cheesy logo shown above.

The only extra bit I've needed so far is to do a

sudo yum -y install eclipse-platform


Fedora Core 8 is smokin'

I'm downloading Fedora Core 8 with Bittorrent, it is the newest version of my favourite operating system.. It is downloading very fast!! Note that it has 12 percent to go in 22 minutes.

The impressive thing is that the Fedora Core 8 Dvd is 3.3 gigs!!


Temporary Flatties

I have some temporary flatties. They are a bit blurry however:

Movember Cupcakes


The cupcakes have chocolate moustaches, very neat. Work takes its fund raising quite seriously. As a contractor I end up buying one of everything out of a sense of obligation.



My hairdresser with her new shiny reddy-brown colour and cut. Suits her nice soft roundy face. Mmm.

not-kates 30th

Twas not-kates 30th last night. We dined pseudo-middle-eastern then went to a pub for some drinks.

I bought not-kate a Vodka and coke, then as we moved downstairs I got us both a Chartreuse. I think Chartreuse is really nice; zesty, spicy, sharp, sweet but most of all balanced. It tastes like the smell of sweet freshly cut green grass.

not-kates reaction to the Chartreuse was to clamp her hand on mouth like it was burning. It is possible her delicate feminine palette was not prepared in the prior moment, and that her mouth may have in fact been burning.

not-kate made sure every body go layed, including herself.

not-kate about to blow out the cake that her mother made for her.

not-kate double fisting later in the evening, the drink in her left hand is a vodka and coke.

iPod => Computer

There are several deliberate holes in the iTunes software. The big one is that it is one way. It doesn't want to put music from your iPod back onto your computer if it can help it.

To fix this there are a class of programs that fill the gap. I'm using this one right now shuffe things off my iPod to a second computer.



In other news my 17inch Philips LCD died again. That is three deaths in 4 years, not a great record. This one isn't covered by warranty, bums!

Time to upgrade to a 23 wide, yah!

Sore Arms!

It is Saturday and my arms are still very sore from Pump class on Wednesday. I am having a lot of trouble getting my arms up to put my manbag over my head, oucheee!

I booked a room at Te Mata Lodge for mr_houserenovator1's wedding in Feb, which is also art deco weekend. I'll be djing the wedding, will be a monster weekend.

I took a bunch of the neat prints I bought in Seattle to the framer this morning. I will have some very cool art my on walls but that framing is expensive!

To The Gym

I figured out several things while I was away, I'm going to talk about my body in this post.

Firstly I kind of miss some aspects of the body I had when I was ten years younger. I haven't seem my abs for a while and could do with some general upper body toning.

Some aspects of my body are a lot more advanced than they were ten years ago. My general endurance is a lot more developed than it was ten years ago, as I figured out when tramping late last year.

The ability for my legs to take untold repetitions at light and medium loads with almost no next day effects is kind of cool. I really have to do something pretty horrible to them before they complain.

So I'm back to the gym as of today to get some more upper body toning and strength. I'm going to do classes this time. This works better than when I was at the gym last, there is now a Les Mills in the hutt and two within walking distance from work, I've got many classes to choose from.

Tonight was body pump, a high repetition light weight aerobics class featuring barbells. It would be nice if it made me look like this but that won't happen with this class alone.

My arms are so tired right now that typing is uncomfortable. Someone called on the phone earlier and I had to keep holding the phone in different arms to stop them burning. I may have trouble dressing myself tomorrow morning. mr_westend will be pleased I'm sure.

My Wedding Speech

All three groomsmen gave a short speech, including me. Well, I really read a short story rather than a traditional speech. Here it is with speaking emphasis.

Take a look at the composed couple before you, now I'll take you back in time :)

I walked into a bar, late afternoon, slacking off from some algorithm design.

I sat in a booth, got handed some cider, it was somebody else's round.

I drank, it was late summer.

There were six of us, lively conversation ensued.

I got up to buy a round, waited at the counter,

t u m b l e w e e d s . . .

I glanced to my left down the l o n g bar, waiting for the order.

I saw mr_noob down the bar, dressed smart casual. He'd done something with his hair, for perhaps, the first time ever. I smelled cologne.

I scooped up my drinks and sidled over to say hello.

He returned the expression and introduced a women next to him.

They both looked uncomfortable, she had just walked in.

I invited them to join my table if it took their fancy.

Mr_noobs mouth said maybe later, his body said no way!

At this point the woman next to him, who was clearly his date, politely said “thanks”, I wondered off.

I'd just met ms_organisatrix for the first time, about a minute later than mr_noob.

The magic of Wellington is that you can meet anyone anywhere, but Wellington is a hard mistress, she likes to clump, good thing stogether.

Wedding: mr_noob & ms_organisatrix

Went to the wedding of mr_noob and ms_organisatrix yesterday. It was a cool wedding. We did photos first, wedding second. Was fun but exhausting. Here are some nice photos.

The groomsmen before setting out at about 11:15 in the morning.

The view from The Pines.

Cake cutting. Mmmm, cake.


Congrats mr_noob and ms_organisatrix!! :-)

Fav Holiday Japan Photos

Now that I'm back at home and have a proper workstation to work with, here are some of my favorite photos from Japan.

Bamboo forest surrounding a temple.

A cool pad down mr_foodies street.

Tokyo fish market.

Kyoto castle, the one with the nightingale floors.

A Japanese garden, part of the castle shown above.

Mr_noobs stag

When you are one degree of separation from the stag, this acts as a kind of restraint against what you get the stag to do. This might be some kind of natural behave-in-kind type thinking that stems from worry about vengeance.

When there are two degrees of separation between the stag and a member of the stag party, well lets just say that loosens things up a little.

At first mr_noob was most uncomfortable with his light blue shiny plastic cowboy hat. He seemed to get used to it eventually.

His thoughts on the stag challenge t-shirt seems to alter as the night went on. He eventually figured out how to use it as a tool, a good sign for any human. Those permanent marker pens sure got a lot of use on it.

My hazed recollections have several high points that I will recount:

Several members chanting "dance monkey boy dance" as mr_noob wandered toward the tables of dancing 21 year old women in dresses to join them. They played with his hat, of course.

Laughing very hard at mr_noob and mr_scottish singing kareoke at K club. Very very funny and unexpected to hear the scottish accent in that setting.

Various spankings at the electric avenue. He may have some red marks there. Sorry about that ms_organisatrix!

Bit Tired today

I'm feeling the effects of staying awake lots yesterday. At least I slept and eat in the right timezone yesterday, but am bit slow on it this morning.


Hi all,

I'm back in Wellington. Mum thought I was back a few days ago and left a voice mail message to that effect, bless her. But really I was meant to be back today!

I got up around 9am in Seattle on Wednesday. It's now 9:30am on Friday morning and I've been travelling since then to get here. Even counting for the day lost over the date line it still a long time not to sleep properly.

I'll be staying awake by running errands and drinking lots of good coffee. Some good coffee in Seattle and some in London, but you had to seek that stuff out with a lot of enthusiasm.

Back in Petone, a luscious mochaccino is only a 15 mintue walk away :-)

Oh, and must organise the stag do t-shirt. But first of all a shower!