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Zero-sum World Economy

These articles are an interesting talk about our possible near future. They are written by an Economist for the Financial Times magazine.

The dangers of living in a zero-sum world economy.

Welcome to a world of runaway energy demand.



Pump Class Etiquette

I was doing pump class the end of last week, quite hard after work on a Friday.

I found myself grunting during the press ups just at the end of the class. We were doing those cross over ones to a fast tempo. Is grunting in a gym class bad etiquette?

Things broke

Yesterday was a tough day at the office, things broke in multiple.

The first breakage was a memory leak. I had told the support guy the day before that I believed that our app was going to run out of memory and that we should restart it precautionarily overnight. He thought it would run to Sunday when it gets restarted as a matter of course.

Turns our I was right, our app broke Friday morning. The opps guys restarted the app and within about two minutes hundreds of probably very grumpy and annoyed people had logged on to it again; more than one per second.

The second breakage was some bad date logic that made money move around before it was meant to. This is very very bad. Much refunding of fees and fixups required by customer support people. Very sorry customer report people.

Unfortunately our lead time to fix this problem is measured in days not hours, you need to be very sure that your new patched app is actually better than what you had before.

It is pretty easy to introduce new or more serious bugs when fixing things. Various department heads where still grinding it out to see when we should put a fix in. To compound this issue our testing database was running shonky. We got a DBA off his holiday to try to fix that. Soz DBA guy.

I'll probably get called off holiday to fix things or babysit in the next 10 days myself.

These kinds of breakages are probably inevitable but it makes me cringe big time on the inside. The emotional crumpling generates a lot of stress and pressure.

Yummy Dinner

I had a yummy dinner last week. Mussels $1, steak $10, salad $1, diet soda $1, good company $free.

Observe the devastation:


Coffies I Like

I like these tasty coffee's

  • Supreme
  • Ripe
  • Gravity
  • Havana
  • Fuel
  • Mojo

Point And Click Gaming

Here is a tasty selection of point and click gaming goodness.



Moron :)

Oh joyus animated gifs!

Click, wait a bit, then watch the moron :)


I am breakupsies with ms_who. This makes me a bit vunderable and lonely but nothing spectacular.

However this causes the guy part of my brain to construct this list for various purposes:
- hot chick from mr_planes 30th who was engaged/ married
- friend-not-in-the-country number 1
- friend-not-in-the-country number 2
- never-single-at-same-time-girl
- old friend
- girl-in-other-nz-city number 1
- girl-in-other-nz-city number 2
- wellingtonian okcupid stalker girl

PS, be wary of rebounding d3vo.

Welcome, Mr Flash

Welcome, mr_flash. His blog is here.

He is staying with me a bit too while he looks for a flat nearby. We shall menace the street like wasps on our hotted up kick scooters :)

Word Geekery

The Washington Post has also published the winning submissions to its
yearly contest, in which readers are asked to supply alternate meanings
for common words.

coffee, n. the person upon whom one coughs.

flabbergasted, adj. appalled by discovering how much weight one has gained.

abdicate, v. to give up all hope of ever having a flat stomach.

esplanade, v. to attempt an explanation while drunk.

willy-nilly, adj. impotent.

negligent, adj. absentmindedly answering the door when wearing only a

lymph, v. to walk with a lisp.

gargoyle, n. olive-flavored mouthwash.

flatulence, n. emergency vehicle that picks up someone who has been
run over by a steamroller.

balderdash, n. a rapidly receding hairline.

testicle, n. a humorous question on an exam.

rectitude, n. the formal, dignified bearing adopted by

pokemon, n. a Rastafarian proctologist.

oyster, n. a person who sprinkles his conversation with Yiddishisms.
Frisbeetarianism, n. the belief that, after death, the soul flies up
onto the roof and gets stuck there.

circumvent, n. an opening in the front of boxer shorts worn by
Jewish men.

Browser Stuff


I'm slowly watching the browser scene for usage on this site. I want Mozilla to get more than %50, but it still has a way to go. It is however getting there slowly :)

Cheese in a can

Although there is a lot of good eating in Seattle, you can still find cheese in a can.

mr_alligator showing his cheese eating technique!

Blade Runner, take 3


Wired interviewed Ridley Scott about the third release of Blade Runner. I hope they do a blueray version too.

The interview is here, and quite fascinating for you/ us sci-fi nuts.

Work Party

We had a cool dressup party for work on a Thursday. It was a no-speech nibbles, dinner, drinks and dancing evening. The project manager from the business side turned out to be a dj! Between us I think we have a full set of dj gear.

ms switzerland, obscured by a cowboy.

A gaisha

Austin powers and an English punter.


The short end of the very long table.


Went to billies party last weekend. Heard some bands play including billies. I don't really like the genre of his band however, it is my least favourite music genre.

Ran into un unlikely trio. It is difficult to get these three people together. So difficult in fact that nobody tries.

Space time must have had a cold to allow this to happen.

Stag vs Groom


A stag, caught he the headlight and momentarily stunned. Notice the unchecked name on his t-shirt, he hadn't even drunk his name yet! (cafe Istanbul)

Groom, wearing a half-windsor knotted tie tied by myself. I did the all the groomsmen too so that we would match. The button hole was a little tricky to get on. The trick is to put the pin in horizontally so that it opposes the force of the flower.

He looks more comfortable in the tie than in the cowboy hat. I quite like the cowboy hat, I thought it made him look cool.

Cracking Weather on Sunday


Nice day for a barbie it was!

Come to my Sunday Barbeque

Today (Sunday 2nd December 2007) I am barbering, the first barbeque of the summer. Bring your meat and I will sear it :)

Some salads, breads, cold drinks and beats provided. Hope to see you soon.