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Mr_flash surprised ms_flash with a surprise birthday how-to-host-a-murder-mystery party. ms_flash had no idea, she had been completely ambushed. She walked in and was a bit confused, it seemed to take about 10 seconds for her to figure out what was going on :)

It was good fun. The big open space lounge worked really well for the role playing.

I was a gambler, not a whale like high roller, just a gambler. Twas fun. My character wasn't having an affair with anyone, sadly.

I djed a bunch and talked with ms_flashes flatmates and friends who were into djing too. They seemed to respect the seriousness of my approach. We talked a bunch about gear and approaches to choosing sets. I mostly played sample jazzy stuff and some loungey downbeat beats.


Hows life?
Meh, its allright.

Anything need fixing?

Anthing you really want to do?

What next?
More meh?

Monday Night Dating

I had my first Monday night date tonight, although it kind of felt like Sunday night dating on account of the long weekend. It was nice, low stress meal at a restaurant with good company.

First off the food and service were both unmagical which I found quite disappointing. If you go in search of fine dining and don't get it, you don't go back!

She was nice and fairly pretty, but I'm not sure about our mutual abilities to comprehend each others core drivers*. I've got mixed feelings about the date and need to cogitate on it in my sleep.


* Having a partner unable to comprehend any of the drivers that make me happy gets very tired fast for me. But there is a big difference between not understanding and not even bothering to learn.

Blog Tidy

I've been tidying old posts today. I've tagged some posts that were untagged, got lots tagged as dating related it seems.

This post is my answers to questions that ms_aka_special_k asked me a long time ago, in a since past meme.

I stumbled upon this post where I rumbled mr_noob meeting mrs_organisatrix for the first time after learning about each other on findsomeone. Later I was a groomsman at their wedding.

In this post I answer the alligators question from my open question post earlier.

Best of all I have finished the blog post of New Years Eve 2007 which is a little video of everybody saying their best moment of the year. We are all sitting in the sun and looking very happy, content and relaxed, enjoy!!

Sandwhiches Summerset 2008


Summerset 2008 was awesome. I really enjoyed it 1pm through midnight. I kind of felt that this segment of music in NZ is now much more in synch with my tastes than it was a decade ago. Most of the drum and bass played is in the style that I associated with drum and bass, this wasn't the case 5 years ago.

Summerset was great because everything I heard was good, and between the two stages there was something of medium to high interest playing basically the whole day/ night. There were lots of Jazz influences in the phrasing of pretty much everything I heard, I am more able to identify those structures after learning 8 count footwork.

Minuit where pretty tight, they played early to a small but appreciative crowd. In places they sounded a bit like Leftfield or Fatboy Slim, a fairly retro house sound but with a crazy bouncy lead singer with wild wild hair. I enjoyed them a lot. Go kiwi.

Timmy Shumacher and Dunsta
played next. Dunsta is an MC which means she ad libbed rap over Shumackers beats for the whole set. Caught the beginging and the end of these guys, they were pretty sharp.

LTJ Bukem and MC Conrad I think were my favourite. Pretty much there whole performance was enjoyable. Bukems rolling drumb and bass was smooth and tight. They gave the crowd lots of mini dance breaks, then got the crowd dancing again. This is exceeding difficult to do, these guys really knew how to play to a crowd.

A couple of Bukems techniques I'll note here for later reference. He used 'ringing' type sounds on his off deck to great effect. He'd cut to the ringing noise for 8 beats then cut back to the main track, mixing samples and music as opposed to music and music.

He also made use of mixing high pitch percussion and low pitch percussion, crossing between them for contrast. He was djing off vinyl.

Shapeshifter where good, the crowd mostly appeared to have come to see these guys. They played lots of there well known stuff, but also a couple of tracks from Fat Freddys Drop. It was all danceable and about 2/3 thirds of it I thought was excellent. Nice work with the lighting too.

Dave Seaman was both the most boring and the most exciting dj that played all night. The first thing I noticed was the cool video stuff they had playing, it was very stylised and very cool. There was this landscape flyover video thing, this crazy hooded woman doing kung fu with balls, and some nice infinite pipe corridors.

I caught the beginning and the end of his set, both good. He got very boring in the middle IMHO. We ended the night at the supertop jumping around to him, or at least I was jumping around :)


Repurposing the scoreboard, sweet!

If you squint you can see Minuit on stage. We are just behind the sound desk at the back of the tent here.

It started out cold. Malibu had a tent and were selling slushi cocktails. Unfortunately in the early afternoon it was freezing, after a few minutes in the supertop tent thingie the slushi froze over again on the outside! WTF?


Being a Wellington event there was good coffee to be had. This Cafe L'affare stand did a great job, mostly short queues too!

After watching bits of Al Minns on youtube the previous day I ended up dancing lots of jumpstyle charleston and trying out some doublekicks and back kick things I saw on Ultimate Lindy Hop Showdown (ULHS) clips. Posture! Being Wellington nobody gave me a second look :-)

Chocolate & Sushi

I have limited, if marked, experience of combining chocolate and sushi. I tried some chocolate sushi that a catering company had put on at some work function or other in the distant past.

I spied one on a tray, it was sushi with a huge wodge of chocolate, melted and set in the middle.

I grabbed one and eagerly jammed the thing into my gob. I chewed slowly and thoughtfully as my gastric senses cogitated.

Suddenly my opinion became fixed! The combination of savoury seaweed tang and sweet bitter chocolate activated my gag reflex and I was left to uncomfortably swallow the mass and hurriedly wash away the taste.

Not recommended.

Chillin' Sunday

Got up extra earlyto drop off the alaskins at their bus drop in town, said our goodbyes. They had tried a mocha, latte and roti for the first time. They seemed to like Motel.

Got up after second sleeps and went to mr & ms_flashes place for brunch, scambled on bagels with bacon. went to the mall for foot and face things.

Chilled in the afternoon then back to mr & ms_flashes place to watch more lost in the evening, Lost.S04E07, we are now all caught up!

Manic Friday

Friday was super busy for me. I got into work at my regular time and the day started easily. No crazy making emails where present and I had time to grab a cup of Milo (tm).

I helped out with some regular expression goodness for a cowo doing a project wide replacement. The cowo wasn't green, but he is the designated junior in what is a wildly experienced team. He seemed to think that it was a good idea that he did lots of typing to fix a problem, intending to make hundreds of changes.

That approach sounds reasonably if you are the knowledge worker equivalent of a boiler room worker feeding the coal into the heart of a steam punk engine, but I like to think our project is more progressive. I suggested we use the most simplest form of meta-programming, smart replacement.

I showed him something like
html:rewrite name="([^.]+\.js|JS)"
html:rewriteJs location="$1"

and explained the history in brief; unix, bash, sed, perl, perl5. He seemed to like that.

The day went on I and collaborated with my long-time-high-pitched-voice cowo on a couple of fixes and diagnoses. Looks like we have some sort of long term intermittent problem with mooshed HTTP requests that are not parsable when then arrive in Java land.

The day ramped up rapidly from there with bits of test support, code, some Mac testing, scheduling and collaborating with guys who write the non-java bits of our project, Solaris build fixes, Linux build fixes and herding WebLogic configs across our team as people jumped in left right and centre in the programing equivalent of a full court press.

I made a build for the test team and collaborated with them trying to figure out how to test our attempted fix to work around broken caching in our customers enterprises.

It was a crazy stressful day and I was throwing tasks back up the conveyer belt into next week in a desperate attempt to beat the clock for our performance related minor release before we get slammed with our peak-hour-of-year sometime next week. I got enough done and headed out the door about six.

Caught up with ms_alaska and mr_alaska who are camping out in my spare room, they are lindy-hopping randoms from states, although ms_alaska has just finished her season on the ice.

We got some excellent curry from Rasa, grabbed a second takeout coffee for the day from Midnight Espresso where they oggled the assortment of cafe food, and headed to Blondinis in the Embasssy.

We met up with about a dozen lindy people and danced to the The Vipers. I drank a bit to try and get my body down from its crazed overstimulated computer state.

We danced till the band finished then went to Motel and I bought rounds of cocktails. I drank Rosebuds and Death in the Gulf Stream. Got a late bus home where we ran into mr_flash and ms_flash on the bus. ms_flash was well trashed, but not devoted enough to pray to the porcelain God, they were cheeseburgering.

Am feeling pretty good today! It is sunny, I will wash and dry clothes and mow some lawns. First up time for a roast vegetable omelette.

The 13th

This is how you chisel the 13th in the 1600s in Winchester for a rich person who gets buried inside the church. Notice the T and the H are merged together, typographic coolness!

The Void

Round the rim we skim,
sometimes the void jumps in front,
but we can avoid with attention.

Are we denying the inevitable?
We've never been richer or poorer,
what happens inside this void?


A return to black, never and always.

321 Selecta!*

Find myself inebriated again after a couple of glasses of red at mr_flashes place. We watched Lost S04E05 which was a doozy. I'm liking how the writters are doing different things with the flashbacks this season.

I scooted home tonight. Not 50 metres from mr_flashes new Rumpusable flat I was accosted by distressed teenager. After a minute of blithering she produced a crumbled piece of paper with some odd directions. She was looking for here but kept getting in the way before I could tell her where it was. I scooted off.

Then at the lights a group of overweight drunk people walked past and offered some friendly banter, "Get off that scooter, I could occupy it better than you can!". I smiled wanly.

Then at the lights some boy racer cam close to running me over, 0r perhaps was posturing with stopped half way round a corner, who really knows.

Then almost home and I spot some guy cruising down the street in his mint vintage American muscle car. All very odd. Glad to make it home before something even less likely happened.

If you were curious about last nights dating I was 0/2, disappointing but not inconsistent.

* Post 321 brought to you by retro trance.

Speed Dating 2008.1

Speed dating was a success, although potentially only for tonight. But a fun very fun evening it was!! Let me recount:

Wake up, pack bag with two changes of clothes, get late bus to work.

Workies workies, lots of task switching, learnt lots about mortgages, lawyers and how banks and lawyers deal with broken infrastructure. Lawyers like faxes, go figure :/

Got some lunch and walked at lunch with a cowo who picked up a seventh surround sound speaker. I should point out that these speakers are of his wifes choosing, cool wife! He doesn't have an amp to drive it yet but he is planning ahead and wants a matching set before the speaker model changes. Solid planning in my book.

Left work, hurried to the gym. Got an awkward position at pump class after walking in late. Did a good pump class, struggled with the chest track and the lunge track. The extra pressups I seem to handle OK using option 3 of 4. My body odour was prodigious, v soz pump class!

Shower, change, hussle back to work. Moisturise, put 'product' in hair, (productise??), style check clothes for lint, deodorise, check nose hairs for trimming and brush teeth.

Head of to meet anonymous old friend to go to speed dating with. Talk crap on the way to speed dating. Get to speed dating and grab some bubbles. Talk crap while waiting aimlessly for all the chicks to turn up. Good fun talk.

Speed dating starts with 8 guys but only 4 chicks, in the hope that more chicks might turn up. Man drought in Wellington my hairy white ass, if it isn't acting like what it says it is then I can't cure its delusions, I don't have a clinical psych degree. Curing would also imply fucking-turning-up at some point. (mental note, must craft some catchy man drought challenge to pull out when someone next mentions the phrase)

The women get seated. The guys were a bit reluctant to step up in the first couple of seconds after we were asked. I lead the way with my good old friend right behind me. Straight to table 1.

Table 1:
A UK redhead chick who I don't find hot but is interesting otherwise. We talk about the UK, running and shoot the breeze. I'm not feeling nervous and she isn't acting nervous :) There are fried pseudo-asian things on the table.

Table 2:
Respectably hot blond chick also from the UK. Not sure why I think she is hotter than the other chick. We talk about running, dancing, her family, shoot the breeze. Not a nervous chick either.

Table 3:
Respectably hot brunette chick from Tenasse(sp?). Kind of unreadble, felt that she didn't like me and was counting time but who really knows? Even if I could read her she would still be a chick?

Table 4:
Chick from the far edge of my most recent exes social circle. I think she is hot now but also did at the time I met her. She fits the type of Gypsie, Hippie or Alternative type that I am attracted to as the opposite of my often highly logical personality. We briefly talk about my ex that is our mutual acquaintance but then I deftly deflect the conversation by talking about the piece of Jazz that is playing that I own a copy of, masterful :)

Turns out we both like Jazz. Talk about running, swing dancing and shoot the breeze.

My picks:
I picked 2 and 4 as yeses, if they also picked me as a yes then I get their email address. As they are chicks it may well be a special Hotmail address crafted as an extra line of defense for extra social rule breaking flexibility.

Random Encounter 1:
So I'm four 'dates' (bad word, wrong set of implications) through and done with 4 more guys waiting their turn and my good old friend up in the last round of dating (2,3,4,breaks,1).

Right then as I settle briefly on the bar stool to gossip with said good friend about said 'dates', an old programming colleague chick who is back from the UK for good wanders up and says hello.

On her shoulder is her cowo. They are a little drunken as they are out for Wednesday drinks. We shoot the breeze and talk about mutual friends. The speed dating host walks over, gives me an approving look and then accuses my old cowos friend of dressing like she is going to a funeral, quite funny!

I wander back to their table with them and we talk crap. My old cowo is hot but and I'm trying to figure out whether she is flirting with me. We are both career Java programmers, and it occurs to me that we may not be as good at the flirting as some other professions, such as perhaps marketing types.

We hang for a drink then wander back to say hello and goodbye to tables 1 to 4. We then wander back and I offer my email address to my old cowo. She takes it without hesitation. I'm not sure she do anything with it, but fishing works faster with bait.

Old friend drives me home and we recount impressions and intell, stitching impressions into a bigger mesh.

I'm four drinks in on a cheeseburger after the gym and feeling pretty trashed right now. There is half a chance we'll get another free speed dating evening for free.

Further things may also eventuate! An awesome Wednesday!



I've added stuff white poeple like and garfied without garfield to my links at the bottom of the right hand bit. Both have made my daily reading list.


Also I've cranked up the font size on this site, was too small under some operating systems. Also as screens get more resolution we need to upscale our fonts from time to time.


Floppy in the lounge.

GutBuster 2008

This morning was the GutBuster 2008, a roughly 12km run around the outside of the Karori Wildlife park. It was sunny but with a cool wind, not much chance of overheating.

The fast guy who is at least a decade older than me from work bet me by 10 minutes and a bit again this year. He past me in exactly the same place as the year before which means we both went about 2 minutes faster than our best previous times :)

Drool Drool, CDJ400s

Pioneer have introduced their new CDJ 400 models to NZ. These look like the CDJ 200s I have but allow scratching and have a plethora of connectivity for USB sticks, hard drives and iPods. Mine just play mp3 cds.

If I didn't need a new kitchen floor I'd be very keen on getting some of these. They will fit my coffin case which was a hefty expense in many terms. I'll probably get a pair of these eventually. The resale value of my current units is about $1100, so I need about a spare $1200 in order to get some, *sigh*.

Check out this simple demonstration, although you may not catch half the lingo.