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Rumpus Djs take 4

07:00 dequeue: lounge
08:00 dj rubics cube?
09:00 swing dancing
09:30 resident hotchpotch: hotchpotch
10:00 P-Vans (see his profile here): breakbeat & dubstep
00:00 dequeue: minimal
00:30 dj flash: random?

Dj Sets

I'm up to drafting sets, a personally important if activity even if not so much to other people.

I've got my lindy set down, and a draft of my house trance set. I need to try my house trance set to see if it is in fact mixable, but I feel that it might be.

I'll crumble together a downbeat set Monday and practice the lot at the venue on Monday night at low volumes :-)

So much to do!!

Rumpus Djs take 3

07:00 dequeue: lounge
07:30 ?
08:30 ?
09:00 swing dancing
09:30 resident hotchpotch: hotchpotch
09:55 krump off
10:00 P-Vans (see his profile here): breakbeat & dubstep
00:00 dequeue: trance
00:30 resident mike d: hardhouse

Rumpus Djs Take 2


07:00 dequeue: lounge
07:30 ?
08:30 ?
09:00 swing dancing
09:30 residents hotch & potch
09:55 krump off
10:00 ?
12:00 dequeue: trance
12:30 resident mike d: hardhouse

Harbour City Half 2008, updated


I ran the half this morning. My preliminary result is 01:50:09 which is a new personal best, a thirty second improvement over my previous best. With a wet jacket and soggy shoes this is a good time for me.

Twas rainy but not super windy, the only tough bit for wind was the finnish up the concourse. My shoes pictured below are quite soggy and cleaned from the water.

I ran good splits of 00:54:01 and 00:56:08. These are good splits because it was a northerly and the first half of the course I had the wind behind me.

Many big thanks to not-kate and ms_swing_dancing_partner for the generous use of their showers and ensuing breakfasts on Saturday mornings over the last while, your support has helped my time a lot :-)

Essential Saturday Lazying

Hi All,

In preparation for Sunday I need to laze around on Saturday afternoon and read a book by my fireplace while eating a lot of brown bread toast with manuka honey on it.

Open invitation to join betwixt 1pm and 4:30 if you want some fireside action. I will have marshmellows and haloumi cheese for toasting.


DJ List Planning


07:00 dequeue lounge
07:30 trent hip hop
08:00 may may does random
08:30 ?
09:00 swing dancing *
09:30 resident hotch & potch
09:55 krump off
10:00 phil
12:00 dequeue trance
12:30 resident mike d

* flyers, intro, space, calendars, burlesque?

Rumpus Forth


Here is an invite to my big big party of the year. This year we have a new bigger better venue, a costume theme, the return of old favourites, better music in collaboration with the Episode party series.

You will likely be facebooked if you are friends with me there too.

Date Change!!: Rumpus 08

Rumpus vs Episode
Rhythmic Emergency 08

Dress Hospital.

Saturday 5th July 2008

1a Kensington Ave Petone
click here for a map

Buses to the city will every hour then late shuttles be arranged.
Djs, I'll be in touch.

Running Primer

Not a bad running primer, but a different way of putting the pieces together than I would take. In the style of a drill sargent, of course.

A Runner's Primer

The Dreaming Void

I finished the Dreaming Void yesterday. It is a sci-fi novel by Peter F. Hamilton. I've read a few of his previous books which where inventive and good.

In this new book Hamilton seems to have moved up a level in sci-fi epic mastery. This book does some really really clever stuff with parallel story lines. Essentially it is about identity, destiny and self determination like all my favourite stories.

I well recommend this book, it is fab. It winds itself up into a phrophetic ending.


After reading this excellent Jack Sparrow dreamworld working nightmare tale I remembered that I'd been to a dreamworld and had photo taken with a character as well.

This is a Maralyn. She was very nice and friendly and didn't have any hesitation when I put my arm around her for a photo. She leaned in and put her hand on my stomach at just the right time to make me smile for the camera :-)

I had this odd feeling at the time, kind of a swing dancing instinct coming to the fore, a tickling in the back of my head.

I had a very strong sensation at the time that I should grab her hand, lead her out into a 6-count tuck turn and then spin here again into a dramatic dip. That would be taking liberties I thought to myself at the time, big liberties.

Long Run Saturday

Went for my longest run of the year on Saturday, my place to my swing dancing partners place which is down the road from not-kates place in Haitaitai. It took me about 3 hours including stopping for the bathroom and to purchase sugar water.

I was worried about getting cold when I stopped for the bathroom so I stopped into the gym on the Terrace which has very well heated mens bathrooms.

On the way I paused for a moment to look out from the top of bays, past Somes Island and back across the harbour to my place. It was sunny and clear and I could see the whole expanse.

I felt a great sense of empowerment, the capacity to point far far in the distance and know that I get there under my own power!

I'm fully recovered today and will head out the door again for a short fast run sometime after the late lunch I have sizzling in the frying pan.

Im in very good shape to complete the half marathon on the 22nd without injury, which is always my first concern :-)

Misty Thursday

Thursday evening was dead still in Petone and very foggy.

It was a low bank of fog, if you looked straight up you could see the stars above you yet 100 metres ahead was lost.