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Small Electrical Beginings

If you look here you can see the most modest beginnings of a machine that can print one of its own circuit boards.

It does this in a dirty fashion using plain solder, and it is kind of lumpy. However this is a huge technical milestone.

Why should you notice? This is kind of like the point in 1991 when Linus Torvalds got the GCC compiler ported to Linux which caused the thing to start to take shape.

Much as Linux has helped Google to be Google, in about 10 years this will start to transform society and start to become a kind of non self aware digital life form that alters societies thoughts about real world objects.

Context Free Art

I've been playing with an algorithmic art generator called Context Fee Art. You make a little program like this:

startshape circle

background { b -0.35 }

rule circle {
60 * { r 6 } circlet { y 10 s 1.1b 0.7 }

// solid circle bit
rule circlet 10 { ss { } }

// skip bit
rule circlet { }

// oversized
rule circlet { CIRCLE { s 1.5 } }

// undersized
rule circlet { ss { s 0.75 } }

// stemming
rule circlet 0.5 {
ss { s 1.5 }
ss { s 0.3 10 y 5 }
circle { s 0.5 y 15 }

rule ss { SQUARE { } }

and it makes a variety of pictures like this (click to biggify):

For more information see the Context Free Art site.

Twitter Added, Layout Change Comming

I've added a twitter feed snippet to my template.

I will rearrange the blog template to be nearest time on the left to oldest time on the right.

That means it needs to have three columns of stuff, tweets on the left, blog posts in the middle and the archive links on the right. Not sure what that means I should do for my links though.