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Woozy but Good

This 500th post is about things I've being doing instead of blogging, ironic no?

There were two specific goals on my list this year and some activities that did not fit in if I did lots of blogging. Running of almost any kind has been trading for others this year too.

The first goal was to take a good massage course. I'm taking one from the Wellington School of Massage. It is teaching me some anatomy, relaxation and deep tissue massage techniques.

Giving massage is work, but less work than running so no shakes there. Receiving, oddly causes your muscles aged garbage to be released and collected by your blood, and this makes you woozy and headachey.

This is a demanding and well rounded course. It is 67 hours of class time and I am required to do 15 hours of homework, which is about 15 to 20 massages.

I am ten days into the course, which is a nice place to be. It started last weeked, on the Friday, with Friday night 6:30 to 9:30 followed by 9am to 6pm both days last weekend and both days this weekend. I've also crammed 2 hours of practice into the week past. Busy.

Many thanks to judge-jury for lending me his massage table.

Another unrelated goal was to try to start to try to teach lindy. I'm now on the teachers roster as the newest teacher. I'm due to start some teaching to a relatively captive audience at the Cosmplitan Club in Upper Hutt which has a long, long history of teaching a variety of dances. They get various ballroom, salsa and rock and roll teachers in a regular Wednesday slot, then they have generous practice time aftewards.

I'll be teaching with one of my former teachers who I have danced with socially a lot in the past year. She is an experienced teacher and we should have a blast.