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Feeling Very Good, Late Thursday

I'm feeling really good this evening, after a weekend of massage class, and a Tuesday and Thursday too.

After getting a thoughtful, contemplative, probing, slow but difficult and deep leg massage, I'm feeling really good and relaxed. I am thinking that leg massage might be a sort of short term elixure of youth, but we'll have to see about that. Years of dancing and running I've never really managed to stretch out, pent up, holding back some part of my mind.

I started rearranging my lounge, I think only the fourth arrangement in the near decade in the domicile. I am manoeuvring my new, unfinished, unchristened dance floor into place.

My dj kit is moved, and through some twist of physics that I can't explain, is sounding seriously fabulous. It is really crisp, clean, even and unusually bright. I appear to breaking general rules of where to put speakers, but I think I just the right height to make it work.

So this late evening is a pleasant evening of blogging, sharp-smart-jazz that makes me feel good and late eating. Dinner comprised of chilli beans, an organic fried egg and half a cauliflower smothered with a mild cheese sauce.

I've also cued up massage practice for Friday, Saturday, Sunday x 2, and Monday night. This is good, I'm 59 hours in and enjoying it a lot.

Post By Email

On this slow news day where I read all my interweb in about 4 minutes, I am trying blogger blogging by email.  I hope that it makes photo uploading less tedious and that I get to control formatting more easily.

At work I've got my end of several complex features going, and am helping with the configuration, debugging and politicing to get the other ends to work.

I'm about half way through my extensive massage course. After yesterdays abdominal massage work I understand the meaning of visceral.  I should really share this feeling with my writer friends so that they know how to use the word appropriately.

Soon I'll be teaching some Lindy in Upper Hutt.  I'll be taught more about teaching later in the year when I get to teach.  Should be the funzor, definitely getting me out of my comfort zone.

My dance floor has arrived, but needs more work.  It is still drying, but I think I need to sand it a little and give it another coat of polyurethane.  Come summer I should paint the underside to match my wall too.

A new dancefloor means rearranging my lounge in undetermined ways.

Other stuff is afoot, but still waiting for some traction.

I hope at last I can do strikethrough easily on my blog.