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Thursday Holiday Things

It is Thursday and I'm on holiday, my first holiday not during end of year shut down time or public holidays since about this time last year, keeping to my plan :-)

My list of tasks for tomorrow is short but fun:
- sleep in mildly
- text someone about their lindy hop inquiries
- go to mall for next three items
- trade in yen wad instead of using it as a coaster
- buy an ice breaker tshirt to practice dancing in, less smell than cotton
- attempt to buy little monkeys to stick on me
- attempt to buy toy bananas
- print itinerary
- pretty print short flapper dictionary
- pack
- meet someone for lunch
- drop off car to get it fixed
- pick up finincial times
- drop past work to do my timesheet
- buy pack of fuel coffee beans at the airport
- buy black sambucca
- flirt by text

Monday Goodbyes

Dishwashers, racing in plural. Every dish and bowl in the house used, and a good portion of the glassware.

Pre-guest vacuuming, assemblage of foodage.

Big sister, new nephew, brother in law farewelled for Europe, journeys planned.

A modest bevy of cousins, aunties, uncles, fathers and mothers, brothers and sisters, their presence fading like the coals in the fireplace.

The cat returning to a room of quiet jazz.


Really good however short speech on marshmallows, self discipline and success. Note this may take ages to stream. I suggest pausing it and surfing elsewhere a bit.